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  • Skyhook.Logger

    These service allows to obtain periodic updates of the device's geographical location, or to fire an application-specified intent, when the device enters the proximity of a given geographical location. Android gives your applications access[...]

  • 3D Tk

    3D design of Tanks battle. Creating 3D models of tanks, maps and objects.

  • Scout Mobile

    Game is described by many parameters. User fills some data input forms and data is stored in Access database on device and after synchronization with PC it is stored in Access database on PC. Initial application was implemented in VB, it ha[...]

  • Neutrons game pour iPhone

    Network library for multiplayer gaming with dedicated server. Porting Win32 library to iPhone platform. Library communicates with server via HTTP or UDP. Protocol has about 80 commands, including data serialization and more. Applications:[...]

  • Poker Online

    The project was to make it possible for users to play Texas Hold'em poker online. This application allows to play against the others in real time limited, to make bids for both real and virtual money. Tournaments support. Outstanding user i[...]