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Fayrix provides world-class custom & offshore software development. Relying on our talented team of 1500+ developers, we are ready to execute software development projects of any scale.

Fayrix key values:

★ Guarantees and transparency. We work in full compliance with the highest international legal & financial standards.

★ Availability. With 10 R&D centers in key educational and technology hubs of Russia and CIS, Fayrix has a direct access to the top IT talents. We are ready to provide at least 3 developer CVs for each position in 3 business days.

★ Flexibility. We can allocate a full-time dedicated team with temporary relocation to our clients, work under Time & Material approach or develop custom projects with fixed deadline, price and a detailed tech specs.

★ Dedication. Fayrix works under a documented methodology, elaborated in 12 years of our experience, with weekly project progress reports, regular calls and discussions with our clients.

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Android App DevelopmentiOS App DevelopmentWeb DevelopmentInternet of Things (IoT) App DevelopmentEnterprise App DevelopmentHealth & Wellness App Development
Android App Development

As Android is the world's most popular platform, Fayrix provides top-level app development for Android smartphones and tabs. We develop Android apps on Kotlin and Java in full compliance with Android User Interface Guidelines. We additionally provide Google Play Store submission, marketing and management services.

iOS App Development

Fayrix provides top-level iOS mobile apps development. We develop native apps on Swift and Objective-C. We build apps in full compliance with Apple Human Interface guidelines, as well as the App Store Marketing Guidelines. We additionally provide App Store submission, marketing and management services.

Web Development

Fayrix has broad experience in web development, including web-design, programming, deployment, hosting and maintenance services. We support a wide variety of web technologies: both front-end: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, ReactJS, BackboneJS and back-end: PHP, RubyonRails, Java, Hadoop, Oracle, PostgreSQL, NodeJS, mongoDB, C#, Go Lang, Oracle, MySQL. Our pproject portfolio includes complicated web-portal to serve a large customer base, with built-in SSO, monitoring and analysis solutions, high-load platforms, optimised for expected large user base and intensive usage, payment gates and many more

Internet of Things (IoT) App Development

Fayrix develops numerous IoT projects to collect and process data from multiple hardware devices with saving flexibility to supported hardware protocols.

Enterprise App Development

Fayrix develops mobile workplaces, which are a combination of software and Android tabs to automate and to improve efficiency of remote and field staff performance. We have experience in developing document management and workflow systems, task tracking, implementing digital signature, implementing geotracking and route planner, supporting mobile payments with m-POS terminals.

Health & Wellness App Development

Fayrix has a unique experience in developing telemedicine products and launching a large-scale eHealth platform with text, voice and video chats with doctors.

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eHealth Platform
Client: Budget: more than $25,000 (USD)

The client was developing a mobile eHealth Platform.

Fayrix developed the mobile application for the client. This was actually a web interface for clinics and their doctors. The project also included an API for partners of these clinics.

The apps created by Fayrix allow chatting with doctors that are previously pre-vetted or to make regular appointments to clinics.

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  • Review dateApr 10, 2018


Please present yourself and your business.

My name is Tanya Novikova. I am Digital Marketing Manager at Pocket Doctor Platform.

Explain what your project was about.

Our project is ongoing, it is not completed yet. We are developing an Integrated eHealth platform consisting of a mobile application for customers, web interface for doctors and clinics, API for partners.

The platform gathers and analyses customer data to provide expert recommendations and tips. It allows to appoint an online meeting with a doctor of certain speciality and chat using inbuilt messenger. It supports text, voice and video chats.

Explain to what scope extend Fayrix was involved in your project.

Fayrix is developing a web interface for doctors, as well as both iOS and Android apps and partner API for us.

How did you get to meet the Fayrix team and what led you to hiring them?

We found their website on the Internet and invited to participate in our public bid. We had a public bid with 3 companies that applied. Then we gave them a short sample task. Fayrix's task was good and they offered rates that were the best option. So we decided on them.

How was their project management?

The project management is of a very high level. We are really happy with our Project Manager. He listens and understands our needs and concerns. We have regular Skype meetings once a week, discussing the project status. However, if I have any question, we can have an unscheduled call with no issues from the Project Manager. Additionally, we have direct access to Jira, where all the work is broken down into tasks and the development team track their work and chat openly. So the whole process is very transparent to us. If we find some bugs, they fix them quite urgently.

What was the budget range quoted for this project?

We have already spent 50,000 USD, but we have more work to do.

Was the project completed as expected? Was the time and the budget the same you agreed on?

We are working on Time and Materials model and despite the project not being completed yet, the current milestones are well and timely met.

Did you find their expertise up to what you expected? Did they require any kind of training from your end to understand your product?

Everything was as expected. Furthermore, they help us to find interesting solutions to some complicated issues and cases. So it’s rather the other way around – they provide training on new tools and technologies that could be used to make our product really cool for users.

Please highlight the best things of Fayrix.

Communications, trustworthiness and open-mindedness.

Is there anything you believe Fayrix could improve on?

The team is professional enough to execute any tech project. Perhaps, we need more live meetings, as they help to break the ice between teams.

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