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DesignbackOffice is a California, USA based Software House providing Web and Mobile App development services across the globe. We are a team of experience and professional web and App developers, With proven 1000 + successfully completed projects.
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• Mobile - iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone;
• Cross-platform: PhoneGap, Appcelerator Titanium;
• Web - PHP, LAMP, yii, ASP.
• CMS- WordPress,Joomla, Magento

We like to give our clients something exceptional that witnesses flawless functionality and quality in our mobile application development solutions. We believe in offering clients immense value and complete control over Mobile apps.

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Designbackoffice company apps

MyCountR - A Tally Counter

MyCountR - A Tally Counter

MyCountR - A Tally Counter

MyCountR - A Tally Counter


MyCountR is a simple but elegant tally counter application featuring a gesture-based user interface.

The app supports an unlimited number of counters which can be individually named. Up to 5 counters are visible at the same time on an iPhone 5, 6 & 6+ (4 on other supported devices).

On all devices a single tally can be used in full-screen mode.

Other features include:
* easy use in either your left or right hand (configurable)
* counters count upwards and downwards
* each counter can have a maximum count
* sounds can be used as audible confirmation, or suppressed altogether
* counters can be individually named
* any counter can be easily reset to zero at any time
* the current tally for a counter can be entered manually (overridden) at any time
* tallies for individual counters are stored between uses.

Traffic Alarm

Traffic Alarm

Traffic Alarm

Traffic Alarm


Avoid speeding tickets, traffic jams, road works, accidents, etc., With Traffic Alert app. Be alerted by Ole Thestrup funny voice or the other votes.

Traffic Alert offers:

• Live updates on the traffic situation in Denmark, including cameras, photo-trailers, raid, slippery roads, etc..
• Monitoring in the background - the app does not need to be active with the screen turned on (to conserve power). Just turn the app on and off screen - you are ready to run! We recommend that you run with the display on.
• Ole Thestrup alert you by voice when there is something you should be aware of. Female and detailed text-to-speech computer voice also available.
• Additional services: Push message by new vehicle checks in your selected zones, if you want to receive messages on certain vehicle checks without having to turn on the app when running.
• Report itself (eg. Speed control, traffic jams etc.) and other users.
• 1-click review speed control, no keyboard needed necessary.

Wee Invite - Social Event App

Wee Invite - Social Event App

Social Networking
Wee Invite - Social Event App

Wee Invite - Social Event App


An authentic community event network that taps into the pulse of the city by connecting people with experiences. Wee Invite App allows users to host and find events and meet people of similar interests and local influencers. Living in a city is as much about being involved as it is about being informed. We do not want anyone to be left out.
Create a free account and explore activities in Hong Kong. Start discovering people, places and new experiences. Join our mobile event app team in Hong Kong!
- A “discover” feature curates a selection of the latest happenings in Hong Kong according to personal taste.
- Easy event setup allows you to create a private or public event in the app and distribute it to all social media channels
- The dedicated event gallery helps all participants to share their pictures and comments prior, during and after the event.





Android · iOS
AutoKept screenshot

This app is as simple as: Pic. Talk. Done.
AutoKept is the easiest and fastest way on the planet to do your business accounting.

It's time-consuming and frustrating to use complicated accounting software for a purpose that should be so simple. So we've built AI technology to automatically log accounting events. Track your Money In, Money Out, and Mileage events by simply taking a picture, talking, and submitting. The whole process will take literally seconds.

• No more complicated accounting software, keep your accounting in-line the easy way
• No more Q&A sessions with your accountant about what transactions were for
• No more digging around for lost documents
• Never miss a tax deduction again
• Best of all, you can use it for free

Give AutoKept a try, and see how painless business accounting can truly be.