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Croma Apps is the mobile division of Croma Produccions Multimèdia. we are specialized in the iOS and Android Markets, creating games under our own seal and solving our client's needs, working with any kind of application.

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Tappy Sports Basketball

Tappy Sports Basketball

Tappy Sports Basketball

Tappy Sports Basketball

Android · iPhone
Tappy Sports Basketball screenshot

Tappy Sports Basketball is a fun and addictive game from the Tappy Sports Series.

===== Game =====
* Two game modes:
1) 3-Point Contest: Score 15 balls from 3 position within 60 sec.
2) Free Style: Score as much as you can within 60 secs. Extra time and x2, x3 scores available.

===== Features =====
* iPhone / iPhone4 (retina) / iPad enabled
* Attractive visual design, realistic 3D basket game physics
* Openfeint / GameCenter (Highscores and achievements)
* 8 different stages available
* Addictive!

===== How to play =====
* 3 Point Mode:
- Score the 15 balls within 60 seconds
- Normal balls score 10 (clean +5)
- Special balls score 20 (clean +10)
- Remaining time scores 1 every 2 seconds

* Free Style mode:
- Score all the balls you can within 60 - seconds.
- Normal ball scores 10 (clean +5 points, +3 seconds)
- Special ball scores 20 (clean +10 points, +5 seconds)
- Super Special ball scores 50 (clean +15 points, +7 seconds)
- 5 extra seconds every 1000 points.
- x2 mode when you score 5 balls in a row.
- x3 mode when you score 10 balls in a row.





Android · iPhone
MegaBasket screenshot

MegaBasket is on top stores across 10 countries. Thanks and keep playing!

MegaBasket is a fun, is simple, is addictive.

* Completely designed for iPad and the new iPad
* Integrated Game Center ranking
* Stunning physics engine
* Amazing game experience
* Absolutely great in every single detail

Play now and reach the rank top!

Altafulla Turística

Altafulla Turística

Altafulla Turística

Altafulla Turística

Android · iPhone
Altafulla Turística screenshot

Altafulla turística es una aplicación para dispositivos móviles que presenta el municipio de Altafulla como un destino de la Costa Dorada con personalidad propia. Ofrece una muestra de los atractivos culturales, paisajísticos, gastronómicos y deportivos de este municipio ideal para las familias y con servicios adaptados a las necesidades de un turismo cada vez más exigente e informado.

Esta aplicación reúne los principales enclaves históricos y patrimoniales ineludibles como la Vila Closa, las Botigues de Mar y la villa romana de Els Munts; las construcciones históricas, la cultura y el folklore, lo que podemos hacer y los lugares para ir de compras. Descubra Altafulla, el legendario municipio de las brujas.

Altafulla Turística és una aplicació per a dispositius mòbils que us presenta la vila d’Altafulla com una destinació amb personalitat pròpia dins de la Costa Daurada. Aquí us mostrem els atractius culturals, paisatgístics, gastronòmics i esportius del municipi ideal per a les famílies, amb serveis adaptats a les necessitats d’un turisme cada cop més exigent i informat.

Aquesta aplicació reuneix els principals indrets històrics i patrimonials ineludibles de visitar com ara la Vila Closa, les Botigues de Mar i la Vil·la romana dels Munts; les construccions històriques, la cultura i el folklore, el què podem fer i on podem anar a comprar. Descobriu Altafulla, el llegendari municipi de les bruixes.





Android · iPhone
PianoBot screenshot

PianoBot is a fun "piano" application for kids and adults. Enjoy up to 12 group of sounds (keys and sample music with images). Let your family learn playing piano with 4 demo melodies!

Features in this Full version:

* Colorful 7-key piano
* Different sound modes (music instruments, farm...)
* Interactive buttons playing different music and sounds
* Teacher music mode where the child can learn 4 traditional songs and play them using 12 different sounds
* Shake it! Random sounds!