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Gold certified app developer
  • India, Chandigarh, Chandigarh
  • Founded: 2011
  • 50-100 employees
  • Avg. budget: $5k-$10k (USD)
  • Hourly fee: $15/h (USD)

Cqlsys Technologies Pvt Ltd developer overview

★ Cqlsys Technologies is a leading and successfully running web design, mobile application development service provider company which has the world-class custom development resources and also highly qualified professionals. We are focused on innovation and creativity to lead the change, since its advent in 2011.
★ We at Cqlsys Technologies Systems that understand the state-of-the-art technologies that define the future and can serve as an efficient business transformation catalyst for the clients!
★ We have extensive experiences working on various verticals like Healthcare, Social Networking, Chat apps, Mobile Games, Marketplaces & Food Delivery, Dating, e commerce etc.
★ We focus on Mobility, Outsourced Product Development, e-commerce and user experience(UX) design. We earned this expertise by building custom B2B and B2C products and applications serving over 2000 customers (enterprise, agencies and start-ups) for all across the globe from last 6 years.


Cqlsys Technologies Pvt Ltd developer reviews

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  • Pinktrainer

    Pinktrainer is a telehealth application for oncological therapist and breastcancer patients.

    The platform has a large database of evidence based exercise protocols and a dashboard for monitoring the patient on all typical breastcancer complications. The treatment data, exercise data and patient feedback will give research information for improving personalised set ups from diagnosis and in every other stage of the breastcancer

    The complete set up is unique and fully tailored on Breastcancer.

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    Interviewed by AppFutura
    • Expertise
    • Communication
    • On budget
    • Recommended
    • Review dateApr 04, 2018


    Please present yourself and your business.

    We are a start-up E-health company from The Netherlands. With Pinktrainer we are introducing an application for paramedical market like oncology therapist to provide care to breast cancer patients.

    Explain what your project was about.

    Making a dashboard application and smartphone app for exercise and food interventions during and after breast cancer treatment.

    Explain to what scope extend Cqlsys Technologies was involved in your project.

    Cqlsys Technologies was involved with programming and coding the whole application.

    How did you get to meet the Cqlsys Technologies team and what led you to hiring them?

    I was searching on the internet on software companies in India. We had several Skype meetings and I was convinced that they were the right partner for me to do the job. They were professional in the conversation and were very understandable about the total setup and technical issues.

    How was their project management?

    I experienced the project management as very structured and well organized.

    Was the project completed as expected? Was the time and the budget the same you agreed on?

    The project is an ongoing project with several more project items coming up the next 2 years. Until now, everything is as expected and agreed.

    Did you find their expertise up to what you expected? Did they require any kind of training from your end to understand your product?

    Their expertise was the expertise I needed so far. We did the design parts ourselves. Before starting, we spent some time informing them about the health market and the specific surrounding of users. Quality and usability but also specific features were discussed.

    Please highlight the best things of Cqlsys Technologies

    A part that we appreciate is their human and correct attitude and behaviour. In language and our contact with them. Very well mannered and understanding. The best thing is the way they are reacting to changes which are made during developing.

    Is there anything you believe Cqlsys Technologies could improve on?

    Visual designing could improve. I did the design work myself so it was no problem. They made beautiful things but sometimes you have things in mind that you rather want to make yourself. I am sure they can make things as beautiful as their clients demand.

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  • Education app - QEDed

    Client: Budget: less than $1,000 (USD)

    app for students to find good tutors

    Developed through AppFutura
    • Expertise
    • Communication
    • On budget
    • Recommended
    • Review dateMar 27, 2018

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