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We are leading software development company in India. At Codeflies we are enthusiast team of developers, with a team of more than 30 developers and 200 clients, having published over 80 applications in different verticals is something we surely brag about.

We are emerging as one of the greatest market player in this development industry.
With our top management being developers we are always the leading adaptors of latest technology.

We follow a simple rule of “once a client always our client “. Our USP is the quality of code and on time delivery of the project which makes the clients keep coming back to us in the future.

We at Codeflies provide complete service from the design phase of an idea to marketing the product/service to the right customer base and the maintenance of the products.

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”


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  • Hataoo
    Client: Budget: less than $1,000 (USD)

    Problem nowadays : cars are blocked as there is a shortage of parking space, which force people to park their car in front of other cars. all you can do is hunt for the driver.
    What we offer : By using hatao app., one can simply enter the registration number (number plate) of the vehicle causing inconvenience and the user of the car causing inconvenience will get a message to remove their car. Finding the person cannot get easier than this. The identity of any of the users is kept private. This leads to time saving, less frustration and will also reduce the number of fights.

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    • Review dateMar 09, 2017

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