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Cloud Downunder provides cutting edge mobile Apps (Applications) for Australian Businesses. With over 10 years’ experience in the online business industry we have perfected ecommerce to a fine art. We work with your business to tailor an app for your specific business purposes. Whether facilitating purchases, interacting with consumers or a more tailored purpose, Cloud Down Under can look after all of your mobile marketing needs. Don’t miss the boat! Mobile usage is only increasing and Cloud Down Under is here to future proof your business!

With developers well versed in all smartphone mobile platforms such as: iOS iPhone and iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, and more, our expert team of mobile developers have built cutting edge mobile applications for some of Australia's leading companies as well as small and medium size businesses.

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Cloud Downunder company apps

Hastings Youth Directory

Hastings Youth Directory

Hastings Youth Directory

Hastings Youth Directory

Android · iPhone
Hastings Youth Directory screenshot

The Hastings Youth Directory app, brought to you by the Hastings Youth Advisory Council provides relevant and quick information for Hastings Youth.

The Hastings Youth Advisory Council is the peak youth advocacy body in the Hastings and has links to a number of organisations such as the Midcoast Youth Forum, the NSW Youth Action and Policy Association, the NSW Youth Advisory Council and the National Youth Round Table.

The Hastings Youth Advisory Council is open to all young people under the age of 25 who reside in the Hastings. Its charter is to provide Port Macquarie-Hastings Council with advice on youth issues, provide youth events, promote a positive image of young people and to advocate for better services for young people.


- Important Questions for quick find services
- Easy to find Service Directory for youth
- Services grouped into key areas for quick navigation
- Keyword directory search to find helpful services

Winkle Meet

Winkle Meet

Social Networking
Winkle Meet

Winkle Meet

Android · iPhone
Winkle Meet screenshot

If you are a social bee who loves socialising, talking, interacting, sharing and gossiping through text messages & emoticons then “Winkle Meet” is just the right app for you. Now make relationships, friendships and have fun with people having similar interests. Now just with an internet connection be clubby and get a huge list of buddies.
You just need to create your profile with simple information such as:

A short brief about you &
A jazzy pic of your
(*Your Photo would get displayed only to those you choose to. This is for your security & privacy).

The App will showcase below features on the Home Screen:

You can view, edit or delete your own profile through this option.

Winkle Meet:
The app will display nearest user one by one on the phone screen with their basic profile details like Name, Age & Sex.
If you wish to meet and talk to the other user then click on the option “Winkle Meet”.

If you receive a friend request which you don’t find interesting, then click on the option “No Thanks” and move on.
Once the other user accepts your friend request, you both would be able to view each other’s profile to know better.

Moreover, clicking on the option “Winkle Meet” you can see a red dot flashing on your app. The closer you get to each other the faster it will flash.

Using this option, you can view recent chat history and move towards messenger (Chatting) screen to chat.

Winkle- Friends:
Via this option, you get to see your friend list.

Through this option, see whom you have blocked from chatting with you.

This option will allow you to see a list of Winkle Meet requests received. Pick the one you wish to talk to.

Other User’s Profile: Get basic information of respective user and a red dot on the top right corner. This red dot indicates the total distance between you and the other user. The red dot would flash faster with the reduction in the distance.

Now chat, meet new people, make friends & have never-ending fun with a perfect app like “Winkle Meet”.

Happy Chatting !





Numbline screenshot

Numbline is a perfect combination of Touch, Speed and Coordination all in a number puzzle game comprising 3 different challenging grids.

Grid Difficulties
- Easy (3X3 Square Grid)
- Intermediate (3X4 Square Grid)
- Hard (3X5 Square Grid)

This game consists of 3 main characters; Muscleman, Clown and Vampire. The game starts with 1 of the characters randomly located on your game grid, your task is to touch the Muscleman which will reveal a number which you need to touch the box which corresponds to that number.

As you progress through the levels, the amount of time you have to touch this sequence correctly becomes more difficult as the time is less.

You have the added challenge of the Clown and Vampire characters, the Clown character when touches will provide you with bonus points. However the Vampire character will take your life so beware and focus on touching the correct characters and boxes to complete each level.

Challenge your family and friends with this addictive game, aim to achieve the highest score possible.

Spear Chicken

Spear Chicken

Spear Chicken

Spear Chicken

Android · iPhone
Spear Chicken screenshot

Spear Chicken is a fun game application that can be played while you are at work, home or anywhere in the world. This is a spear throwing game, so see how far you can throw the spear and challenge all your friends in this addictive game.

Objective: Throw the spear as far as you can to be the top scorer


•Tap to start running then tap again to let the cute chicken release the spear. Do not run pass the line or your throw won’t count.

•You have 5 chances to throw the spear, so try to throw as far as possible without making any fouls and score high.
The ultimate aim of this game is to throw the spear at the farthest point and to score big, try it again and again.