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  • Dot - A Period & Fertility Tracker

    Dot™ is the only period tracking app that can be used to effectively prevent or plan pregnancy regardless of your cycle lengths. It's smart, scientific, and custom-designed with you in mind. Based on the patent-pending Dynamic Optimal Tim[...]

  • Casa

    Casa Mozambique app is an easy-to-use platform that provides an all-round solution to all your housing requirements. It connects the buyer with the broker in an effective manner. Moreover, Casa Mozambique comes up with various other feature[...]

  • Learn that look

    With LearnThatLook, users can search for a look, brands or products by creating a profile on the application. The users can access their profiles by registering themselves or logging in using their Facebook, Google Plus or Pinterest account[...]

  • HeyCare

    HeyCare, a leading healthcare app is designed for providing complete healthcare solutions to all easygoing people, introducing user friendly features which assure to provide the best services including multiple features like upload prescrip[...]

  • Kabift

    Kabift is a simple application to solve all your gift tracking and gift giving needs.Some of the interesting features are add all gifts you ever received by click of a button and also get estimated values for all items, get specific recomme[...]