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  • Smart Lighting App

    The Smart Lighting App is capable of detecting and pairing with up to 50 bulbs. Additional features include brightness and color control, On/Off and light dimming. Bulbs can also be grouped together to perform different features. With th[...]

  • iDent

    iDent application developed for iOS is aimed at automating the interactions between Dentists and Labs. With iDent, the dentists can create a dental technological assessment for prosthetic cases and can send these prescriptions to iDent equi[...]

  • Atmel SMART

    Atmel SmartConnect is a container app comprising of a number of Bluetooth Low Energy profile applications that can be used for demonstration with Atmel BLE development kits running Atmel BluSDK software. Features: It supports the follo[...]

  • Cyber Security Awareness App

    The Cyber Security Awareness App is part of a national campaign for cyber security awareness in the UAE and keeps users up-to-date on security trends in the cyber world. It has the following features: -Arabic Language Support -Inciden[...]

  • Shearforce Detector App

    The Shearforce Detector App is used in combination with a Total Shear Measurement Device (TSMD). The App will detect the TSMD and will show the sensor values on the device. The readings are displayed on the App with bright and color graphic[...]