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Welcome to Briisk, a boutique software house from Poland!

We’ve helped tens of startups and companies like yours plan and execute their development.
You’re in the right place if you have big plans for your product and don’t want to do everything on your own.
Briisk will help you create a detailed scope, prepare designs and build a scalable and robust application your competition would kill to have.
Our solutions are built with Ruby on Rails, Elixir/Phoenix, Angular, React, React Native and Ionic.

To support you on the project building side, Briisk can:
- Help you define the scope and create a development plan,
- Assign a project manager to your project,
- Create mockups and wireframes according to UX/UI practices,
- Advice on picking the best technology,
- Prepare the entire design of the application,
- Code and test the application.

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Web Development

Build fast and scalable web applications with the best web technologies, product-driven team and quality assurance. Our team will help you build your web product from scratch, starting from thorough scoping and planning, through solid development processes, continuous integration to a deployable product you can be proud of. Technologies used: Elixir, RoR, React, Angular, node.js

Cross Platform App Development

Simplify mobile app development with React Native. Share the code, save time and money, design apps with delightful UI and native components. Back in the old days, you had to have at least two development teams - one for iOS app and the other for Android. Thanks to React Native these days are gone. All you need today is one team with JavaScript skills to build and update your app across platforms. You can use the same code for iOS, Android and even for the web and still enjoy a fully native application that works fast, uses native components and can be updated in minutes. Facebook, Uber, Airbnb or Instagram are only a few examples of native mobile applications built with React Native and used by millions of people around the world. No wonder: having a mobile team for a fraction of a price or making an app for iOS and Android at one go are only a few examples of what React Native development can do.

Internet of Things (IoT) App Development

The number of devices connected to the Internet has outnumbered human population. Time to take advantage of it and create your own IoT system. Briisk can help you with that. We're skilled in working with MQTT, Elixir and time-series databases to control door locks, radiators, fridges and whichever device you want. Drop us a line to have a talk.

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Breeze screenshot

Breeze is a simple project management tool that manages all the list of tasks that are needed to be done in a company. Plan your project and assign the tasks to communicate effectively. It focuses mainly on what’s needed to be done and shows you the status of where the things stand. In simple words, you can store all your tasks in Breeze and visualize every step of your workflow.

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