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  • Poland, Lower Silesia, Wrocław

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  • – an application that everyone is talking about.

    Background: Radio TOK FM – ‘First Information Radio’ - is a station in the ‘news & talk’ format, opinion-generating ‘spoken’ radio - words constitutes about 90 % of air time . The station broadcasts in 17 cities in Poland a[...]

  • Polskie Radio

    Polish Radio is the oldest broadcaster in Poland. In its archives are thousands of hours of broadcasts recorded over more than half a century. The process of media digitisation has been going on for several years. The client wanted to prese[...]

  • Puls Biznesu - a nationwide journal.

    Puls Biznesu is a nationwide journal in which you can find specialized information on business, economy and the stock exchange. With the ability to personalize the application (selection of topics, industries, companies, indexes, etc.) you[...]

  • Medicover - Better intelligence and care

    The application facilitates using Medicover services. It contains a search engine of available appointment hours, information on available Medicover facilities and offers discounts on last-minute medical appointments. There is also a co[...]