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True native apps - 3 x FASTER
Appzio platform is easy to use, feature-rich solution for faster native development.

→ 3 x FASTER than traditional development and 2 x FASTER than React Native.
→ Single-technology development that allows fewer developers to bring an app to life. This ultimately lowers the final price making the project affordable.
→ Full code ownership - the custom code created with the platform is yours to keep forever.
→ Full service included - hosting, app delivery, integration to 3rd party SDK\'s, monetization, advertising and much more.

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  • Tatjack
    Client: Budget: €5,000 – €10,000 (EUR)

    Appzio developed an application specific to tattoo artists and enthusiasts. They developed also a booking
    system with it.

    The app is based in swipe matching, where users like certain tattoos and later they can chat and
    contact the artist. Appzio also developed a basic booking system that allows users to book certain
    date and time to go and get a tattoo.

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    Interviewed by AppFutura
    • Expertise
    • Communication
    • On budget
    • Recommended
    • Review dateDec 19, 2017


    Please present yourself, your business and your position.

    My name is Barak Oksayan. I'm the founder and CEO of Tatjack.

    Explain to what scope extend Appzio was involved in your project.

    We started working with Appzio in September. They built the app in a timely manner. When we released there were bug issues but they fixed them fast. Their platform let us build the app faster.

    How was their project management?

    They are communicative and their project management is strong.

    Please highlight the best things of Appzio.

    They understand our needs and help us develop the product. They help you get through the process and I can recommend Appzio to other people with peace of mind.

    Is there anything you believe Appzio could improve on?

    One issue we had with them is they didn't let us know about API connection. We wanted to build a web app connected to a mobile app platform but they have to build that from the scratch. They want us to pay for the API built. Other than that, their team is very communicative.

    Was the project completed as expected? Was the time and the budget the same you agreed on?

    The project was within budget and they claim that the source code is scalable. We will see that when we have millions of users. We will need a bigger team and sometimes their updates take a long time. We will fix time issues by hiring more developers.

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  • UniFun app for Android and iOS

    The app developed by Appzio is UniFun (available in both iOS and Google's app stores). UniFun is a HR tool to allow instant feedback with focus on positive and constructive thoughts sharing.

    Very few companies could provide relevant help with consulting the project. Also, time for delivery provided by Appzio was very short.

    The mobile app was quoted with a high price by other mobile app development companies and it would also take more than half a year to be developed. Appzio built it in a month and a half.

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    • Expertise
    • Communication
    • On budget
    • Recommended
    • Review dateDec 18, 2017

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