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  • SMART Showcase

    Mobile application that connects with iBeacon device and provides information to visitors upon reaching certain area of the room.

  • liveClinic

    Live Clinic apps provide communication between patients and doctors. Patient could request a phone or video call from his/her personal or a local physician using liveClinic app. Applications include Quickblox API, Stripe API and it's own ra[...]

  • Fantasy Furlong - The Horse Owner Simulation Game

    Fantasy Furlong is a simulation game that allows you to build a strategy in choosing the right races, placing winning bets and increase funds. App includes in-app purchases and unique horse ride engine.

  • FERS+CSRS Retirement Estimator

    FERS is the application that allows you to: estimate income for 50 years, identify low income years before they happen, show income at any age. It also covers law enforcement, air traffic controller, firefighter, and VERA employees. The fol[...]

  • Capsule: Text The Future

    Capsule sends SMS messages in the future to your existing contacts. Select the exact moment you want your capsule to be delivered, add any text, photo or video and send it. It will be delivered at specified time and date. ?App includes Pars[...]