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We’re a 60-person team with vast digital experience. The technical challenge and innovation is what drives us every day to deliver standout products and experiences. Projects we’ve helped to build won several FWAs, Awwwards and Cannes Lions.

Apptension is a blend of creative minds: technologists, designers, product experts. We pride ourselves on our process which enables us to swiftly ideate, prototype and test our assumptions. This way, we can turn your creative ideas into lasting web experiences and products. We’ve developed our own resource management tool, so you can count on working with a carefully selected team and a transparent project timeline.

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Heineken: Mobile-Only Logo Scan Site
Client: Budget: more than $25,000 (USD)

Mobile-only site which incorporated logo scanning technology for a global campaign. Details/complexities included localising for ~a dozen languages, taking into account legal compliance for as many countries due to Heineken being an alcohol brand, adhering to data collection laws, and an easily manageable back-end portal/tool for the client.

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Interviewed by AppFutura
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  • On budget
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  • Review dateMay 23, 2018


Please present yourself and your business

My name is Carson Wan and at the time that I worked with Apptension I was a Producer/Project Manager at UNIT9 based in London, UK. UNIT9 is an industry leader in creative marketing. Projects in UNIT9's portfolio range from online websites, experiential events, virtual reality, and films.

Explain what your project was about.

The project was to create a mobile only website using LogoGrab technology for a joint promotion for Heineken and Spectre (James Bond film). The brief was for a site that could be accessed in a number of global markets, meaning it had to be localised per locale.

The work assigned to the development company included:
Developing a backoffice tool for local marketing teams to change assets and text strings for local markets
Creating a redirect from desktop to mobile
Ensuring that the appropriate regional site appeared depending on your location
Implementing compliance measures as required by a region's governing body

Explain to what scope extend Apptension was involved in your project.

Apptension worked with us from conception to delivery. They helped with the creative pitch, architect of the technology solution, and executed on the project.

How did you get to meet Apptension team and what led you to hiring them?

The company I was working for had done various projects with them previously and the overall consensus is that they do good work.

How was their project management?

Apptension impressed me with their strong project management. We had no issues with them whatsoever when it came to communication, receiving deliverables, and meeting milestones. They were always prepared for our sync-ups and they were quite transparent with their progress.

What was the budget range quoted for this project?

I can't quite recall, but it was a rather large budget - likely close to if not in the low 6-figures (€)

Was the project completed as expected? Was the time and the budget the same you agreed on?

Everything we signed Apptension on to do was done on time and to our specifications. I don't recall having gone over budget.

Did you find their expertise up to what you expected? Did they require any kind of training from your end to understand your product?

They definitely over-delivered. When we ran into roadblocks, they were always on hand to provide alternative solutions. Since they worked with us from the conception of the project, they knew the ins and outs of the project better than I did.

Please highlight the best things of Apptension

High quality of work - finished product was met with positive reviews all around, good attention to detail
Strong focus on user experience
Problem solvers - able to come up with solutions

Is there anything you believe Apptension could improve on?

All-in-all they are one of the stronger development studios I've worked with. I think they're already doing better than their competitors.

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iOS App for Travel Studio

Apptension has developed a mobile application for a travel agency. The app is only available on iPhone and iPad as it has been developed for iOS devices. The Content allows users to subscribe, but also to search for travel activities and pay digitally.

  • Expertise
  • Communication
  • On budget
  • Recommended
  • Review dateDec 18, 2018

Apptension company works

Apptension work

Mobile-first app for improving mental health - Tresilio

Mobile-first app for improving mental health - Tresilio

Tresilio is a mobile web app meant for different types of users: people who consider themselves healthy, those who may have early signs of mental health challenges, but are unaware and help-seeking individuals.<br />Read more:

Apptension work

Interactive website supporting a nationwide public awareness campaign.

Interactive website supporting a nationwide public awareness campaign.

On the website, users could find a list of 101 things to do instead of driving high, including a game where you could pop some bubbles, and of course educational content.<br />Read more:

Apptension work

Best-in-class resource management tool

Best-in-class resource management tool

Teamdeck is our first major in-house product. The tool combines resource scheduling, time tracking and leave management to help companies manage their teams effectively. <br />Read more: