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  • Swing-U | The Golf Training App

    Swing-U is the ONLY personalized and comprehensive 1-on-1 golf instruction & training app in the world! World-class instruction, swing analysis, and training plans customized to your skill and goals with responses within 24 hours of your[...]

  • Six8

    Six8 is a new way to experience live music. Six8 is a community. Welcome to a space where musicians can connect directly with their audience – a space which allows anyone to enhance their day-to-day life by adding a splash of live music. [...]

  • Dance Card

    DanceCard is a dancer to dancer rating system for any and all partner styles, salsa, bachata, zouk, kizomba, tango, swing, ballroom. it was created to help social dancers that want to improve their skills and as a means to conduct social da[...]

  • Concierge - Beauty Made Easy

    The Concierge beauty app brings the salon into your home so that you can enjoy your perfect makeover without having to step out the door. Discover proximity based, ratings based and versatility of beauty needs, met by just a click of the bu[...]

  • WenHu

    WenHu is a new way to Learn Chinese characters and Mandarin words. WenHu uses the world’s first word-reveal method, with Mandarin words broken down into their much simpler components and radicals. These components and radicals appe[...]