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  • SPRT

    SPRT is an app dedicated to physically active people, which give them a possibility to create and attend sports events. Users can filter and search for interesting events, monitor them and communicate with each other, so they get better mot[...]

  • X-kom

    X-kom is a computer equipment retailer who wanted to provide their customers with a quick and convenient way of shopping. Appchance was responsible for creating native shopping apps for iOS and Android (smartphones and tablets) with which t[...]

  • Hello Here

    Hello Here is a platform for management of the guest’s stay. The app lets users discover the most important places and services around the place they are staying at, carefully curated, personalized and recommended by the host. Thanks to i[...]

  • Diet by Ann

    We created a native application displaying content in WebView, in which users can adjust their diet according to their goals, own parameters, preferences and lifestyle. It lets them to generate a diet, monitor the effects, replace meals, cr[...]

  • Quertes

    Quertes is an application designed to share homemade food. It enables home-chefs to share the food they cook for themselves and their families with anyone who wants to buy their meals. The app enables users to filter through the best-suited[...]