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Our company provides development of mobile-applications and web-applications (websites) of any complexity. SteelKiwi is formely web-development company, that's why our strong web background helps us to build numerious APIs and control panels for our mobile customers.

Today, SteelKiwi Inc., is a fast-growing company with experienced and highly motivated staff.

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Viacheslav Ponomarov is Managing Director at SteelKiwi. The company, founded in 2011 by himself and Anton Baterikov, is located in Ukraine and employs around 45 people. Right after graduating college, they decided to found SteelKiwi. Here's what he had to say about his company and the mobile world:What do you do? SteelKiwi specializes in mobile and web development. We are ready to make an application of any complexity and to make it either from scratch or to join your team at any development sta...
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SteelKiwi Inc. developer apps

  • YF Passport

    We have created the application on the basis of wirefames (which were created by our team as well). Before development of app, we have created the UI and made checkout of API (provided by other developers) Mobile app is a brilliant tool[...]

  • Chippa

    Play pretty simple arcade game with your friends!

  • Grand Park Auto

    Park your car inside different locations and proble,s caused by environment and other drivers. Have fun!

  • Happy Hour Finder

    Find the best offers of restaurants & pubs in your city.


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