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Kultprosvet is a reliable team of dedicated experts, ready to develop and support medium-sized and highly-loaded web & mobile projects.
We develop Native Android and iOS apps using Java, Objective C and Swift as well as client-server apps using Laravel Framework.
We’re really good at working with smartphone cameras, location-based services and other hardware interfaces, REST, JSON APIs, and custom UI implementation.
We combine the power of UI/UX experts with the understanding of iOS & Android UI guidelines as well as best web development practices to provide greatest delivery experience.

P.S. We have an internal solution, that helps us reduce up to 30% on time & costs on back-end development based on Laravel framework.

Get in touch and we’ll see what else we can do for you:)



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PawPads Android App Development
Client: Budget: $2,500 - $5,000 (USD)

Client was looking for a company to help him out with integrating a block button into the existing application.

The initial objective was quite simple - integraating a button. But it turned out to be a bigger project, we took over the development process and turned the app into what it is now - a fully-functional Social Network App with Geolocation, messaging, GIFs, and other features.

After having a chat with Adam, analyzing his needs, we have created a fresh design for the app, integrated Quickblox, worked on GIFs support, tweaked geolocation, and we still continue to implement new features into the project, so that it stays up to date with the user's demands and runs smoothly.

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Interviewed by AppFutura
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  • Review dateJun 19, 2017


Please present yourself and your business.

My name is Adam Szablya. My company is Saber Applications Inc. wich specializes in human connection services and applications for niche markets

Explain what your project was about.

The project was PawPads it is a proximity based chat applications for the furry fandom.

Explain to what scope extend Kultprosvet was involved in your project.

I had started the project as a way to learn Android, but found myself making promises to a market I could not keep fast enough. With lots of anticipation riding on the release, I hired Kultprosvet to help get it from wireframe to working product.

Initially, I hired them to work out a custom design then eventually handed them everything from feature additions, project scope changes, bug fixing and refinement. Kultprosvet also helped teach me some things about Android to help me better my skills.

How did you get to meet the Kultprosvet team and what led you to hiring them?

I found Kultprosvet on Upwork. I had met with Lisa, who at the time was a project manager for them. We went over the details of the project and she reassured me it would be no problem to get things done. We set milestone based limits and they happened to fall into my budget. After vetting nearly 20 or so developers, I decided they would be the most successful and they were.

How was their project management?

It was good. They had a front facing customer service style with a dedicated project manager who was always willing to set up skype meetings to discuss the project.

Was the project completed as expected? Was the time and the budget the same you agreed on?

The project was completed successfully and the timeline was not exactly the best, but I had unrealistic expectations. The budget was beyond what I was expecting. However that is because the scope kept expanding until I settled on a MVP.

Did you find their expertise up to what you expected? Did they require any kind of training from your end to understand your product?

Not much training. I am relatively savvy.

Please highlight the best things of Kultprosvet.

Kultprosvet are incredibly understanding of the scope of the project, they have talent that knows how to get things done and make sure it is bug free.

Is there anything you believe Kultprosvet could improve on?

This is a hard one because Kultprosvet did a good job all around. However, I think that the ability to explain pros and cons of 3rd party implementations and the shortcomings of certain decisions could have gone better. I am in the process of porting the backend Kultprosvet implemented to firebase because my API limit exceeded shortly after the job completed. This led to me having a cascading error list. loads of users are reporting these because the API limit.

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Android · Java
OKO screenshot

"OKO", with it the video will never be lost. Even if the phone IS BROKEN during the shooting. "OKO" creates a snapshot on a personal and free cloud.

You always have a reliable personal ally with you - a witness "OKO".
In our life, there are always conflicts, sometimes they can go to court.
How about defamation and perjury?
Fortunately, everyone has a mobile with a camera in the pocket. It's doubly fortunate that there is a free application called "OKO".





Android · Java
PawPads screenshot

PawPads is unlike your typical social media. It is designed to be passive and unobtrusive. A one on one connection with people near you.

New to the furry fandom? Ever thought there might be others near by? This app will help you by accurately finding other furs and letting you reach out to them.

At a convention and want to know who is near by? want to chat and make new friends? what to know where your drunken buddy went? PawPads can help.





Android · iOS · Cross Platform · Ionic Framework
Kanga screenshot

Kanga is your personal delivery service. Our app lets you schedule pick-up & delivery, check the status of your delivery, and pay electronically. The power of the crowd is now in your phone. Get your stuff moving! Things Kanga has delivered this month: couches, pies, real estate signs, pallets of parts, desktop computer, boxes of flowers, a trampoline and more!

Open At The Close

Open At The Close

Open At The Close

Open At The Close

iOS · iPhone · iPad
Open At The Close screenshot

With Open at the Close you can share a video when you're not around anymore.

You record, we ensure sharing
The ingenuity of our app is that you don’t necessarily have to share life’s most precious moments yourself. We built Open at the Close in a way that it will be done for you, but only when you want it!

Private and truly personal content
We encourage you to record something personal which truly reminds your loved ones of you and really leaves something behind. Your videos will be safely stored in your vault so open up your heart.

Control your vault
Stored in the cloud, your video’s will always be available but only with your strict permission. Your Guardians receive a unique code when they accept their guardianship. This code is the key to your vault, but only unlocks when you want it to. Set a timer when response is insuperable or personally grant their request. In the meanwhile we keep everything safe using best-practice security standards.

Split (Pay and Split)

Split (Pay and Split)

Split (Pay and Split)

Split (Pay and Split)

Split (Pay and Split) screenshot

Split delivers the best restaurant experience in Atlanta. With Split, you can place takeout orders or view, pay and split your bill when you are dining-in.

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