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INFRANIX Technologies is a major name in IT sector offering a range of services aimed at helping customers re-engineer and re-invent their businesses to compete successfully in an ever-changing market.

Team INFRANIX comprise of experienced, skillful, and creative members who specialize in the following domains.

1) Game Development (Adobe Flash Action Script 3.0, Iphone, Android)
2) Mobile Application Development (Iphone / Android / Blackberry)
3) Graphic Designing (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw)
4) Software Testing

INFRANIX understands the emotions of the clients towards their projects and performs to meet the standards and deadline promised.

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Tree Ninja

Tree Ninja

Tree Ninja

Tree Ninja

Android · iPhone
Tree Ninja screenshot

A game of skill, fun and challenges, the only app you need is “Tree Ninja”.

Armed with a chainsaw, new age Ninja fights against the elements of the earth and overcomes nature's obstacles.

Defeating wild weather, Tree Ninja strategically averts from harming animals with precise and quick chopping of trees. Avoiding the birds and the bees which are making his mission impossible.

“Tree Ninja” is a game of strategy in which the main character (the Ninja) runs through the forest, collecting butterflies, ladybirds and birds’ nests, to obtain points. The Ninja's challenge is to carefully chop trees, avoiding being stung by bees and attacked by birds.

Most importantly the Ninja must pass each level, within the set time limit.

Zombie Friend

Zombie Friend

Zombie Friend

Zombie Friend

Zombie Friend screenshot

Its a multiplayer game under development where players compete with each other to kill as many zombies as possible.

The Candy Monster

The Candy Monster

The Candy Monster

The Candy Monster

The Candy Monster screenshot

We are delighted to announce "The Candy Monster", the most fun addictive strategy puzzle game in app store. It is a fantastic puzzle game that will test user's skill in getting the candy to the cute monster.

“Yum Yum”, the candy monster trapped in a room would be failing to get candy as there are missing objects. The little cute monster has only one request… CANDY! You would help “Yum Yum” to get the candy by placing the missing objects from stash – your secret place.

The Candy Monster features 60 different lovingly crafted levels, tricky levels, devious traps, obstacles, gravity changers, saw spikes, electric fields, fire ropes, amazing crystal clear graphics, lovely music and much more. Feed the Candy to “Yum Yum” escaping the obstacles on the wonderful journey.

The Candy Monster will get user everything that will test user's physics knowledge, skill in selecting secret objects at different levels & finally accomplishing the task within the time limit that sets this game as a real fun entertainer. This game has been crafted to entertain all & is perfect for anyone.

Throughout all levels, you are in TOTAL control of this journey! And you’re going to love the music…

Each room will have 20 fantastic, fun & entertaining levels. Its going to be exciting playing the game & you would love to play more.

The Candy Monster Highlights
•Combines realistic physics with simple and precise touch control.
•An incredible 60 levels to complete and a whopping 180 stars to collect.
•In some levels, think before you slice and be sure to avoid the obstacles.
•Use a variety of special tools in your effort to get Yum Yum his candy.
•Lovely Music to entertain you through out the game.

More levels & many features coming soon…
Enjoy the game & have fun to the fullest.

Alien Alert Detector

Alien Alert Detector

Alien Alert Detector

Alien Alert Detector

Alien Alert Detector screenshot



Discover if Aliens are living amongst us... UNDETECTED! Use this APP to capture the image of a friend's face and wait for it to reveal their true identity/picture.

If they're an ALIEN an ALERT will sound followed by a "Morphed Image" that will reveal their ALIEN identity. You can then post this image to alert your other friends to their true identity.

If they are NOT an alien a different ALERT will sound followed by 'regular' photo of your friend which you can also post to let your other friends know that they are NOT an Alien.

Aliens could be your neighbors, your co-workers, friendsAliens , or family members? The belief that extra-terrestrials have infiltrated our world is so widespread that it’s certainly worth checking out.

With ALIEN ALERT DETECTOR you might reveal their true identity.

(This app is a GAME and intended for entertainment purposes only. It doesn't provide TRUE alien detecting ability)

If the alien invasion is a reality, obviously they use advanced technology to disguise their presence.

This would involve the use of powerful PSYCHOLOGICAL DECEPTION FILTERS, which allow the aliens to move freely among us while still appearing normal to the human eye.
With such camouflage they might easily infiltrate our society at all levels. Active in corporate boardrooms they might perhaps have even penetrated the highest levels of power, through national governments.

This would explain a lot!

Now for the first time humanity could have the means of penetrating the invaders disguises, revealing them for the alien creatures they really are.

The ALIEN ALERT DETECTOR is an easy way to discreetly check out those around you, about whom you might already have had doubts.

Be aware that whatever their purpose here, the aliens must be experienced masters of the art of deception. If they sense your intention, they may be able to block detection. So several photo opportunities might be necessary to reveal their true nature.

And finally, remember that although extra-terrestrials could be living among us, not everyone is an alien.


Om AlQura

Om AlQura

Om AlQura

Om AlQura

Om AlQura screenshot

Om AlQura - Muslim Mate (English - Arabic) is a powerful multi-task Muslim app which offers what every Muslim needs:

✓Hijri-Gregorian in both languages
✓Prayer times
✓Qibla compass
✓Date converter
✓Call reminder
✓SMS Reminder
✓E-mail Reminder
✓Country Events
✓Islamic Events
✓Tasks, Appointments
✓Moon Phases
✓Astronomical Calendar
✓Hijri Correction
✓School Schedule

★Features Details:
★Hijri – Gregorian Calendars
Three calendar themes
Ability to set first day of the week
Adding Events
Display country events in calendar
Includes western and most Islamic countries
Day view Calendar
Adding icons
★Prayer Times
For any city in the world in two ways,
Select your city from database.
Use the GPS if your city is not listed.
You can tap on any prayer to see how much time left to that prayer
High quality Athan sounds
High accuracy prayers timing
★Qibla Direction Compass
★Date Converter
★Call Reminder
★SMS Reminder
★E-mail Reminder
★Islamic Events
★Country Events
Includes western and most Islamic countries
★Moon phases
★Astronomical Calendar (Arabic)
★School Schedule
Arabic and English language
Adding tasks and reminders
Adding Icons and Emoji icons
Switching classes by drag & drop cells
Change week days: Two options you can choose from,
Monday to Friday
Saturday to Wednesday

Beautiful Meter

Beautiful Meter

Beautiful Meter

Beautiful Meter

Beautiful Meter screenshot

New "Beautiful Meter" has arrived!
Share your beautiful photos on Facebook & Twitter.
Scan you face and discover your beauty.

Little Mermaid interactive

Little Mermaid interactive

Little Mermaid interactive

Little Mermaid interactive

Little Mermaid interactive screenshot

Perfect as bedtime story, this interactive app adapted from the classic story from Andersen will bring culture and fun for your kids.

- This is not a book - it is animated and children can interact with the story

- This is not a game - it has interactive features, but your children will have fun while being exposed to culture and beautifull classic story

Coin Toss Charlie's Choice

Coin Toss Charlie's Choice

Coin Toss Charlie's Choice

Coin Toss Charlie's Choice

Coin Toss Charlie's Choice screenshot

*** #1 Top Productivity APP ***
*** #8 Top Paid APP ***

Charlie's Choice is a useful remedy to one of the greatest problems of life in the 21st Century, INDECISION and is the most impressive and realistic decision making APP in the galaxy (and the ONLY ONE with VIDEO & AUDIO INTEGRATION). Charlie's Choice features Australian media personality and 60 Minutes correspondent Charles Wooley. It's the ultimate decision maker. Simply let Charlie make all your life choices for you with the flick of your wrist using the accelerometer feature of the iPhone! It is also possible to LOAD the results to always get what you want!

We are today faced with a range of options and choices never before available in history. But the human brain evolved in primitive times when choice was limited and the options were often no more complicated that whether to stand or to run.
Faced with too many options, whether in our professional, financial or personal lives our brains simply can't compute. We freeze. We are trapped in a state potentially more dangerous than even the worst option facing us. INDECISION.

With the simulated toss of a coin Charlie's Choice can make the decision for you.

Should I or shouldn't I? With Charlie's Choice a resolution is immediate. No time is wasted and every choice has at least a fifty percent chance of being the right one.

Best of all, you have escaped the very worst option of all, INDECISION.

If you have got this far and you're still unsure whether you need this APP it's best you download it!

So remember, there's no such thing as a bad decision, only INDECISION.





POPtastic screenshot

Get ready to play a POPtastic, fun, addictive bubble popping game with a twist. Use your fingers to pop as many bubbles and bonus bubbles as you can before they pop, get popped or time runs out.

Game Features:

Default bubbles are worth one (1) point and can pop at anytime.

Bonus bubbles contain either +10, +25, +50, +75, +100 points and can also pop at anytime taking the bonus points with it.

This bubble is a bubble that is out to pop other bubbles it comes in contact with and will reset all your points gained back to zero, if touched.

Share your best score with friends via social network integration (Facebook, Twitter)

- Full Retina display support—bubbles have never looked so good.
- Compatible with iOS 4 multi-tasking.
- Options for sound fx and music.

We really value your feedback, so we can keep improving POPtastic.

Face to Face

Face to Face

Face to Face

Face to Face

Face to Face screenshot

Merge any two faces together for excellent result, you and celebrity, you and your girl friend/wife to see what your child might look like. Share with Facebook, twitter email or save to gallery.

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