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Lithuanian - Ukrainian (previously Excellent apps, Lithuania and Xelentec, Ukraine) IT company that develops native mobile applications for iOS, Android. Since 2010 our technical team has developed more than 80 mobile apps in different categories with the use of latest modern mobile technologies and tools.

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This is a social network for special category of users with diabetes or other chronic disease.
It contains next useful features: registration with using email, anonymous mode, possibility to find nearby users with similar disease, sharing of posts, likes (as in the Facebook), comments, news feed, following, chat, push-notifications, etc.



Social Networking


Android · iPhone
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Find and offer help! Meet wonderful people!

Needja is an amazing social mechanism, designed to receive and offer help in the community and build trust among people near and not-so-near. You only have to place your own need in the application, and help will arrive. And you too will be aware of where other needs exist.

Ask for help and help others — is not something “mysterious” for “special people”, but a simple and natural lifestyle for absolutely everyone.

You can:
•Inform other people by creating your own need;
•See exactly where other people’s needs exists; they are visible on the map and on the list, sorted by distance from nearest to furthest;
•Communicate via a built-in message service;
•Receive push notifications of unfolding needs in the community and be aware of new messages pending;
•Say thanks to those who have helped you and be thanked by those you have helped;
•Observe how an accumulation of simple “Thank You”s in profile can build trust and make friends out of strangers.

The ways of using Needja are virtually limitless. Here are some examples:
•You are doing some repairs in your home but lack the tool you need to finish the job. Publish your request in Needja, and soon a helping hand will arrive with the tool you need for a while.
•Your child has out-grown or gotten tired of his/her toys. Search Needja, maybe another family would love to have them.
•You have enrolled at the local college but lack the funds to buy new expensive textbooks. Maybe the young fellow who just finished that particular course will be happy to pass his books to you. Use Needja to let others know about your situation!
•You are a disabled person and your home supplies are running out or a walking stick has gotten lost. Maybe you can’t find your eyeglasses and are afraid of falling down the stairs. Use Needja to call someone who will appear at your door to help you out.
•You have a flat tire but are limited in tire-changing skills. For sure many drivers passing by will ready to help you, and if they have installed Needja, they will receive notification about your situation.





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Beegoodi app - you can find a master or a beauty salon in Moscow from 4500 offers in your iPhone.

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Assistant uses natural language understanding and voice recognition to interact with its users and is capable of having clarifying conversations. Scored $2.6m from Intel in 2014.<br /><br />The Speaktoit Assistant has been named:<br />Forbes: Top 10 Mobile App for Productivity<br />Red Herring Top 100 Global Winner