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Devodrome developer overview

Devodrome is the software development arena where our skillful team fights to develop and deliver projects on time, on budget and on scope. We know from our experience that the fight is only won when the client is happy with the outcome.

Founded in 1999, our company is focused on mobile applications development, web development and graphic design for clients worldwide.

Our portfolio (consisting of hundreds of projects) as well as the testimonials from our clients give you a complete and actual image about our skills and experience.

Nothing represents us better than the successfully developed applications and websites which our clients are proud of. Because in the end it’s only the words of our clients and the proof of our work that reflect our professionalism and the quality of the services we provide.

DevodromeElectromagnetica Business Park, 266-268 Calea Rahovei, 1st Wing, 1st Floor, 02bBucharestBucureşti, 050912RomaniaShow phone number
Developer Skills Focus
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Testing(QA)
  • UI/UX
  • Web


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iOS App DevelopmentiPhone App DevelopmentiPad App DevelopmentAndroid App DevelopmentWeb DevelopmentWindows App DevelopmentEnterprise App DevelopmentEducation App DevelopmentHealth & Wellness App DevelopmentMobile Game App DevelopmentSocial Media App Development
iOS App Development

iOS native apps (iPhone and iPad) using the latest Xcode and frameworks/APIs versions.

Android App Development

Android native apps (smartphones and tablets) using the latest Android Studio and frameworks/APIs versions.

Web Development

Depending on the project specific requirements we are able to build both the web back-end (web services API, database, admin panel) and web front-end.

Devodrome developer interview

Devodrome developer interview

Victor Costache is President of Devodrome. The company, founded in 1999 by himself and Dragos Cimpoiasu, is located in Bucharest, Romania, and has over 20 employees. Victor started his IT career 20 years ago as a C/C++ developer. He became a project manager and his last position before starting Devodrome was CTO. Here's what he had to say about his company and the mobile world: What do you do? Devodrome is mainly focused on native mobile app ...
Published on Mar 05, 2015
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Devodrome developer reviews

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Training app
Client: Budget: $10,000 – $15,000 (USD)

After hiring 2 firms to develop a running training app for them, the client came across Devodrome. Given their previous experiences with developers who promised much but delivered very little at high costs, they were quite apprehensive and concerned to move forward but felt confidence that Devodrome just might deliver.

The client valued working with Devodrome as a truly fantastic, amazing experience. The entire team is highly detailed oriented, very organized and an absolute pleasure to work with. They budgeted the project correctly and were very fair in their pricing. There were never any hidden surprises, requests for additional costs.

The client wanted to redesign their existing fitness application, Thread n Shred and hired Devodrome for it. They assisted the client in getting it redone to the latest OS standards and with new graphics and also helped in launching it again once it was completed as a new version. Devodrome offered submission support.

Overall they helped with design, develop and submit the app, going through the full process, but starting from an already existing source code which was optimised.

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Interviewed by AppFutura
  • Expertise
  • Communication
  • On budget
  • Recommended
  • Review dateAug 16, 2017


Please present yourself and your business.

My name is Alan Haft. I am a nationally recognized personal finance expert and among all the projects that I handle, I created a treadmill training app as a means to give people the chance to be trained by a top fitness expert without ever having to leave their home or gym.

Explain what your project was about.

I’ve commissioned Devodrome to work on redesigning and updating the code of my Tread n Shred application, bringing it up to standard with the latest code version at the time.

When did you work with Devodrome Technologies and for how long?

We collaborated starting in 2015, for several months.

Explain to what scope extend Devodrome was involved in your project.

The Devodrome team took on the code I provided them with and completely overhauled (looks included) the application that I had given them. They also worked on other changes after they covered the initial project scope.

How did you get to meet the Devodrome team and what led you to hiring them?

Devodrome bid on my project on the platform formerly known as Elance and they convinced me with their previous examples of work and good communication that I should choose them from all the developers that applied.

How was their project management?

We communicated through the main Elance platform, as well as through the project management system which Devodrome put at my disposal (making a username for me on it). I was assigned an Account manager for daily communication and a Project manager which took care of handling the project, which I understood is standard for every project they work on. I was satisfied with the amount of detail that was put into the work and our exchanges. I was always put up to speed with progress, something that I find to be very important.

Was the project completed as expected? Was the time and the budget the same you agreed on?

There were ups and downs, which can always be the case when dealing with large scale projects, but I gave the team my confidence and they shined through, bringing the project to completion as originally planned. I also hired the Devodrome team to work on several other additions to the application.

Did you find their expertise up to what you expected?

Yes, they didn’t disappoint and they also learned along the way, where it was the case.

Please highlight the best things of Devodrome, if anything.

They are committed to deliver a project that both they and their client can be proud of. This is something I appreciate.

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App for sports betting platform
Client: Budget: more than $25,000 (USD)

The client was looking for a reliable and experienced team able to take care of the mobile apps (iOS and Android) working in conjunction with their online betting tips platform (their own web services API). The mobile apps were developed targeting the users who rather prefer interacting with their services from the mobile devices.

Once the first version was ready and published, the client (being happy with the outcome) wanted to add the possibility of actual betting based on the tips they provide. This implied integrating several 3rd party APIs in the app, and although each API had its own particularities, this could not affect the user experience.

As any other ongoing collaboration (development), the thorough testing is of paramount importance, especially when new features are continuously added to a live app. We had to be sure that the newly launched versions of the app are free of bugs. Otherwise, if the users will find issues in the new version, all the added features and/or improvements made on the app will have no value (i.e. the new look of the app and new features/optimizations would not compensate the frustration of the users).

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Interviewed by AppFutura
  • Expertise
  • Communication
  • On budget
  • Recommended
  • Review dateJul 31, 2017


Introduce yourself and you business

I am the CTO of a company in the UK. We develop mobile and web products. In some cases, we subcontract outsourcing companies.

What was your project about?

We built two apps: one for iOS and one for Android. The iOS app was the big project and we worked on it for a couple of years - with a couple of releases.

Afterwards, we wanted the Android app. Due to our business and the limmitations it had on Google play, we didn't have a big motivation for it at the beginning.

Our business relates to sports and online bets. Our app is built around the concept of betting on the iOS version. The Android one is more informative due to the Play store limmitations.

What was the scope assigned to Devodrome?

They had to build the mobile products. Native iOS that would integrate with our APIs and implement the features that we requested. It was all coding.

How did you meet Devodrome and what led you to hiring them?

I knew the owner of the company because we worked together a long time ago. That's how the connection was made. They had a good portfolio and good developers. We liked that they could almost delegate one of their developers to our team.

How was their Project Management?

Their offer is that you can work on a fixed price. You agree on a set of deliverables, budget and timeframe. They manage the project and allocate their sources. It is kind of like a black box and you get your deliverable.

However, we got a developer from them in our team, so we just integrated him with us. Therefore, we did our own project management.

Regarding the time and the budget, was everything as expected?

We had some flexibility. When there is a strict timeframe and set deliverables, there's usually a period of bug-fixing or changes. For us, that is not very flexible.

We didn't like that kind of arrangement and that is why we essentially took one of their team members to work with us directly in our team.

Was their expertise up to what you expected?

We were quite happy with that. Everything was implemented as requested. No technological issues or problems that they could not tackle. Everything was as expected.

What are the best things about Devodrome?

I would say the quality of the product was good. Their flexibility and the arrengement they did worked well for us. In general, they were quite responsive and they really try to make things work to deliver good results. Everything was quite smooth.

Any areas Devodrome could improve on?

Maybe there were some problems with the payment. My CEO was not very happy because there were issues with US Dollar fluctuation and that was not well received.

At some point, after a couple of years working together, they expected us to pay more because the change from our local currency to USD had changed. We did not identify it as our problem and, in the end, we ended up paying our normal price.

Nothing to do with the service they provided.

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Client: Budget: €10,000 – €15,000 (EUR)

The biggest challenge was managing the online - offline usage and making the application as responsive as possible.

The main objective was keeping everything in sync. Time is of an essence in this application, and notifications to users needed to go out as fast as possible.

This was achieved using Google’s Firebase API and Realtime Database. This way the only things that might slow the app down are the smartphone performance, internet connection speed, servers.

Certified by AppFutura
  • Expertise
  • Communication
  • On budget
  • Recommended
  • Review dateJul 17, 2017

Devodrome developer apps





Whatdoc? screenshot

Whatdoc helps you make the decision of which health professional to see for musculoskeletal pains or injuries i.e. ones that affect your muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons, and bones.

It is a high level assessment tool which recommends a health professional based on your answers to a series of questions. These questions are similar to what you would normally be asked when you first see them for treatment.

Whatdoc is designed to be used in Australia and has been reviewed by Australian Health Professionals.



Social Networking


ChatitAPP screenshot

A messaging service used to chat with friends and family. Send and receive messages , photos , videos, and files instantly & ephemerally!

The instantaneous messenger that helps you connect with family and friends by messaging, texts , sending files, photos, videos, and voice notes with the option of ephemerality !

A great way to have fun and just ChatitAPP!





Android · iPhone
Bulanzi screenshot

bulanzi! is a professional guide to businesses in Turkey. It allows searching for businesses (eg, physicians, industry, lawyers) based on state, city, postal code and name. Businesses are described in terms of contact details, pictures, addresses, details (articles), areas of work, working hours and social media (Twitter and Facebook) links. The application is linked to a back-end so information is up to date at all times with a connection to the Internet, but it also stores data while offline to view the contacts that were previously accessed.


Android screenshot

Searching for rentals in Calgary, Edmonton & the surrounding areas just got a lot easier. Quickly find rental houses, apartments & condos for rent on your Android device whenever it’s convenient for you. With a host of helpful features, this app lets you discover property listings for rent that match what’s on your wish list.

1) Search by map, area or your current location.
2) View rental properties on a map or in an easy-to-read list.
3) Read property descriptions and view full-screen photos.
4) Calculate distances to schools, amenities, transit, businesses & more with “How Far To…” feature.  Narrow your search results by # of bedrooms, rent or property type.
5) Save listings to your Favorites.
6) Get directions from any location.
7) Contact landlords of rental homes directly from the app by phone or email.
8) Share listings via Twitter or Facebook.

Whether you’re looking for house rentals, apartments, suites or a simple room for rent, you’ll get a huge selection of properties with the app. Download the app and start your search now for places to rent in the Calgary and Edmonton areas.

Tread n Shred

Tread n Shred

Tread n Shred

Tread n Shred

Tread n Shred screenshot

Interested in whipping yourself into high gear, shredding pounds and getting into marathon beach body shape?

Do it with Wes Pederson, one of the hottest personal trainers in Southern California who's Tread N Shred classes are constantly selling out.

In Wes' Tread N Shred app, he'll personally guide you with his truly unique, dynamic, motivating and completely energizing coaching. He'll personally instruct you on how to set treadmill levels that's personalized towards your own unique goals and capabilities.

While shredding, you'll be able to change your speeds, set your own music and adjust levels on-the fly.

New workouts will continually appear along with a handful of new features that will make Tread N Shred the leader in personal training success.





Hexa-Trex screenshot

HEXA-TREX is a puzzle of mathematical aptitude that is fun for both kids and adults. This seemingly simple game soon becomes a search through complex pathways to find the right math equation.

Scroll with your finger on the tiles to see if you can create the right equation. Ask for a hint, and the starting position will be provided. You can also use the calculator function to do the arithmetic for you.

Testing your ability to search out patterns as well as basic math, this fun and challenging puzzle game will entertain you and your friends for hours to come.

How to Play: Find an equation pathway that winds through all the tiles.

Forming Equations:
1. Two or three (or four or five etc.) digit numbers are made up of the individual tiles in the particular order as the equation is read. For example 5 x 5 = 2 5 is correct, but read backwards 5 2 = 5 x 5 is incorrect.
2. The equation must be continuous (no jumping over tiles or empty spaces).
3. Each tile can be used ONLY ONCE.
4. Order of operations is followed. (Multiplication and division comes before addition and subtraction)
5. The tile “-” can be used as both a subtraction operation or a negative sign in front of a digit, making it a negative number.





Unwind screenshot

Unwind is designed to connect you with a massage therapist on demand when you want a massage, in-call or out-call. Use Unwind to request and book a massage through the app for an appointment to be finalized within minutes. Massages on demand means getting your massage without struggling over a therapist’s schedule. Unwind will find you a massage therapist with availability. Compare prices, average ratings, and distance to travel to choose from the best local massage therapists. Choose the gender of your massage therapist, type of massage, (deep tissue, hot stone, trigger point, sports etc.) view their picture, and pictures of their facility within the app. Aching back? Rough game? Are your legs in Pain? Send your preferences to your massage therapist through in app messaging and let them know in advance. Pay for the massage and the tip through the app. When the session is complete and you log back into the app, it will automatically prompt you to tip and rate your massage therapist.

Unique Value with Unwind:

•Stop sorting through dated directories for hours or waiting for return phone calls from massage therapists only to find out you can’t get an appointment when it’s convenient for you.
•Enjoy your massage, unwind will send you a receipt for the services rendered when you complete your appointment.
•Book with as little as 30 minutes advanced notice.
•Get a massage at home or at the massage therapist’s place of business.
•Unwind uses location services
•You choose your massage therapist based on what you prefer

Unwind works with some of the most respected and qualified massage therapists in your area. We’ve made it our mission to do research and get references on our registered massage therapists. Whether you’re looking for pure luxury, a sports massage after a rough game, a deep tissue massage to ease the stress, or are seeking massage as alternative medicine, a positive experience is our priority.

Perform It!

Perform It!

Perform It!

Perform It!

Perform It! screenshot

Do you like to draw? Do you like to sing or act? Then Perform It!
Stop singing in the shower and sing to your friends! Perform It is a brand new game that brings drawing games into the next dimension. Now you can also make sounds that your friends need to identify or even make a video clue. If you don’t like to draw but like to play board games where you act out clue silently than Perform It is your game.

Have you ever tried to mimic a sound and it came out really weird? Well, now you can use sound to get your friend or partner guess the clue correctly. This is the game where you get to be yourself and use your MANY talents to try and keep your streak going. So if you are not the best artist with your finger then maybe you can use your voice instead.
Perform It features:

Over 200 clues (new clues added monthly)
Drawing canvas (draw pictures using different brush styles and colors, erase certain pieces or delete and start anew)
Sound screen (record different sounds using your voice or even some props)
Video screen (includes front and back camera and can record up to 10 second videos without sound)
Premium Features that enhance gameplay (features include extended timer, more colors, video filters and sound effects)
Play up to 10 games simultaneously
Push Notifications alert you when the fun has arrived
Facebook Connect to find your friends easily and quickly
Over 25 missions to complete for added gameplay (missions include playing a certain amount of games, playing through Facebook, getting new friends to join and many more)
Daily Leaderboard that will pit you against the game’s best
Interactive Timer (gives you a certain amount of time to guess before your points start decreasing)





Android · iPhone
OLBG screenshot

Get access to free betting tips and expert opinions across a range of sporting events. Before placing your bet, check what the experts at Sports Betting Community are saying. This is the ultimate betting resource. Download this app today to start winning.


✓Hot Tips:
See what are the most popular tips for today

✓Tips By Sport:
Browse all events to see tips, detailed comments and expert tipster selections across a range of sports

✓Geo Location:
At the races? At a match? The OLBG app can detect where you are and offer you odds for the relevant event

Share tips you like with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Email without leaving the app

✓OLBG Links:
Easy linking to the equivalent pages of the OLBG web site if you need to go even deeper

Visit to get our full Terms and Conditions

Please note that as this app lists TIPS it may not list every outcome in an event, just those with tips on them.





PressMoi screenshot

★ Host your own press conference ★ Discover and attend live upcoming Q&A sessions on topics you love ★ "Ask me anything" with the world's most fascinating people ★ Interact with the Internet's most influential personalities

Engage your fans and build a community for your films, books, events, and projects. PressMoi is an exciting and free promotional tool for the community to find out more about you and your projects. It’s like a live press conference with only your closest fans and followers!

Many PressMoi hosts are just interesting people who share their unique stories, careers, and life experiences. Are you a blackjack dealer at a casino? A professional YouTuber, or a former Wall Street hustler? Share life stories in an intimate press conference setting or learn from others!

✔ Setting up a press conference is as easy as setting a time and date
✔ Promote events to your friends & fans
✔ Find followers or post events directly to Twitter and Facebook
✔ Answer your favorite questions, or choose from the most highly voted
✔ Engage with your community and followers on a personal level
✔ Tell everyone! There is no limit on the number of attendees

✔ Find live and upcoming popular events on any topic
✔ Join events happening live, right now
✔ Add upcoming events to your iPhone/iPod calendar
✔ Follow people and events you're interested in

✔ Attend a live and intimate press conference with extraordinary people
✔ Ask event hosts your most burning questions
✔ Vote up popular questions from others
✔ Reply and comment on other attendees' questions
✔ Tweet and retweet the best questions!

* IMPORTANT NOTE: This app *requires* you to log in with a Twitter or Facebook account to ensure an honest and engaging press conference event. You will not be able to use this app without a free Twitter or Facebook account.

We'd love to hear from you and who you'd like to see host an event on PressMoi: Photo Share Photo Share

Social Networking Photo Share Photo Share

Android · iPhone · Facebook Photo Share screenshot

All your wedding memories in one place!

The Photo Share app allows your guests to take photos during the wedding that are automatically shared on an interactive timeline. Guests can Love or comment on the photos, add filters, and share photos to Facebook, Twitter, and by email. The photos are also viewable on and can even be integrated onto your wedding website.

Instant Photos of Your Wedding
Photos taken by guests at your wedding are instantly shared across phones and displayed on See your wedding through the eyes of your guests.

Interactive Photo Timeline
Photo Share app displays your photos in a timeline, allowing guests to comment and love their favorite photos. Even loved ones that are not at the wedding can participate on the timeline.
Fun for guest and fun for you!
Your guests will have a great time capturing your wedding and you will have an instant wedding album created by your guests. Say goodbye to disposable cameras.

Quick Setup for Guests
Once your guests have downloaded the Photo Share app, they will simply enter the wedding name for your wedding and be able to start taking photos immediately.

Wedding Website Integration
Display the photos that were taken at your wedding directly on your customized wedding website for friends and family to view.

Information Cards
Customized information cards can be ordered from that will inform your guests on how to download and use the Photo Share app at your wedding.

For more information, go to:

Picture it

Picture it

Picture it

Picture it

iPhone · Facebook
Picture it screenshot

Join the community of people already playing the next new social word game—Picture it! Compete with your friends as you try to guess the picture as it is slowly revealed! Create your own strategy with the use of several skills that allow you to add color, rotate, bomb and freeze your way to picture prowess! Guess the picture before your opponent and win the coins for that round! Use coins to upgrade your skills and enhance your guessing abilities!

★ Turn-based Gameplay
Great for gamers on the go! Play several games at once, all at your own pace!

★ Play with your Friends
Invite your friends using Facebook or Custom Username!

★ Make New Friends
Allow us to do the matching for you with use of random mode!

★ Hundreds of Pictures
Only the highest quality pictures were selected from around the world for more enjoyable gameplay!

★ Upgradeable Skills
No longer waste your coins on single use skills. Upgrade your skills and continue to use them as you play!

★ Competitive Gaming Environment
Create your own STRATEGY, guess the picture FASTER than your friends and gain COINS!

★ Notifications
Be alerted when a game is ready to be played and keep up with the action!

★ Play Unlimited Games
Start an endless amount of games as you wait for your friends to guess!

EFT Clinic

EFT Clinic

EFT Clinic

EFT Clinic

EFT Clinic screenshot

The latest emotional release technologies are now on your iPad. Free yourself from difficult emotions in minutes, wherever you are.

Suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, weight loss, insomnia, or low self-esteem? Emotional freedom can be yours.



EFT (or Emotional Freedom Techniques) is at the forefront of a recent explosion in “energy psychology”. This easy to learn, simple technique has been endorsed by a who’s who of the popular psychology world. Deepak Chopra ,Candace Pert and Bruce Lipton have all given EFT their public approval.

How EFT Works
Simply by tapping on a set routine of acupuncture points, whilst tuning into a certain emotional state, you can transform how you feel. Unwanted emotions and painful past memories can disappear in minutes.

You can use EFT for:

- Depression
- Weight Loss
- Stopping smoking
- Stress Management
- Confidence Problems
- Insomnia
- Financial Problems
- Physical Pain
- Phobias
- And much more

About EFT Clinic
EFT Clinic is the first quality application designed by qualified professionals to teach EFT.

The application guides you gently through the process of learning EFT with a combination of text, diagrams and high quality videos.

Once you have learnt the basics, you have the option of downloading extra videos to deepen the power of this amazing healing tool.

You can broaden your knowledge and understanding of EFT with the Advanced Techniques section or target specific issues with the Freedom From videos.

These specialized videos require an extra investment but you can take advantage of our special offers to buy more than one.

About Sue Beer and the iEFT Centre
Sue Beer is co-founder of the iEFT Centre, with her business partner Emma Roberts. They are the two of the first ten practitioners in the world to be awarded the title EFT Master by Gary Craig, the founder of EFT.

Naked Buddha is a technology company founded in 2010 by Tim Bichara and Alex Howard. Its aim is to improve people’s psychological and emotional with technology.





music4time screenshot

The space/time ipod for you iPhone.
3 modes to live your life at the rythm of music.
Set minutes/hours, select music from your music library and start. Enjoy your music for the time set. Ideal for cooking pasta, for those 20 minutes before falling asleep or simply for a break during the day.
Set distance, select music from your music library and start running, bicycling, skating or simply walking. Every mile a message will inform of the distance you've made and once the music stops you've reached your target. It's great for those who don't want to read instruments during their exercise
Do you want to get up with your music and not with the terrible beep or boing? Set time, choose your music and prepare to have a better good morning.

Sit or Start - Fantasy Football

Sit or Start - Fantasy Football

Sit or Start - Fantasy Football

Sit or Start - Fantasy Football

Sit or Start - Fantasy Football screenshot

Sit or Start Fantasy is the ultimate fantasy football tool. Simply post your question in the app, and get immediate feedback. Sit or Start scans over 20 experts rankings and advice, including analysts from ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Yahoo! Sports, the major TV networks, and more. Let us do the work for you when you need that extra time to do other things. After you ask your question, you will see a composite score for the poll you created. Have 3 RBs but can only start 2 of them? Create a poll to see which running back you should be sitting.

In addition to the experts, we also will weigh in user votes. Users can vote on other questions from other users. While these will not have as significant weight as expert opinions, it will help us to adjust expert rankings in real time, especially later on as we get more volume in users.

There is no cheat anymore in fantasy football. Everyone uses advice that is readily available to them. Sit or Start keeps you one step ahead of your competition.

Sit or Start - Fantasy Football Help Advice provides advice on your fantasy moves. Can't decide whom to start and sit on your bench? Sit or Start uses the crowd mentality to give you your answer! After you draft, turn to Sit or Start.

Please send us questions and comments at so we can improve!

Donkey Tracker

Donkey Tracker

Donkey Tracker

Donkey Tracker

Donkey Tracker screenshot

Poker tracking for live poker. This app creates a simple HUD (heads up display) for live casino poker. The format will be familiar to players who have used Poker Tracker or Holdem Manager for online poker.

It displays VPIP (voluntarily put money in %) and PFR (pre flop raise %) along with a hand count, so you'll be able to see the basic stats for each player at the table using about three button clicks per hand. This is fairly easy to do because casino poker is so slow -- about two minutes of down-time must be tolerated per hand. This app will kill some of that time and make you a better player.

Most players (especially online players) don't realize how many extra hands they are playing because they become bored in a live setting. Your live-game stats will almost certainly be higher than you think, as will be the HUD numbers for other players.

A typical hand takes less than ten seconds to enter; most of the time you won't be in the hand and you won't miss a thing. Simply select "raise" or "call" for each player that does not fold pre-flop. Players that fold require no selection; fold is the default.

Try asking other players familiar with online HUD-stats to estimate VPIP and PFR for each player at the table. Most often they are very wrong, and have stereotyped players instead of actually watching them play. Typically an elderly gentleman playing very loose-passive (55/4) will get a very tight (10/8) estimate because of the way he looks and acts. Even professional players tend to judge opponents superficially and often underestimate the capabilities of opponents because of their personalities. Opponents that talk a lot will enjoy inflated ratings, and quiet players will almost always be viewed as tighter than they really are.

It is surprisingly difficult to maintain any reasonable estimate of VPIP and PFR for nine other players. Stats will converge at about 75 hands (they'll stop changing with each new entry). To have a reasonable estimate of each player's VPIP and PFR would require tracking and utilizing 675 player-hands (9x75), and 2,025 data points (raise, fold, or call) accumulated over a three to four hour period. This is a virtually impossible task for the average human mind, making HUD-tracking a huge advantage in live poker for players familiar with heads up displays.

Wind Meter

Wind Meter

Wind Meter

Wind Meter

Wind Meter screenshot

Wind Meter works by measuring the volume of wind flowing over your iPhone microphone and converting it into an effective wind speed reading in REAL TIME at your location!

When you open the Wind Meter APP the screen will rotate so that the microphone end of the phone will now be on top. To obtain the best wind speed readings, simply hold the iphone upright and straight out to your side with the screen facing you, letting the wind slip over the top of the phone, and push Get Wind! Wait at least 5-10 seconds and then push Got Wind! The final reading is the average for the period. The Wind Meter estimates wind speeds from 4-28 mph. We recommend that you test the Wind Meter for your particular iPhone or type of use, using only natural wind and a commercial grade anemometer for comparisons. While the default calibration is appropriate for many phones, if your iOS device appears to over or under measure, you can easily calibrate your phone's Wind Meter Application by pushing the Calibrate button. Due to the necessary installation of a noise dampener, the Wind Meter is most effective in consistent winds. For the same reason, it begins to effectively estimate wind speeds that are above 5mph. Additionally, Wind Meter cannot measure wind speeds over 28mph (hurricane strength winds) since this equates to the max decibel level an iPhone can detect.

Dr K's Breast Checker

Dr K's Breast Checker

Dr K's Breast Checker

Dr K's Breast Checker

Dr K's Breast Checker screenshot

Breast cancer affects women of all ages, so being breast aware is very important to all women, including younger women.

Early detection can mean more effective treatment, so it’s never too early to start being breast aware and check your breasts, even if you’re having regular mammograms.

Developed in consultation with breast health specialists, Dr K’s Breast Checker is designed to help you be breast aware. You’ll be able to:

- learn what it means to be breast aware
- keep a track of changes in your breasts with the app's unique interactive tools
- be provided with helpful & practical information
- receive automated reminders to stay breast aware
- share the breast awareness message with your friends

Also, with every download of Dr K's Breast Checker, 55 cents will be shared with the McGrath Foundation and the Breast Cancer Foundation of WA.

Take control of your health and be breast aware!

Drum Linear

Drum Linear

Drum Linear

Drum Linear

Drum Linear screenshot

Drum Linear is a ground-breaking training tool for all ambitious drummers.

Ever wanted to sound as funky as Dave Weckl or Dave Garibaldi? Ever wondered how Denis Chambers gets those grooves or how Steve Gadd became one of the most influential drummers of the past 40 years? Well, it could be because they are masters of LINEAR DRUMMING.

If you've tried linear drumming already you'll know that it is not easy. It takes dedication, concentration and application to really 'nail' it.

But what if that hard work were made a whole lot more fun? What if it became easier to focus yourself on the RIGHT exercises to build the repertoire, coordination and stick-control? Well, this unique app does just that.

NOTE: This app does NOT play back the groove for you! There is NO AUDIO in this app! You let the app randomly generate cool, groovy linear patterns for you to practice. People also report that their reading improves after using this app for just a few sessions. The joy of this app is hearing YOURSELF play the grooves - not some squeaky samples!

Each spinner contains four sixteenth-notes on Hi-Hat, Snare and Bass Drum. The snares are randomly accented too. There are 140 or so of these chunks of music... and 4 spinners in the app interface. That makes a staggering 384,160,000 combinations!

Some of those combinations could be very un-musical - you might get four bass drums in a row for instance - so the different 'modes' in the app give you combinations that make sense musically.

If you want to be really creative, there's always the 'random' mode which will give you all 384 million combinations... if you want to work through them all!

MASSIVE BONUS: your iPod will still play whilst you are using the app! Play along with your Funkiest tracks and let the 'AutoSpin' feature change the pattern for you every 15, 30 60, 90 or 120 seconds. You wont even need to stop grooving to press the spin button!

Want the quickest way to really get deep into this funky style? Want to have fun too? This is the way to do it.

Works great on iOS6 too!

Dream Wedding P.A.

Dream Wedding P.A.

Dream Wedding P.A.

Dream Wedding P.A.

Dream Wedding P.A. screenshot

Dream Wedding P.A. is Wedding planning App. The App consists of several wedding Planning tools including a Wedding Planning To-do List, a Wedding Budget tracker, a Wedding Guest List tool, a Vendor Search tool and much more. You can upload your lists to your Laptop or PC for printing.

Features include:
Settings Module - Set the details of your wedding and you will get a countdown until the days to your wedding

Planner Module - a detailed pre-loaded to-do list which is fully editable

My Vendors Module - Search for Vendors in your area and add Vendors to the My
Vendors list.

Budget Module - get an estimated budget detailing what you should be spending on each area of your wedding plus keep track of your actual spending.

Guest Module - Manage all your guest lists and keep track of RSVP's

Gift Module - Manage your gifts and keep track of thank-you notes sent

PhotoLapse (Pikfliks)

PhotoLapse (Pikfliks)

PhotoLapse (Pikfliks)

PhotoLapse (Pikfliks)

PhotoLapse (Pikfliks) screenshot

We've changed our name! Pikfliks has now become PhotoLapse - with improved functionality and sharing capabilities.

Turn your photo's into movies, then share them on Facebook or email using the simple 'synch' button.

Photolapse can take photos as a stand-alone time-lapse camera to record the big moments and events in your life, make stop-motion animations, or construct beautiful time-lapse video. Set your time interval and walk away - Photolapse will take the photos for you. When you’re done you can review and edit the sequence, scale, orientation of the pictures that have been taken, and then play as a movie.

In Manual mode, Photolapse puts the control in your hands – it will give you an alarm to prompt you when you should take the next picture in the sequence. You can even overlay the previous shot to line up the next shot using the optional “onion skin” transparency function. And if the shot is not quite right, you can edit to rotate, shift or re-scale pictures against the “onion skin” to get the right image before saving.

When you’ve finished taking pictures, Photolapse will convert the images into a movie that can be played at varying speeds, and with a range of slideshow effects.

Select the 'synch' button to create the movie, connect to itunes it can be saved to itunes on your computer.

Some ideas of what you can do with Photolapse:

Prop it up, choose a time interval and walk away – Photolapse compresses time and makes it EASY to convert to video and share. Watch flowers bloom…watch the sun set…watch your new house be constructed in seconds…watch your child grow up in minutes!

Record parties, weddings and other key events on “auto”, in compressed time to capture the entire “mood” of the event. Rather than a single snapshot, Photolapse will sit in the corner and snap the entire event!

Preserve your day! Photolapse will capture your day into a minute to use as video diary and share with friends on Facebook.

Make stop-motion animations - bring drawings and toys to life!

Photolapse Key Features:
-Allows a wide variation in time-lapse intervals – from seconds to weeks
-Automatic, time-interval based manual and “full manual” (untimed) modes
-Use “onion skin” transparencies to line up pictures against others in the sequence
-Edit individual images with multi-touch finger gestures to line up/ rotate/ re-scale and match to the rest of the sequence
-Can use either front and rear facing cameras
-Auto flash setting
-Play back at a variety of speeds (from slide-show speeds to normal video playback pace), with a number of transition effects to duplicate the “flick book” feel
-Overview pane allows users to edit/ delete and move images in the sequence
-Easy sharing via email and Facebook

For more information, instructional videos and some great examples of uses, please visit You can also share videos and keep up to date with Photolapse development at

Help us to improve Photolapse:
We value your input and feedback to enhance and develop the Photolapse app into the future, so please visit us at and let us know your thoughts and recommendations.





iBobbleheads screenshot

Turn your friends & family, (even pets!) into a bobblehead!
★★★★ "It’s really that simple and trust us it will bring tons of laughs!”

★★★★★ “One of my favorite fun apps :)” JTiffany12

★★★★★ “LMAO!! Works great..” MightyAna

Get ready to giggle!

This fun filled app lets you turn any one you wish into a fully interactive bobblehead!


✓ Take a picture, and use your finger to crop out the ‘head’ of the person (or animal!) in the photo

✓ Create a boy or girl bobblehead

✓ Shake your device and watch your bobblehead come to life!

✓ Save your collection of bobbleheads on your device to play with anytime you want!





iLullaby screenshot

Put yourself or your kids to sleep peacefully with this popular, FREE app!
Includes some classic lullabies as well as original songs created by Wanin Amil, a Juno award nominated musician from Toronto, Canada.

*Update: Ads can now be permanently removed from the app by visiting the iLullaby Store! To visit the store, tap on the cart icon (bottom right of screen)*

Set the duration you want your song to play, then place your device at bedside for an instantly soothing environment.


6 Beautifully crafted original songs
** Unlockable: 5 Nature inspired songs!

-> 7 Recreated original lullabies including:
- You are my Sunshine
- Rock-a-Bye-Baby
- Twinkle Twinkle
- Puff the Magic Dragon
- Itsy Bitsy Spider
- Old Mcdonald
- Hush Little Baby

-> Customizable time duration

- Option for infinite play

- Lovable illustrations throughout the app
** Unlockable: Animal wallpaper themes!

DJ Sampler

DJ Sampler

DJ Sampler

DJ Sampler

DJ Sampler screenshot

Are you an aspiring DJ, and wish you had a simple app to output samples on your Apple device? Look no further than this FREE app!

Use this app to turn your iPhone or iPad into a basic sampling machine! 8 of the urban DJ industry’s favorite samples are included in this app.


- Simple interface designed to do one thing on your iPhone or iPad: Perform!

- 8 Urban DJ favorite samples (reggae horn, airplane passes, pulse buildup, and more!)

- LARGE buttons for easy use on all devices (iPad, iPod, iPhone)

- Great for DJ’ing parties of all sizes



Get the most out of the DJ Sampler app by connecting your device to a mixer or speaker via a Headphones-to-RCA Y Cable.

“PERFECT for DJ’s that don’t have sample mapping capabilities!”
- DJ Billion, Toronto, Canada

Get the full version of this app for only $1.99! The full version allows you to:

- Assign your OWN sounds to buttons
- Turn your device into a fully customizable MPC or soundboard!






iHearit screenshot

iHearit – lets you hear all you've been missing and makes learning music by ear quicker and easier. Take any song (or audio you record) and:

- slow down (or speed up) audio without changing the pitch
- intuitively navigate and cue playback exactly where you want by touching a song's waveform image
- loop playback around tricky sections with millisecond accuracy by touching and dragging the A & B loop points along the waveform image
- zoom in to very fine detail - down to 1 second across the screen (in landscape)

Use iHearit to:

- hear and practice along with melodies, rhythms, chords, lyrics, and beats in slow-motion
- master difficult passages with the loop feature and then slowly increase the speed, even to faster than original
- transcribe licks, patterns, solos, lyrics, etc. much more easily
- study the phrasing, time feel, and articulation of the masters
- easily transcribe any other recorded audio like lectures, meetings, masterclasses, speeches, etc.
- see what different sounds look like as waveform images

Use iHearit with songs already on your device (iOS4.x required), audio you've recorded (new in v1.6), or you can load songs to iHearit from any computer using WiFi OR the dock connector cable and iTunes

Last but not least, you can view other people's transcriptions and/or share your own with other iHearit users and music enthusiasts on the iHearit forum (app purchase not necessary). Discover and develop our common musical vocabulary in a community setting. Visit and click on “Forum”.


- the first time you open a compressed song file, iHearit takes a minute or so to create the waveform image. Subsequent openings are very quick.
- supports mp3, m4a, mp4, m4v, m4r, mp2, ogg, aif and wav file formats for transcribing songs, music from videos and even ringtones.
- for technical support, my personal contact info is at

Virtual Trainer PRO

Virtual Trainer PRO

Virtual Trainer PRO

Virtual Trainer PRO

Virtual Trainer PRO screenshot

By far the most incredible Fitness application. VT Pro will talk you through every exercise, in every routine (Even your own). Create and log your own routines or choose from 120 programs ranging from 6 to 60 minutes and over 250 exercises, way more than any other app.

Perfect for anyone interested in general fitness, weight loss and muscle development. Suitable for all fitness levels and includes easy instructions with animations. Our simple progress tracker also lets you monitor improvement


• Over 280 exercises shown in 3D video animation with detailed descriptions (many innovative exercises only seen in professional training fields).

• 170 programs from 6 to 60 minutes in varied settings, allowing for a variety of options that encourage consistency and motivation within our demanding time poor world.

• Cardio programs
• Complete Body Weight exercise programs
• Selected Body Part programs
• Running and conditioning programs
• Boxing programs
• Skipping programs
• Sprint training
• Hill / Stair programs
• Indoor and outdoor programs
• A fitness test that monitors your progress

• Create your own routine by selecting from our database of exercise and then fill in aims and rest times.

• Voice Instruction is used to verbally read out the routines to you.

• Built in timer function for exercise duration and rest time

• Progress tracker with graph providing stats on every exercise and routine

• Ability to choose the environment you wish to exercise in - from an outdoor or home / hotel room setting to equipment based programs.

• Free updates – as we are constantly developing new exercises and routines.

As progress is monitored continually, the exercise routines adapt to your level of fitness, regularly changing and keeping your body from growing accustomed to the same old routine, making exercise fun and interesting - just as it should be.

Virtual Trainer has been developed in conjunction with Doctors, Physiotherapists, Fitness coaches, personal trainers and a mixed variety of athletes who are committed to exercise and its benefits.

Designed to encourage exercise at all levels, from Beginner to Expert in a user friendly and safe medium.

It allows those who lack motivation and with limited knowledge of exercise the ability to follow correct technique in a visual presentation on your iPhone or Ipod Touch.

Outdoors programs cater to people who enjoy exercising outdoor, from parks to beaches and with the use of benches and a few varied gradients.

Indoor programs are designed for travellers who may be in a hotel room with limited space or those wishing to exercise in the privacy of their own home.

Equipment based programs require a few basic accessories providing further variations of the exercise routines.

Virtual Trainer is beautifully designed and functions as a real life trainer, providing complete guidance for all levels of fitness.

Be part of a new exercise culture as we link you with others who have an interest in exercise.

Marco Popo

Marco Popo

Marco Popo

Marco Popo

Marco Popo screenshot

We have added close to 10,000 red light and speed cameras worldwide.


Marco Popo could easily be the simplest yet the most useful app on your iphone. It's taking flashing your lights to warn other drivers of police (POPO) to a whole new level. Any time that you're driving, be sure to have Marco Popo running, so that you can mark or see cops in your area. The bigger the network, the more accurate. Be sure to tell all your friends.


1. Mark Popo only when you see them stationary, especially when they are hiding out.
2. Try to be as close as possible to a popo when you mark him/her.
3. Please make one mark per popo. It takes approximately 5 seconds for the mark to appear. Do not double mark.
4. Red Pin = Popo was marked within 30 minutes.
Green Pin = Popo was marked within 1 hour.
5. If you see a popo that has already been marked and the pin is green, then please mark again. Otherwise, do not double mark.
6. Marco Popo slows down over edge just like google maps and will not retrieve popo marks if there is no internet connection.
7. If you're a popo, please be sure to cop Marco Popo and don't forget to mark yourself. It's for the greater good.



1. One finger tap zooms in
2. Two finger tap zooms out
3. Swipe finger to move around
4. Popos within a 15 mile radius are shown.
5. Tap GPS button to center map

If you have any suggestions/comments/complaints please feel free to email us using the feedback button in the app.

We plan on releasing updates until this app is perfect, so please be patient and make a suggestion if this app lacks something you would like to see.

Future Updates:
Directions via Marco Popo
Checkpoint marks
and much more...

Wind Caddy

Wind Caddy

Wind Caddy

Wind Caddy

Wind Caddy screenshot

Wind Caddy helps the golfer always select the right club for the conditions. Wind Caddy works by collecting 4 inputs and recommends a club and correct Aim for the hole based on a proprietary algorithm developed by professional Golf Caddy and avid golfer Ken Tannar of

The inputs include the distance to the hole, the wind direction, the wind speed, and the golfer hitter type. If you're a golfer or a caddy, Wind Caddy will be a handy reference tool for any shot.

As an added bonus, the Wind Meter application is built right in to Wind Caddy so you will always know the wind speed when it's blowing 5-25mph. You can also enter the wind speed manually for very low wind conditions.

To operate, simply enter all 4 variables and Wind Caddy will tell you which club to use and where to aim. Clear out any variable by touching the golf ball. Or just enter a new value and Wind Caddy will give you a new result.

Picasso Printmaking

Picasso Printmaking

Picasso Printmaking

Picasso Printmaking

Picasso Printmaking screenshot

The Museo Picasso Málaga presents some of the printmaking techniques used by Picasso. The process of each one of them is shown here illustrated with images of the artist’s works. This interactive activity is launched to complement Crommelynck Brothers’ press display, generously loaned to the museum by Mrs Landa Crommelynck. This press printed close to a thousand of Picasso’s works, principally copperplates, some of which can be seen in the galleries of this Institution.

More information about the Museo Picasso Málaga:



Social Networking


Pingwyn screenshot

Pingwyn allows you to locate everybody in real time and connect with anybody near you, based on common interests.

Pingwyn is a real-time smart phone platform that enables users to share their location on a continuous basis (without checking in). The platform allows people who are in close proximity to interact with each other and even meet up if they so choose. This is the first location-aware platform that puts all users on the same map and enables them to connect with each other in real-time.

Tutorials for GarageBand HD

Tutorials for GarageBand HD

Tutorials for GarageBand HD

Tutorials for GarageBand HD

Tutorials for GarageBand HD screenshot

Everything you need to know about garageband for iOS devices in twelve video tutorials.

These videos are optimised for iPad at 1280 x 720 - the iPhone / iPod touch versions are 480 x 320. The content is the SAME, only purchase these if you want / need the higher res videos.

Our Essentials Tutorials are being used by 75,000 users worldwide!

Clear, simple and easy to follow;

iPad , iPhone and iPod touch versions covered.

This is not the GarageBand application, this is a series of 12 video tutorials showing you all you need to know to use the application.

This set of 12 video tutorials covers:

New Song
All Smart Instruments
- Smart Drums
- Smart Keyboard
- Smart Bass
- Smart Guitar
- Smart Strings
Audio Recorder
Connecting your guitar, external USB mic or a MIDI keyboard
MIDI editing in the Piano Roll
Changing Key
Changing Tempo
Editing the chords
Export and share options





Clip-It screenshot

3 tap video posting with ClipIt. Pick a video, clip off the ends, attach a title if you like and get it out there! No more complicated video editing apps with small buttons!!

Like you, we all take video on our phones - But what do you do with all those crazy awesome clips of your friend going off a ski jump or Moms birthday? They sit in your phone.

​ClipIt embraces a KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) attitude for those times when you just want to share something with friends and family. Nearly all the editing software out there is full featured and complicated, but we don't always want music or composing a long movie, sometimes we just want to share something special with our friends and family.

All this is made possible with a clever new thumbnail approach to seeing the entire video in one view which then lets you pick the desired parts of your video you want to use. The editing process is moving a START and END box and hitting POST!

Optionally overlay a title and the clip duration on the first moments of your video and draw in attention on social media more than any text message. Seeing a title on the video preview creates curiosity and reminds your viewers of why you posted, and what you want them to remember. ​

To us, ClipIt provides the keep it simple attitude that enables an easy and fun way to pull out that part of the video you want, put on a simple title so your friends know what to look for, and then share it - nothing more!!

micra CALC

micra CALC

micra CALC

micra CALC

Android · iPhone
micra CALC screenshot

A free, handy app enabling plaintiff attorneys and others to instantly calculate medical malpractice MICRA contingency fees. Simply enter the injured client's settlement or verdict amount and the MICRA fee is automatically calculated.

Earth Dog Story

Earth Dog Story

Earth Dog Story

Earth Dog Story

Earth Dog Story screenshot

Earth Dog educates young people around the world about environmental issues effecting our planet. He teaches problem solving skills through understanding and cooperation.
Two ways to read this Earth Dog® Book
• “Read it Myself” — read the book in its traditional form
• “Read to Me” — plays like a movie, automatically reading and turning pages.
• Professional audio narration – Great for younger children!
Additional Features:
• Picture / Word association — words zoom up and are spoken when pictures are touched
• Professional audio narration
• Pages pan & zoom to accentuate the beautiful, original art ( iPod Version)





LINGOPAL 44 screenshot

The Lingopal application makes it easier for people from different cultures to interact and discuss and it’s ideal for backpacking, business travel, multi-cultural living as well as a simply having fun. The application is available in tens of languages including: English, Afrikaans, Arabic, Portuguese, Croatian, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew etc (in total, 44 versions).

Blackjack Battle

Blackjack Battle

Blackjack Battle

Blackjack Battle

Blackjack Battle screenshot

Blackjack Battle - The Next Generation of Social Blackjack!
Do you enjoy blackjack? Do you like competing with your friends? Then battle it out with your friends and win gold!

Blackjack Battle was developed to tackle some of the issues with traditional and online blackjack:

Dealer always wins (in the long run)
Blackjack is a casino game, which means it is designed so that the house always has the edge. So unless you're counting cards, you're bound to lose over time. With Blackjack Battle, you're competing with your friends to see who fares better against the dealer, so it doesn't matter if you lose to the dealer. As long as your final score is better than your friend's, you win the gold!

Luck of the draw
"Blackjack Tournament", along with many existing social online blackjack games, pits players against each other by putting them on the same table playing simultaneously from the same shoe against a single dealer. The problem here is that too often, a player "beats" another player based on better hands that get dealt. So it's a luck of the draw as opposed to any meaningful skill.
Blackjack Battle sets up a more objective way to test your skills by having players play the identical shoe separately, and comparing the result. This way, every card is directly involved in the outcome of the player's score -- it's either part of the player's hand or the dealer's hand.

Waiting for players
Blackjack Battle doesn't require your friend to be online. And you're not sitting around waiting for his/her turn to finish. You can challenge as many friends as you want, play the battles (you can go in and out of battles, it all gets saved!), and see who wins when your friend gets to it on his/her own time. With Blackjack Battle, you play on your own time, whenever you want.

Is the system rigged?
With many online blackjack games, it seems like the dealer wins an awful lot, especially when it matters most (like when you bet big). Are these games rigged so that you'll have to buy more chips? We'll never know, but you'll never have to worry about rigged shoes with Blackjack Battle. For one, it's not about the dealer, it's about how your score compares to your opponent. Also, you can see the entire game history (hand by hand) for both you and your opponent, so you're welcome to see for yourself that you are in fact playing identical copies of the shoe.

- Log in with Facebook Connect or register via e-mail
- Challenge your Facebook friends or anyone in your contact list
- Play multiple battles at the same time
- Review hand by hand game history (both you and your opponent)
- Win gold and gain experience points (XP)
- Push Notification: know when you've been challenged!
- Hi/Lo count for you professionals out there :)
- Daily Gold Bonus
- Daily free for all tournament (everyone competes on same shoe)

Upcoming Features:
- Bracket style tournaments (think March Madness)
- Sound
- Game Chat
- Store
- Much, Much More!

Hip-X Golf

Hip-X Golf

Hip-X Golf

Hip-X Golf

Hip-X Golf screenshot

Hips are the engine of the golf swing. Proper use of the hips maximizes the distance you achieve regardless of your skill level. Pros know how far and how fast to rotate them to get maximum distance. With the Hip-X Golf swing analysis app from Ancor Labs, so can you! Hip-X Golf is the first app to utilize the iPhone's in-built motion sensors to analyze your swing. All you need is your iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 or 4th/5th Gen iPod Touch (Note: This app is not designed for the iPhone 3GS or iPads). No other hardware or cradle is necessary! Simply tuck the iPhone under your belt near the leading hip and swing away! Using proprietary motion sensing algorithms developed by Ancor Labs engineers the app will detect your golf swing automatically and calculate your hip speed, tempo, and angle. Swing with or without a club to groove your swing anywhere and anytime (unlike other apps that have sound-based swing detection that requires a ball to be hit). The results are displayed graphically in real time with “pro zones” to show you how you compare with the professionals. Swings can be grouped and saved as sessions. You can look at trends or share your data with your pro or friends.


-Measures 3 important swing parameters:
-Does not require any hardware or cradle. Utilizes the iPhone's in-built motion sensors.
-Requires iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 or iPod Touch (4th/5th Gen). Note: this app is not designed for iPhone 3GS or iPads.
- Automatic swing detect algorithm to capture your swing (The algorithm is not based on sound so you can swing with or without a club and with or without hitting a ball).
-Swing Zone with Practice and Record Modes
-Saves Swings as Sessions for trending and sharing.
-Audio cue for grooving your ideal tempo.
-Audio chimes to indicate that you have achieved your desired speed as you swing.

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