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  • Spoton

    SpotOn is the new paradigm for service, education and communication with the operating room by supplier support personnel. We encourage hospitals, suppliers, reps and surgeons to join in a collaborative effort to maximize the benefit of the[...]

  • The Dance App

    The Dance App is a portable dance studio for iPhone, iPad, and iPod. With a monthly subscription, you get access to all of our content plus 4 new dances a month; one new dance will be added every week! The Dance App strives to make dance c[...]

  • Clik

    lik is a free photo sharing app that makes it fun and easy to share pictures with friends and people around you. Share and comment on your photos and other user's photos based on your location.. Clik looks for photos around you allowing [...]

  • Pingstr

    Pingstr is a free social networking application. iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and other smartphone or data-enabled phone users can use Pingstr to obtain almost instant feedback from their friends on anything that can be photographed. Even[...]