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Our firm, BonFireIT is a design + development agency with a focus on web, mobile applications, and hardware development. Our team of over 20 designers, developers, and project leaders have over 100 combined years of executing successful mobile, web, cloud and gaming solutions on platforms including, iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone.

After providing you with a free consultation, we will thoroughly analyze all of your requirements until we have a 100% clear understanding of what you are looking to accomplish. We will also break down our proposal and solution so you have complete transparency into the project from day 1. All of our Developers, Project Managers, UI/UX Wizards, and QA Masters have at least 5+ years in their respective fields.

We have strategically recruited top notch talent within Poland with offices in London to provide top notch development without the price tag of a Senior Developer in Central London.

Our rates start from just: £20/hr.

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BonFireIT company apps

Circles Messenger

Circles Messenger

Social Networking
Circles Messenger

Circles Messenger

iOS · iPad

Circles provides a unique and intuitive way to communicate with the people you know in groups. It’s easy for you to share with just the right people, whether you’re sharing a private joke with the guys or planning another girl's night out with your closest girlfriends, Circles enables the best experience for group conversations.

• Create your own circle and include friends into your circle of up to 20 people.

• Send Video, Images, and Voice notes to those within your circle.

• Enjoy conversations within your circle. Add or Remove circle members, change circle name and set a circle icon.

• Search and join other circles using the unique ID given to each circle.

Family. Friends. Colleagues. Band. Faith Group. Roommates. Who’s in your Circle?

Game Up Alarm Clock

Game Up Alarm Clock

Game Up Alarm Clock

Game Up Alarm Clock

Game Up Alarm Clock screenshot

We’ve all had that morning when our alarm clock failed to fully wake us up; as a result, our personal hygiene suffered. We rushed to “brush” our teeth and “shower,” oftentimes forgetting to use soap!

Until Now. meet Game Up Alarm Clock, the game alarm clock.

Game Up will lullaby you to sleep when you set an alarm but when its time to wake up it’s GO TIME!

Game Up will be merciless with its caffeine powered alarms whose sole purpose is to get you out of bed aware. The challenging but beatable games get your mental juices going when you need them the most.

By the time you beat the game it will be easier to get out of bed than going back to sleep.

Setting Alarms should be easy
Game Up is the simplest way you have ever set an alarm. Just drag the bottom bar up until you reach the time you want to wake up and let go. Thats it, you’re done, nothing else is needed to set the alarm.

Wake up however you want
Game Up comes with its own alarm sounds that will be playing while you attempt to beat a game to wake up to. If you don’t like our sounds, don’t worry we took a sneak peek at your iTunes library so you can wake up to your favorite tunes! Just swipe left to right to expose your iTunes library.

Not a One Trick Pony
Game Up comes preloaded with two caffeine powered games to get your mental juices running at 101%. Just swipe right to left to show the app’s dock where you can select a game to wake up to or to shuffle them. We also have more games with 3000% more caffeine coming soon.

Pixel Blend

Pixel Blend

Pixel Blend

Pixel Blend

Pixel Blend screenshot

Transform your photos into impressionist art. Scratch, smudge, and smear your photographs in new ways to give them a painterly look with Pixel Blend.

"The coolest app for painting your photos into impressionist works" - Lynette Sheppard, iPhone Diva

" Want to get away from the sameness of your photographs...this is really a unique app...thumbs up" - Suzé

Choose from unique tools - such as knitting needles, crochet hooks, chopsticks, and more - to easily manipulate your photos in subtle or dramatic ways. Pixel Blend adds many new features including saving photos at full resolution, changing tool sizes, applying new textures, and an eraser tool.


Pixel Blend can help you find your inner artist by creating original photo art. The app creates impressionistic effects by manipulating the pixels of your images.

Pixel Blend was inspired by Polaroid SX-70 time zero film manipulation, a process that used unexpected tools such as paperclips to distort the film's soft emulsion into a beautiful new look.

You can choose any image on your iPhone or iPod touch or take a new picture to manipulate. Then get your fingers or stylus ready to try the many unique tools:
* Toothpick
* Knitting needle
* Crochet hook
* Dental tool for scratching
* Wooden knife
* Eraser

Use the slider to increase or decrease the size of your brush. You can also apply a sandpaper texture to your photos, or choose from 3 new textures.

Changing the temperature of your photos will affect how each tool works so you can achieve the effect you're looking for. Hot temperatures allow for maximum movement of the photo's pixels while cold temperatures are used for less movement.

Experiment with something new to achieve unexpected effects (you can always hit "undo")! When you're finished, you can save your images at full resolution and easily share your creations with friends by email, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or Flickr.


Features of the Pixel Blend app include:
* Create impressionist images - Transform your photos in beautiful new ways, giving them a painterly look
* Unique tools - Scratch, smudge, and smear your photographs or try the new eraser tool
* 3 new textures - Add a dramatic "real world" look to your digital images
* Use any of your photos - Take a new photo or use any image on your iPhone or iPod touch
* Share your photo art - Send to friends by email, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or Flickr

Trash Timer

Trash Timer

Trash Timer

Trash Timer

Trash Timer screenshot

We designed and developed an innovative utility and game to help people in Boston remember when to take their trash out (due to a problem with people going through other peoples trash if it was left out over night). To help the app make revenue we included a simple game where users would have to select and move various items into the correct trash cans based on their color/shape. The app did well initially and we even got access to the data from the city of Boston.

BonFireIT company works

BonFireIT work

Conquest 3D CGI

Conquest 3D CGI

We designed and developed an immersive 3D video and game for a promotional both for Conquest for their trade shows.