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Cross Platform App App Developers


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About Cross Platform App

Corss platform apps data and market share

Cross platform apps work on different mobile Operating Systems with only one code. Cross platform, or Hybrid apps, use third parties APIs and programming languages to make a mobile app available in the different app stores.

The cross platform app market will reach the $7.5 million by 2018, the number of tools to develop a cross platform app will also evolve and improve. Cross platform app development includes apps for Android, iOS or Windows, this way users can download the app from all the marketplaces.

Why you should develop a cross platform app

Cross platform app development gives the client the opportunity to build apps for all the most prominent app stores of the world. This way, the reach that a mobile app can obtain multiplies exponentially. In a fast and agile way, the app will be available for download in all the app stores and for all the mobile devices. There are different technologies to make a cross platform application: Ionic, Xamarin, PhoneGap, Appcelerator or iFactr.

Cross platform apps are recommended when the client is looking for an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). If the client wants a more ambitious app with an adapted UX for the guidelines of each platform, then it is recommended to develop a native app for iOS, Android, Windows or BlackBerry.

The languages used to develop a cross-platform app are: Xamarin, PhoneGap, Ionic, Intel XDK, Sencha Touch or HTML5, among others.

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