Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

For Providers

Why should I list my company on AppFutura?

AppFutura offers you a platform to improve your online reputation by gathering verified reviews from clients. As a referent in the industry, our unique positioning allows you to expose your company to thousands of new clients looking for the best IT & Marketing companies in the world every day.

How do I get my company listed in AppFutura?

Getting your company listed is completely for free and you can do it from here. As a regular user, you can create a profile with a portfolio and reviews from former clients.

What should I do to make sure my profile on AppFutura has a strong presence?

Having a strong profile is key to catch the attention of brand new potential customers. Having a complete profile with a portfolio and reviews is the first step to becoming notorious on the platform. In fact, reviews are the most important factor.

You also have sponsorships available, which allow you to reach higher positions in our directories.

Why should I ask my clients to leave a review?

Reviews are a key factor to your notoriety. New customers value profiles with verified reviews, as they are the most reliable source they have to trust new providers. As an IT & Marketing company, it is important to try and gather as many positive reviews for your own online reputation.

I don’t want to bother my clients. What should I do to get reviews?

We understand clients should not be bothered. That’s why leaving a review on AppFutura is actually quite quick.Clients should not take longer than 5 minutes to complete the “Submit your review” form in a provider’s profile.

Clients are also invited to answer an extended interview via email or call, which is optional.

AppFutura also has a protocol to get you the first review from other verified sources. If you have reviews published somewhere, make sure to let our team know and we will assess if it can be imported and adapted to our system. These imported reviews will be shown as “Not verified” by our team and have very little impact on your notoriety, but are a good first step!

My client left a review and it is still not published. Why?

Once received, reviews may take some time to be verified by our team. We have a thorough verification process to ensure all reviews on AppFutura are genuine. If after one week, your review is not published, it is possible it has been rejected by our team.

All our reviews require the client to verify themselves through LinkedIn. Note that any attempt to create a fake profile to leave reviews for your company may result in disciplinary action against the provider making such an attempt.

What information is required to verify a review?

This is quite simple: Reviews need to be real. To avoid our system being tampered with, we can’t disclose all the parameters we use to verify the authenticity of a review. However, rest assured that if your review is real, you should not worry.

How can I report a fake review?

If you think you have identified a review published on our platform as fake, we will appreciate that you report it immediately. You can simply send an email to and report the case. Our team will look into it and verify again.

Any attempt at trying to harm a competitor provider without actual reason may result in disciplinary action against the attempting provider.

How will I receive new leads?

You will mainly receive qualified traffic from our platform directly to your own website. This traffic will likely bring a number of leads directly to you. This will be the main lead-generation system. This means you may get emails, inquiries or even phone calls resulting from the traffic you receive from AppFutura.

You may also receive verified direct contacts from the “Get a quote” form on your profile.

Finally, some clients prefer to post their project on AppFutura instead of going directly to the providers. In these cases, a project is created on our platform and you may make a proposal for the client to consider.

Why should I become a sponsor?

Becoming a sponsor is the way to maximize your presence on our directories and make sure you are a top option. The simple fact of being listed in a more convenient spot makes you more easily approachable by new clients.

How many leads can I get as a sponsor?

We cannot promise you a specific number of leads. We can promise you exposure on our directories and that qualified traffic will be driven to your website. How that traffic will behave on your website will depend on many factors. We recommend using a good landing page for your traffic coming from AppFutura.

Is AppFutura a freelancing portal?

Absolutely not. While it may have originated as a marketplace for development companies, AppFutura has evolved into a leading directory for IT & Marketing companies. This means that the majority of the leads we generate are through the traffic driven to the companies listed in our directories.

What are the projects I see on my dashboard?

While most clients use our directory to approach IT & Marketing companies directly, some prefer to post their needs on AppFutura and receive proposals from candidates in a more controlled environment. Learn more about how it works.

These represent a minority of the projects generated on AppFutura, but it may still be an interesting source of leads for you to consider.

For Buyers

What kind of companies can I find on AppFutura?

AppFutura is your source to find IT & Marketing companies divided in six main verticals: App Development Companies, Web Development Companies, Custom Software Development Companies, Design Agencies, SEO Companies and Digital Marketing Agencies.

How do I know reviews on AppFutura are real?

That is one of the main tasks in our team. We are committed to listing and ranking the best app development companies in the world through a unique methodology. We are not involved or in any partnership with any IT & Marketing company listed in our directories, which makes a fully impartial source of feedback on these companies.

How much does it cost to use AppFutura?

Finding IT & Marketing companies on AppFutura is completely for free. We do have added services in case you need assistance in finding the right partners. You can get in touch with our team to assess your case.

How can I review a company?

Each company has a “Submit your review” button on their profile. This will take you to a short form, which can be answered in 5 minutes and it will require LinkedIn validation. We will use the email associated with your LinkedIn to send you an email inviting you to provide an extended interview, which is optional.

Note that our team will verify the information on your LinkedIn account. Blank Linkedin profiles or profiles with inconclusive information may be disregarded.

How can I choose the best company on AppFutura?

You have two main options Firstly, you can use our worldwide directories to find the type of IT & Marketing company you are more interested in, categorizing by expertise or location. You will find full profiles with reviews for you to assess each company. You will then be able to approach them directly on their website, available contact methods or the “Get a quote” form on the profile.

Secondly, you can also post your project on our platform and receive proposals from active companies reviewing your needs. Our team of experts can help you in the selection of companies and you can use a safe payment system upon hiring a company to ensure you only pay for successfully delivered work. Learn more about how it works.