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Vegavid Technology is on a mission to transform the world into future technology. We are the most trusted and fastest-growing company, helping millions with our products and services across the globe – from individuals to the largest institutions, including but not limited to, finance, healthcare, technology, education, eCommerce, robotics, and supply chain, with our sheer expertise in blockchain technology (DApps, Defi, crypto-currency exchanges, NFT marketplace), cryptocurrency, data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, smart contracts, OCR solution, image processing, oracle enterprise solution, etc.

The R&D division at Vegavid is headed by a diverse group of extremely talented individuals who are working on innovating new technologies in the Blockchain and ML/AI space. Vegavid, your reliable technology partner, is fully established to offer you an integrated portfolio of products, solutions, digital marketing, & strategic and technology consultation services

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Cryptocurrency Exchange and Digital Identity Solution Development

Our project requirement is to develop a cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency exchange platform and a digital identity solution.

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  • Review dateMay 18, 2022

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Crypto and Fiat currency exchange with integrated KYC and Remittance

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    Vegavid Technology: Blockchain is presently one of the most promising technology trends with exciting potential across a wide range of use cases. It is basically a distributed and encrypted variant of a database, which can solve different issues pertaining to online security and trust. While many people associate blockchain with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, it has many other uses in supply chain management, safeguards against identity theft, logistics, and implementation of digital smart contracts. Emerging bloc...
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    Vegavid Technology: Blockchain’s revolutionary potential reaches far beyond the financial sector. The gaming industry, ever-hungry for change, is now embracing blockchain – and the new technology looks set to disrupt the $100 billion global industry. Several experts have recently claimed that blockchain has the potential to completely restructure the gaming industry. The technology can turn the tables on the monopolistic console market, create a multiverse, and make games more immersive and boundary-blurring t...
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