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HUSPI company overview

HUSPI is a software development and IT consulting company that specializes in Financial Technology (FinTech) and MedTech projects as well as e-commerce and large-scale databases.

We are working on such projects as EasyPay (an online payment solution created by our team from scratch), app development for currency exchange facilitation for a banking and financial institution, and many others.

In our work, we focus on JavaScript and such frameworks like React, Angular, Ionic, and Node.

HUSPI headquarters are located in Rzeszow, Poland, and the second office is in Kyiv, Ukraine.

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HUSPI company apps

Smart Assistant for eMail (SAM)

Smart Assistant for eMail (SAM)

Smart Assistant for eMail (SAM)

Smart Assistant for eMail (SAM)

Android · iOS · iPhone · iPad · Cross Platform
Smart Assistant for eMail (SAM) screenshot

Have you ever missed an important email due to it getting lost among numerous other emails? HUSPI team decided to do something about it and created SAM - Smart Assistant for eMail. Its main goal is to help you stay on top of the important conversations and getting custom notifications when you get an email from someone you’ve previously marked as a priority.

SAM is a machine-learning product, which means it learns from the actions you perform with the emails.

We've brainstormed with our BDM department to understand the needs and expectations of those, who have to deal with a lot of emails daily. As a result, SAM was created with the following features:

-- It learns from your activity in email.
-- It helps to stay on top of things - you no longer have to worry about missing an email.
-- It streamlines your business processes and teamwork due to additional collaboration opportunities.



Social Networking


Android · iOS
FBN UKRAINE screenshot

Family Business Network (FBN) is an organization with a mission of offering a communication platform for business owners. The project the HUSPI team worked on was a mobile application for a closed social network.

The primary task before us was to create a new way of communication for the closed network of company owners and their families.

We needed to create a cross-platform mobile app for communication as well as an admin panel for managing the mobile app.

While we were working on the main part of the mobile app, the requirements expanded to add another feature: the ability to close business deals within the app.