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Cocolevio LLC company overview

We are a software development company offering enterprise solutions specializing in business consulting, strategic planning, architecture development, and software development. By fusing cutting-edge technologies such as cloud, big data, artificial intelligence and IoT, Cocolevio helps businesses to identify problems and apply strategies for problem resolution.

We help organizations create a competitive advantage by enabling them to become information rich. Cocolevio has a perfect mix of IT solutions from the educational and corporate sectors to service its clients perfectly.

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Cocolevio LLC company reviews

Great Internal Communication App

They developed a great app to communicated internally within our organisation which is cloud based and secure.

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  • Review dateAug 09, 2022

Cocolevio LLC company works

Cocolevio LLC work

58Joralemon - Business Certification Application

58Joralemon - Business Certification Application

With 58Joralemon, minority-owned, veteran-owned, and women-owned businesses can get their business certified in as little as seven days. Certify your business and take advantage of government grants and specialized contracts today.

Cocolevio LLC work

LIMS - Learner\'s Information Management System

LIMS - Learner\'s Information Management System

Designed for medical institutions, Cocolevio\'s LIMS brings the most advanced features of a LIMS product to help colleges and universities optimize student information and health management.

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