Your choice of apps defines the “Smart” in your Smartphone!

Akansha Pandey
Published on Aug 29, 2018 in App Development
Your choice of apps defines the “Smart” in your Smartphone!

Recent innovations and advancement in technologies makes our life elegant and luxurious. We have seen how digitalization and smartphones have changes the way of living. People are now more keen towards doing smart work rather than a hard work. Whether you want to set an alarm, monitor your walk, manage a to-do list or you want to speak to someone who is too far to connect, these are the app’s which makes your Smartphone smarter.

The Modern inception of Smartphone comes with tremendous apps which take care of everything starting from email to video calling, weather to navigation, photography to face recognition.

Let’s have a look on some of the significant apps which can transform your Smartphone and your life too.

1. Google Assistant: (iOS/Android)

Google Assistant, launched by Google Pixel, is one of the best apps that allow you to make a swift access to your Google’s voice-controlled smart assistant. Just with one simple tap, by simply holding down the device’s home button or by simply saying “OK Google” Google assistant will start assisting you to like never before. It can do various hand free tasks like sending messages, making appointments and checklists, making video calls, playing music, taking selfies and much more.

2. Microsoft Pix: (iOS)

This is available only for iPhone users. If you are looking for better picture quality without making an extra effort. Microsoft Pix can be the right app for you. Just Point, Shoot, and get a Perfect picture in your camera. It captures 10 frames with each click and selects three best shots and deletes the rest. It comes with smart features that automatically improves the camera of your Smartphone and make people look best.You can even create a short live video with this application.

3. Tasker: (Android)

A must-have application especially for Android users; Tasker is total automatic app which triggers various actions with a great ease. There is nothing Tasker cannot do and makes your Smartphone even smarter. You set up for an event like going for a movie, Tasker will automatically sets your phone to airplane mode so you won't be disturbed. The application comes with 200+ built-inbuilt-in, plugin support such as designing your own screens, Auto brightness, changing icon, zoom click and much more.

4. Magisto: (Android/iOS)

Magisto is one of the best video editor and movie maker. Don’t worry if you lacks in basic editing and video making skills. Magisto does exactly the same thing for you. Created by high end AI features which make it “smart”. It includes fascinating features like Longer HD quality videos, Commercial music library, Options for adding logos & captions, advanced video editing storyboard, etc. You can easily share the videos from Magisto to any social networks of your choice and even create a special video on Instagram stories. It can make you master of Video making.

5. Todoist: (Android / iOS)

Todoist is a powerful to do list app and one of belongs to one of those categories where people can get all of their tasks and thoughts to be listed anytime, anywhere. It is a one-stop solution for keeping track of various things like items for grocery shopping, managing projects. It comes with a real-time sync feature with your all devices whether it is your desktop, tablet, android phone, iPhone, web browser or even when you are offline. It tends to capture and organize tasks, remember deadlines to get things done and provide customized productivity graphs. With its latest integration with popular apps like Dropbox, Amazon, Alexa, Zapier, IFTTT and Slack it can now work with Echo smart speaker too.

6. Drupe: (Android)

This app will definitely make you forget about your traditional dialer or contacts app. Drupe makes everything simple, whether you want to call a friend, text someone or recording calls. It comes with an in-app call recorder, caller ID to track or block SPAM calls, a Theme Gallery, an ultra-organized phone book. You can even send a GIF with any outgoing call. Search smart for your friends and family on the social media platform. Give a hit and enjoy the all new Drupe.

7. Waze: (Android / iOS)

Though Android, as well as iPhone users, must have used GPS navigation apps, but we challenge you once you use Waze you’ll wonder how your Smartphone is living without it. It draws everyone’s attention by giving real time information related to roads, maps, traffic, road rush, construction, accidents, traffic lights, police and bad route. So Drive with Waze to find out what’s happening on roads and get’s faster route.

8. IFTTT :(Android / iOS)

IFTTT short for If This, Then That, makes your Smartphone experience one of a kind. It automize the ins and outs of your Smartphone. You can simply create mini apps to run; link your devices and apps so that they can work together. For example, if you share a photo on Facebook or Instagram, it will also save to your Dropbox. You can turn on your house lights when you are at home. Make your life easier with IFTTT.

9. Pacer:(Android/iOS)

A Pedometer step counter and weight loss tracker App is all set to provide you the latest features to track your daily steps without needing a standalone fitness band. Pacer gives you a healthy way to get accurate steps, calories, active time count. GPS activity tracker tracks outdoor fitness activities on a map. It is also compatible with MyFitness Pal and Fitbit. A must try app before you buy your Fitbit or any other tracker. Pacer goes beyond your default apps on Smartphones to provide something new and different in your life style.

This latest generation of apps has gone far beyond you could have ever imagined. More and more Smartphone users are using various intelligent apps to enhance their mobile experience. Just by integrating few apps in your Smartphone you can now compose and send text messages, read the news, get the weather forecast, find better camera for you. So think again how Smart are you to use your Smartphone? And Without Smart apps how Smart is your Smartphone really is?

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