WWDC 2019: What Should you know All about Apple's Event and Announcements

Tarun Nagar
Tarun Nagar, Founder & CEO at Dev Technosys
Published on Jul 05, 2019 in iOS Developers Resources
WWDC 2019: What Should you know All about Apple's Event and Announcements


Since 1987, Apple WWDC keynote has been one of the most popular developer conferences across the world and flooded with astounding airwaves of major Apple announcements. So here again, Apple's annual summer event of the year, its World Wide Developer Conference(WWDC) has kicked off on June 3, 2019, at McHenry Convention Centre in San Jose, California. Now it has successfully wind up, but it has got more than just announcements to be unveiled, so here are the few announcements that iPhone app development companies are looking for.

In fact, Apple exponentially squeezed information in just less than 2.5 hours, which might require sufficient time to be comprehended properly. Furthermore, with premium information on Apple’s new version of its operating system, the astonishing launch with an updated version of the fantastic Mac PRO, the iPad, Apple TV, and Apple Watch which further raised the bars up to hire iPhone developer. The WWDC looked a whirlwind of announcements, so we are putting together a consolidated roundup of Apple's biggest announcements, you would be able to obtain a standard overview of everything that efficaciously went down.


Apple promisingly lifted the lid on new MacOS version 10.15, called Catalina with the unprecedented iTunes removal. The app has been a blend of podcasts, music, and videos will now be divided into apps which users already keep on their iOS device: Apple podcasts, Apple TV and Apple Music. It encompasses some potential benefits while syncing with iPhone takes place easily in Finder window and that Apple Podcasts index podcast episodes’ audio content, which implies that now searches won't look into descriptions and title.

Another biggest announcement of WWDC 2019, is SideCar

It enables MacOS user to use the screen of an iPad same like a second screen. Now users are able to move its windows and tasks on the iPad screen and interact through it exactly like a second monitor but still, the iPad has successfully retained Apple Pencil support. Furthermore, Voice control empowers control through voice recognition, while a blended version of mobile phone tracking app Find my friends with Find My iPhone, The FindMy allows users to track their lost devices and offline devices by a low-powered Bluetooth signal.

iOS 13

As expected, the iOS 13 betas remained the significant news story of Apple's WWDC 2019 keynote. It brought some sincerer performance upgrades like Apple claims 30 percent faster face recognition, 50 percent smaller application file size and 60 percent smaller updates by iOS which has pledged effective speed. Additionally Apple unpacked features like new system-wide dark mode theme, improvements in reminders with specific time and date, tagging people and adding subtasks to active or existing tasks, upgraded detailed maps with sharing feature, machine learning for organisation of photo, option to disable social media tracking through sign in, and last but not the least Memojis in Messages. Such a new roster it has brought under the umbrella of mobile app development solutions.

WatchOS 6 Apple Watch

It has almost become an integral part of the daily routine of many people lives and Apple showered it with an amazing new batch of watch faces with health monitoring capabilities. A new metric Activity Trends tracks user’s exercise and shows their progressed movement trends with the help of upward and downward arrow for better and low movements. It also comes up with the new Noise app, alerts users about loud environment damaging their hearing using the microphone. Furthermore, Cycle tracking enables women to get notifications about menstruation cycle by tracking it and record their fertility, additionally; it also encapsulates Audiobooks, Voice Memos and Calculator. The powerful cycle tracking is a socially uplifting move by Apple, pushing the promotion of custom iPhone app development solutions. Apple is also bringing new watch faces, some will be available with customizable elements, and Pride-themed watch faces for the Pride watchbands.


It is the Apple’s most powerful desktop yet with latest 28-core Intel Xeon processor, 1.5 terabytes of system memory and 1.5kilowatt power supply. The most expensive model will come up with 8 PCI slots including the option to stack two Radeon Pro Vega II graphics cards side-by-side. It comes with 32 inch LCD display which can be squeezed in 20 million pixels, making it a 6K display. It has made Apple’s highest resolution display ever since inception. On the other hand, Apple reintroduced the Mac proline in a traditional tower-style desktop with a distinctive front and back plate. Mac Pro has also equipped with the latest effective cooling system, capable to process 3 raw 8K streams simultaneously. The MacPro would be starting at $5,999 for sale in the fall this year. The iPhone app development company can leverage the excitement of Apple's loyal users.


Surprising the spectators, Apple has something more astonishing to show around the stage. Apple ensured its son iPad has grown up and gave the offshoot operating system with the focus over more productivity. The OS is powered to differentiate the iPhone from iPad and make more productive. The much tighter screen enables the use of widgets on screen and there is a huge focus over the parallel working and switching between the apps. Hire iPhone developer to accommodate your app with new features. With the debut of iPad OS, it also put one step forward with a split screen which allows working with two instances side by side of the same app. To reflect the workflow, the innovative OS’ can be managed in readable columns and shows file metadata.

Notably, Safari is also tweaked to be fitted with iPadOS, where it will request for the WebPages while being equipped with download manager and keyboard shortcuts. The work is smoothened by new gestures and custom fonts. What's more convenient is that the OS is capable to shift toolbar to other or one side of its screen.

Apple has been encouraging the development and research through the timely release and announcements of new features and versions. The custom iPhone app development companies keep waiting for the new announcements to see, how the market trends are going to shift. Apple has been the king of innovation and now it’s hard leaving any chance to leave its legacy of making the world better.

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