WordPress: World’s Most Powerful Tool

Published on Apr 09, 2018 in Web Developers Resources
WordPress: World’s Most Powerful Tool

WordPress was released on May 27th, 2003 and since then, it has possibly become the top CMS (Content Management System) around the globe. As of now, WordPress is being used by more than 72 million sites that publish new content every single second. The size of the blogs doesn’t matter. Its content management system has become extremely popular among business firms because of its powerful and accessible tools. It has even become the content management system software choice for non-blogging websites over the last few years.

Open-Source Program

It doesn’t matter if you’re launching a new online business or a blog; the reality of WordPress being a worldwide open-source software is definitely true and exceedingly advantageous. Beyond everything, it can be completely free and no hidden charges apply even if your website becomes Google’s most SEO friendly. It simply means that you can develop, improve, or change the code source so as to build the right site up to your requirements. In addition, you don’t have to hire any technicians, web developers or designers for launching or maintaining your website.

Dominant For Updating

Unlike other content management systems, WordPress’ use is immediate after the latest installation. WordPress updates are so easy to install that even beginners can do it. This means users don’t have to ascertain, install and then configure a wide list of add-ons just to acquire a numbers of features. WordPress contemplates principles like Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds, comments, revisions, UI far and much more.

Variable And SEO Friendly

The variability is one of WordPress’s greatest features. It doesn’t matter if you’re using WordPress for personal blogging or as an e-commerce website, it is adaptable and adequate to satisfy all user desires through its immense list of features, functionalities and add-ons. Furthermore, some of the better positioned sites are literally those websites which are generated by WordPress because its framework is swift and really easy to crawl.

Secured Platform For Users

As WordPress is delivering dynamic features to their users and has become the world's favorite content management system, it should not be surprising that it's on the hackers’ radar. However, WordPress takes security concerns very seriously. It suggests users not to download or upgrade any plugin or theme from any of insecure or doubtful website. In addition, it updates their software so as to block attacks. For example, version 3.7 allows a system for automatic updates to defend users against harmful or hacking attacks.

Highly Customized And Swift To Operate

WordPress has thousands of glorious themes and plugins. With just a single button, you can customize your WordPress website in order to deliver its appearance and functionality as you want. Additionally, because of the apparently innumerable features, you can create your own blogging website or online business website that you always dreamed of. With such great accessibilities and features, only a few people (unaware of WordPress, or simply beginners) think that it must be hard to use, but it’s actually not. WordPress is a user-friendly platform, instinctive and simple to understand. Even a beginner can learn how to use it in a matter of minutes. It’s not a miracle, but WordPress is also known for its 5-minute installation program.

Command The Multimedia

The inclusion of images, videos and audio files is a foremost way to intensify the experience of your users. WordPress makes it easy for you to insert any pictorial or audio file on a post or page. Not only can you upload the files but you can also modify them.

Smartphones-Friendly Combination

Nowadays, most people use smartphones more than computers, which makes it essential for all business firms (check out the top enterprise app developers) to display and deliver their services on smartphones as well. Through WordPress, you don’t have to worry about that. It’s entirely mobile-friendly and offers several interesting services like for example, email campaigns.

Massive Support

WordPress also provides unique and remarkable support. It is a part of the comprehensive WordPress community section, where users can ask or browse through queries about anything related to a WordPress channel.

Single-Click Publish On Universal Platform

WordPress allows user to publish their content with just a click. What’s more, there are many mobile apps that also help owners publish their contents on WordPress. Through some basic MySQL and PHP, any user can easily manage their website and they don’t have to appoint an expert to do so.

Change Dresses Everyday

Nowadays, a huge number of customers get attracted towards appearance. WordPress has thousands of free themes available. WordPress promises to deliver exquisite and customizable themes for its users. More so, there’s not any limit as to how many times a user can change their themes.

Develop A Community

WordPress always tries to develop and encourage the community. It doesn’t matter if you’re sharing the contents on a social media channel or interacting with a group of people in the comments section.

Not Just A Blog But A Massive Solution For Ecommerce

Whereas WordPress deserves its status as a dynamic blogging platform that can be added to a living website, WordPress itself can be operated as a proper website, whether it’s a local business site or a huge e-commerce store. It includes pages and post designs where you can daily publish blog posts, articles or any type of content you want, even static pages (Contact info, About us pages, Descriptions, etc.). It also has a great number of e-commerce solutions that can transform an ordinary website into a dynamic digitalized solution store.

Live Chat Support

The live chat support features really help business firms and also delivers huge opportunities to bloggers. In addition, the owner will enjoy the quality of conversion rates. For this common feeling of isolation, WordPress offers a wide range of live support plugins.

Arranging Post

Although it’s true that operating a website is a time-consuming task, WordPress provides the option of scheduling posts. That simply means that after writing the content, you can set the time you want it to be published, taking customer habits into account. For example, if you have noticed that a massive number of traffic comes to your site between 2pm to 5pm, then you can schedule a post around that specific time period.


A user can also install plugins like widget testimonials or easy testimonials, which can help ensure that the products and services are worthy enough for investment. At the same time, testimonials help business firms improve their weaknesses.

Final Statement

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