Will Presence Of A Website Help In Enhancing The Business In 2018?

Manish Jain
Manish Jain, Co-Founder & Managing Director at Konstant Infosolutions
Published on Oct 19, 2018 in SEO Companies Resources
Will Presence Of A Website Help In Enhancing The Business In 2018?

Check out why companies need to evaluate their digital nervous system to capture the business data in 2018?

Having a well-equipped digital infrastructure is very crucial to function in the digital age. Organizations can work well only if they have the ability to run smoothly, efficiently, respond to emergencies and opportunities in a swift manner, equip their users with essential information at just the right time, enable them to quickly make decisions and above all be self-furnished to interact with them as and when required.

Reasons Businesses Need to Approach a Web Development Company

  • If it gives you more bang for your buck
  • If your customers expect it
  • It provides a social proof of your business
  • If it helps you to control the crux and theme of the business
  • If all your competitors have company websites
  • If your customers want to work at midnight or at 3 A.M.
  • To make your presence felt in online search results
  • The website acts as a resource center for your staff
  • It’s a great way to showcase your products and services

The Gen-next companies have to make a practice to use digital tools in order to reinvent the way they work. A platform and an environment that fosters discussion along with some personal initiative and responsibility are important for the growth of the business. A simple message, an email or a website are best ingredients of the digital nervous system. (According to Bill Gates in Business @ the speed of thought) They help turn management professionals into actual doers, rather than just filtering out the information. E-mail might flatten the hierarchical structure of the organization, encouraging people to speak up but a website will help in enhancing the communication and interaction among employees and clients, thereby encouraging managers to listen. Therefore a website or an email/ request quotes/call to action are always instrumental in adding value to the information system and foster collaboration in the organization.

Without being pushy, websites are a great way to stay aware of the attitudes of the clients and the issues affecting them. The values and virtues that a website must depict must essentially revolve around sharing of the knowledge, to make the idea of the app audible and to have positive reciprocate remarks from the clients.

The WWW is loaded with awful experiences that a naïve or experienced used have had while working on a particular website, from critical to cosmetic, bugs might vary, but what is more important is the experience that a particular user has while working upon it. While every business owner launches a website to be popular among masses and for the purpose of providing insight. A happy looking, bright and customer friendly website goes a long way in inspiring the prospective customers to engage in actual business with you.

So what is it that makes your business successful?

  • The website must be able to clarify the primary purpose of the website
  • It must be easily navigable
  • It must have fresh high-quality content
  • The website must be able to establish the core competencies, the credibility, and expertise of the professionals
  • He looks of the website must be complemented with adorable UI/UX and blog section
  • A friendly-responsive design
  • Good SEO to make itself visible on the web
  • A simple web address
  • A site map that enhances navigability across the website
  • Contact information that is easy to find
  • Testimonials from clients
  • A highlighted and detailed projects portfolio
  • A call-to-action section / an inquiry form and request a quote section
  • Must have a secure hosting platform

Online visitors scan through a web page and slow down to read the entire story only if they find that the subject matter is relevant to them. Therefore the content of the website must be organized for scanning. What actually helps here is breaking down the content into short paragraphs with headers, making use of bullet points and highlighting important words or phrases. Complementing the look with simplicity and basic colors, with the top focus on content.

Why should small businesses create a website in 2018?

How many businesses have their own website?

Out of 93%, only 47% people click on the first three listing over the search engine. 81% of US businesses have their social media profiles and only 32% of small and medium businesses seriously invest in social media. (According to Blue Corona).

There are almost 85% of people who trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. People usually trust top reviews and search results in case of purchase of non-essential items. This calls for the importance of the online presence of businesses via websites, social media and third-party reviews for the business of all sizes. This is even more important to attract a loyal customer base. Here are some of the advantages of building a website for your small business:

  • Coming up in search results – Users rely on search results more than personal opinion. New business strategies including advertising on the web have a far better reach than traditional marketing or word-of-mouth approach. Website optimization to show up for the near me searches in Google is an essential step in making a business successful in the long run.
  • A website forms the basis of digital marketing strategy – A website is a place from where your customers will find out all the details about your business, products, services, core competencies, values, mission and audience, and many more things. It is a place that bloggers and journalists link back to and is a quintessential component of your marketing campaign.
  • A Perfect Place to Showcase Your Products and Services – A website is a platform to showcase all that you wish to show and provide to your customers. Finding the products and services online eases out making a purchase decision instantly without the hassle of going all the way to store (taking time out, deciding what to buy, pick and select, billing). If all these things can be done at a convenient place, at any point in time, this will save a lot of efforts in form of time and cost. This is the working principle behind every e-commerce business.

    The percentage of users making online purchases is higher than the ones who go all the way to store to buy anything.

  • Website Improves Business Credibility – It explains how businesses provide value to their customers. E.g. – For Craft Coffee – Their website tells their customers how well they brew the coffee. What special they can provide to their customers and how valuable is their product.
  • Great Way to Collect Customer Information – It's a great way to learn about the audience, learn their preferences, purchase behavior, customize their interactions with their preferences. Collecting information and communicating with clients becomes easy via newsletters and request quotes and contact form. E.g. – Asking them to subscribe for a service, or product availability or newsletter helps business in finding out their likes and preferences.

Curt Dissever

Counted among the five best investments that SMB's must consider, websites often comes handy in case of real-time challenges that they have to face which no amount of experience or determination can handle. Success hangs around a critical hinge and having perfection is just as important to sustain the business as simply setting it up. It helps you to be found by the potential customers, re-connect with the existing ones directly via social media and advertises your products and services. But is it a worthy investment? Yes, businesses who create a website also spend dollars to maintain it!

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