Why User Experience Testing is Essential

by AppFutura on Jun 13, 2018 / App Development
Why User Experience Testing is Essential

In today’s world of constant interconnectivity and globalised communication, people expect quality experiences online. Whether they are shopping, handling their personal finances, playing games, or simply browsing in their free time, users want to engage with an app or website that is clear and efficient, and above all else, can provide them with exactly what they are looking for. In order to meet their clients’ needs, businesses and marketers on the back end must know their customers intimately, and with this information, they must hone and perfect their User Experience Design.

So how do you know if your business provides a good User Experience, and why is it so important that you do? Take a look at our tips below.

The consequences of ‘bad’ UX Design.

It is widely acknowledged that quality UX Design produces high conversion rates, but to this day, it is not uncommon for businesses to spend so much energy perfecting their product that they fail to pay attention to the user experience in the development process. Because designers, product managers, and tech professionals are so closely involved with the development process, they might be incapable of detecting the details that confuse or distress users on their page.

Meanwhile, most consumers that feel uncomfortable or unsafe on a site leave it almost immediately, resulting in higher bounce rates that can be devastating to the sales of a product or brand. As a result, these companies often see low conversions, or find that their product has failed on the market altogether.

Defining successful UX Design.

Good UX Design, meanwhile, involves optimizing every aspect of your interface so that your primary users feel as comfortable as possible as they navigate through your site. This optimization process is vital to any online operation, including e-commerce businesses, video game designers, banks, and large corporations functioning on a grand scale, among others.

From landing page to checkout, your site must provide users with a strong sense of trustworthiness, pleasing visual cues and clearcut instructions. You must anticipate the user’s individual desires throughout the entire journey. This comfortability is generated through intricate design details, such as localized copy, hierarchical information architecture, obviously displayed security badges, and humanized chat bot vocabulary, but the list is long and ever-growing.

The importance of testing Usability.

The key is to understanding whether your site meets this standard of comfortability is to talk to your users, either through interviews, questionnaires, or product reviews. The best measure of the quality of your UX design, however, is aUsability Test.”

A usability test involves the thorough study of the demographic and geographic characteristics of a company’s user base in order to define the “target consumer.” These consumers then sit down and try to use a product interface while being observed. Emotional reactions, facial expressions, and live commentary are noted with detail throughout the test. This information is crucial to understanding just how successful your UX Design actually is, and without it, you cannot properly detect what design elements need to be changed.

The Checkealos UX Test.

While site-specific user testing can provide marketers with important insights about their consumer population and their needs, these tests are often very expensive and time consuming. At Checkealos, we have developed a Usability Test that provides equally thorough analysis at a tenth of the cost and time.

Once we have enough information about your brand’s desired and actual user base, as well as the product and consumer statistics, we create a specific test panel comprised of individuals that match the age, region, device usage, and experience objectives of your actual consumer base.

Next, we record this panel as they “journey” through your site, and then analyze the audio, visual, and screen navigation cues from the test. With this data, we provide you with a full analytical report, including a summary on the context of your brand, a defined user base description, and the areas that need improvement.

In the past, we have detected an average of 85% of interface problems by conducting our Usability Tests. Let us help you improve your User Experience Design, and better your product and brand in the process.

About Checkealos

Checkealos provides a usability test of digital environments. The company tests the user experience remotely by recording screen and voices. They are focused on UK, USA, Latin America and Spanish markets.

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