Why do taxi mobile apps want to access your data?

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Published on May 03, 2016 in App Development

Have you ever examined the number of authorizations a mobile app needs while downloading it? While taxi mobile apps do not call for as many permissions as Facebook and Gmail need, they require a small list of permissions to run the app on your phone. In this post, the mobile app development company Seasia Infotech will endeavor to explain why taxi apps request you to grant some permissions on Android devices.

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The permission to access identity permits Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) to find details related to name/accounts on your handset. This permission is required to establish the users’ unique identity and allows syncing with the servers and sending push notifications on the app.


With the application installed in your phone you cannot only book taxis for yourself but also for your friends and family. Mobile app development companies and developers thought while developing a taxi mobile app that the Contacts permission permits the app to access the contact list on your phone and empowers you to book taxis for your friends and family by just selecting their phone number. Imagine how easy it is to share the details of your driver with family and friends using the Inform a Friend button; yes that’s an additional feature that is supported by this permission.


By allowing the access to your GPS and network-based locations, you allow the developers or the owners of the app to trace your address on the map and scan for taxis in your area. This is what helps us to send a taxi to your doorstep.


A taxi mobile app usually runs on Google Maps. Retrieving your current location on the map is vital for the mobile app to get you a taxi when you call for one. Google maps needs the authorization to save the maps onto your device, so that the next time it needs to run, it’s just a matter of reading the stowed location data.

Device ID and call information

By consenting this, you allow the app to read your device’s identity and send push notifications and also block fraudulent bookings. A default for all apps, this permission is obligatory by Google Play Services to read the account information of the device. The authorization to access call information consents the app to determine the phone number and if a call is active. So when you get a call while booking a taxi, the app will run in the back end and intrude you about the progress.


Google Play Services necessitates the permission to Read Google service arrangement and Full network access to receive API calls and communicates with the server. This permission allows the app to sync with the Google and Taxi servers to execute functions like scrutinizing cab availability in your area. Controlling vibration, inspecting network connections, inhibiting device from sleeping and amending system settings are all associated to giving you a great in-app experience!

All these permissions have been thought by the mobile app development company or the owner of the app to improve your experience so the mobile app offers the user the best possible service. Some people think that all this information is then used for advertisement purposes. Even though sometimes it can happen, the main goal for an app development company to do this is to offer the users what they are looking for. How come if not would you be able to see all the taxis available near you?

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