Why should a developer choose Symfony? 4 reasons to use this PHP framework

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Published on Oct 23, 2017 in App Development
Why should a developer choose Symfony? 4 reasons to use this PHP framework

Umbrella is acknowledged to be a mobile app development company that knows exactly what technology performs best for achievement of high-quality and reliable apps and solutions. One of our absolute favorites in that field is the one that works perfectly in most cases: Symfony framework.

Symfony is a PHP framework and a set of libraries or components with great ease of access, good documentation and even its own philosophy and army of devoted followers. If you need a technical solution that meets all the requirements of your project and the applications’ maintenance and fast development is your priority, then Symfony PHP Framework is what you need.


The level of configurability is achieved using the Event Dispatcher Dependency Injector. All the parts of Symfony’s framework are completely self-sufficient which make it so flexible and adjustable.

Symfony aims to give mobile app developers full control over the configuration. It consists of building blocks which together make up a full stack framework where you can combine or add only the functionalities that you really need for a certain task.


Symfony’s creator SensioLabs has a huge supportive community that provides security stability. Besides that, all the lower versions of the framework are compatible and guaranteed with the API’s.


The key issue for a web developer is the web application’s performance at all levels. Performance Optimization is never easy, but Symfony is tooled for the performance.


Process transparency and clear code are of most importance for everyone. Symfony guarantees high level of comfort to all the web developers by dealing with all the unlikable tasks. That allows to increase the web developers’ productivity and let them focus on the major highlights of the web development. There are various tools that can make a developer life easier such as Web Debug Toolbar or local support for all sorts of development environments, native security and detailed error pages.

If you want to be the best in building best web practices being in control of all of your application assets and increasing the quality of work - you should choose Symfony among different PHP frameworks.

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