Why React Native is Future of App Development?

Tarun Nagar
Tarun Nagar, Founder & CEO at Dev Technosys
Published on Apr 05, 2019 in Cross Platform Developers Resources
Why React Native is Future of App Development?


Therefore, you know what the best part of OOPS programming concept is Inheritance. The Inheritance is the best tool of programming, which allows the property of father object to be used by the child object. The data variables are available for the child object while the functioning can also be used. What polishing can be done is called overloading or overriding. So, what? How is it related to the React Native App development? Here, we go on the journey to React with its pure programming point of view and prove why it is the future.

Hybrid app development is the core need of the next generation, how long the bridges between two platforms can survive? Therefore, the developers have found a substantial tool to bridge the gap and inherit the power of native development. Where developers tweaked it, was granted by React for overloading/overriding concept and made the cross-platform concept more solid. The question arises, why React Native is the future for mobile development services.

What is React Native?

The powerful framework for mobile development services is the native version of the JS library and maintained by Facebook and Instagram. React Native empower that the similar look, feel and functionality while makes the mobile app that is indistinguishable from the native apps developed using Kotlin/Java/Swift or Objective C. The fundamental building blocks now give more intuitive experience, which is also the reason for massive popularity, community support. There is a lot, we can discuss on React. Let's take a quick look at its power.

Here, we will find the answer to this huge Why?

React Native created a lot of stir in the industry, where its development is more glittering and predictive. In fact, React native is not the single stop solution for cross-platform app development rather the framework overloaded the new concepts to the niche with the working principle of React. Up to 95 percent of the app is built with JS while the User interface modules are developed with the platform-based technology. When you hire react native developer, he uses UI modules available in out of the box libraries, where the custom module building is also easy using Java or Kotlin for Android and Objective C or Swift for iOS. React Native app product gives the feel and look like the native one.

According to the Statist, Mobile apps are predicted to generate global revenue of $188.9 billion through app development and in-app advertising. The seamless functioning app, smooth navigation, and aesthetic appeal are not just limited to the performance, but also to the likes of users to meet the criteria.

Why mobile development services are shifting towards React Native?

React Native is reaping out the huge appraisal around the industry because of its fine performance, better UX and scope of accessibility. The profound backend development language itself is backed by Facebook, which ascertains its longevity over the development realm.

Talking simplistically, here are few pros of React Native:

Cross-platform: Not so huge one to mention, but still important, the react native lets you focus on the app instead of worrying about the platform and its specific functions. The native development environment imposes the risk of losing the customer who uses another OS, while the mobile application development for both platforms poses the high-cost factor.

Better time management and cost saving: As we earlier mentioned, the cost of development of apps for both platform induces price load. Alongside, the same team of developers probably will not be able to deliver the satisfying native app, because different platforms require different knowledge.

  • Therefore, the companies now prefer to hire an app developer for a hybrid app. The programming here is based over JS, so an experienced JS engineer with React expertise along with the competent designer is all you need.
  • Time-saving brings it a superlative level of degree, where the code doesn’t need to be updated in iOS and Android. The single codebase makes the code update and revision of the code smoother and faster.

UI Experience: A rich user interface is one of the most important reasons for success for a React Native app. A user can be retained for longer if the interface is engaging and contains the design, which is soothing and smoothly navigating. The proper management of components with uncluttered design improves the readability and makes the task easier to be accomplished. React Native makes it further interesting owing to the flexible and UI centric compatibility to the platform. The powerful framework makes better and responsive UI along with minimum loading time. Why not a Mobile application development company goes for it?

Third-party app compatibility:

The popular framework not only excels in UI but also offers seamless compatibility with third-party apps. Any framework is always incomplete if the fundamental native tools are not well integrated. React improvises the mobile development services with the perfect simulation to the native tools. What enhances the experience is the CSS layout without the need of taking browser in an account.


Every Mobile application development company looks for the best deal when it hires app developer. For react, an experienced JS developer can work well with the creative designer in the team. Be it the cost, or the time saving, Be it the consumer satisfaction or the long terms approach of the companies, hiring react native developer improvises the process.

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