Why mobile testing is the option for your mobile app

Abhinav Gupta
Abhinav Gupta, Director Mobility at Techugo
Published on Jul 19, 2017 in App Development
Why mobile testing is the option for your mobile app

Undeniably the technology has enveloped us tightly and the blanket is so sheer yet strong that most of us end up sounding highly enthusiastic whenever there is an outbreak of new technology. I feel we all can relate to this situation, where we can never stop dreaming for more tech inventions to step on our doorstep.

Mobile app technology is one of the most preferred technologies by the users across the globe, which has created a routine for us where we cannot even visualize of surviving without it and our mobile devices keep on filling the space with the latest and in-demand mobile apps. But this customary attitude does not remain the same for all the mobile apps. Some mobile apps are way too good and they get a residence certificate for themselves in our mobile phones, but some mobile apps meet their fate in the uninstalling button instantly.

Mobile app uninstalls are nothing new, and can happen due to various reasons, but out of all reasons the most significant one is: mobile app testing. Just to explain further, when we shop and find fault with any product, we end up opting for another product. This fault in the product is actually an output of absence of quality testing, which lets the product available in the market without a quality standard and the product receives the rejection eventually.

Unfortunately, the same happens with mobile apps. No matter how well your mobile application is designed or its unique concept, if it’s available on the app store sans testing, then no user would plan to stick to it. Mobile apps are in demand and have raised the competition fever further, which makes the users pick another app if they don’t find your mobile app fitting their quality parameters, so let’s begin that why you must not give a second thought to mobile app testing.


Mobile app technology is not only purposeful to gain the required information, but it also lets the users build the emotional touch with their loved ones, wherein they can chat, video call and share details hassle free and also, they can get the dose of entertainment, order food, shop online and do much more. In simpler words, a mobile app fits a larger bill in our life than we have ever imagined.

These requirements need to offer uninterrupted services, and if your mobile app takes tech hiccups in performance, then nothing can save your mobile app from being discarded from your user’s end. To avoid these technical glitches, you need to have a perfect mobile app, which consists of no bugs/no crash or any other technical error. To achieve this, you need to test your mobile app and save it from the horror of uninstalling.


It sounds so straight and rude, but speaks an actual scenario where users love mobile apps that function and perform well, but they don’t have time for slow and buggy applications. Remember, no app is worser than a bad app, it means clearly your users cannot afford their time on a mobile app that crashes in between, they are in a hurry and prefer to go along with the other app, rather than waiting for your mobile app to resolve its bugs miraculously. Your users want a perfect solution for their app requirement, a clean interface, with a unique app concept and a bug-free experience to go along with it. This all combined increases your chances of app success.


We live in an era, where technology has successfully invaded every village, district or any remote area around the world and those left are already in the process of getting welcomed by the technology. It is surprising to know that across the globe, different users have a buffet of technology devices and your mobile app needs to run efficiently on all these devices effortlessly. Mobile app testing helps you to run your mobile app on multiple devices, browsers, operating systems without any issue and eventually helping your mobile app to expand the reach of your business.


You can never predict who will open or use your mobile app or at what time, but there are some app analytic tools and companies to judge the app traffic, but you can’t control the specific number of users only to open the app at a time. If a larger number of users open your mobile app at one time, it might lead to app crash, but if your app is well-tested with the different number of users’ availability then your mobile application may never face the problem of app crashing and, subsequently, the user’s frustration.


A mobile app can have a great number of features and functionalities depending on the user’s requirements, but only with a right mobile testing technique you will be able to find out whether the integrated functionality, link or live chat widget work as per the app user expectations.

A brand image can easily be shelved if the dedicated mobile app offers nothing but bugs and crash. As a mobile app development company, the team needs to ensure that the mobile app performance is given equal importance like the development process and is not neglected at any point of the development cycle. Some of the top mobile app development companies like Techugo always ensure to conduct the app testing, not as a lateral phase of the development cycle. For them, testing is conducted from the very initial phase of the app development cycle to avoid the consequent volcano of app crashes and bugs.

As a mobile app developer, you need to understand that app testing is not just a part of the app development cycle, but it can be conducted as:

  • Conceptual testing: an initial validation to test the app concept, wherein you may share the app idea with different groups of users/people, this helps you learn the major loopholes of the mobile app concept, and overcome them with the valuable replacements.
  • Usability testing: It’s a true non-technical way to test your app workflows much before it gets into the app development phase. You can use a particular platform to upload the built part and the interfaces of your mobile app to get it tested by real-time users, before hitting the development phase. This would help you to overcome the barriers between you and your potential users by creating and developing exactly what your users actually need.
  • Functional testing: it is conducted with each segment of mobile app development and then at the end of the development as well, to test any bug/crash or technical error in the mobile app user interface.

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