Why Mobile Apps are Important for Your Business [2020]

Kiran Beladiya
Published on Sep 15, 2020 in App Development

Smartphones have become the best companion of everyone in this digital world. “There’s an app for everyone for that”. You might have heard this phrase many times before. This is the reason, it lets you interact with the virtual world through various mobile applications with a couple of steps. In a nutshell, the importance and impact of mobile phones have created some significant impacts on the day-to-day life of every human being.

Electronic devices - mobile phones have changed from a simple model of communication to a significant point of attention for individuals and businesses due to their distinct characteristics. Whatever has happened in the world of digital is a result of the advancement of technology and access to high-speed internet. This is the reason businesses are pushing towards mobile technology through the best mobile app development company and are adapting to their further business development. But have you ever wondered, why mobile apps? Do you know how it’s necessary for any business?

As per the research, 68% of the population of the USA own a smartphone. Moreover, those people spend around 162 minutes on their mobile on a daily basis. That indicates that by having a smartphone app of your business, you can easily reach a wider audience and generate more profit. Whether you are a product-driven company or services-based, you offer the various benefits by having your own business app and that can make your business grow exponentially.

Benefits of Mobile App For Customers

So, businesses have found a new way - mobile applications as their omnichannel to promote their business and reach a wider audience. That’s why mobile app development companies are reaping the benefits of new technologies by developing apps on both iOS and Android, helping businesses target customers across the world.

Let’s walk you through some benefits that businesses can expect from a mobile application.

1) Increases Sales

A mobile app can reach your customers in no time and endorse your business in plenty of ways. If you are marketing about your products with various offers, rewards, and promotions, you are encouraging customers to buy from you. Each program can be customized as per your requirements which forces your customers to visit your website again and spend more time than usual.

By integrating push notifications and noticing customers regarding your special offer, you can connect with your customers and stay in touch with them. Gamification is also an area where you could help your customers win rewards and provide them special discounts or offers for pre-defined activities such as sharing an image or a notification. Another strategy you could utilize to increase the engagement is the scratch-and-win feature. This surely works for both customers and retailers/vendors.

2) Customer Loyalty

One of the most important and effective reasons to build a mobile app for your business is customer loyalty. With the help of mobile applications, you can directly be in touch with your customers and interact with them. This is very important for cultivating customer loyalty.

On the other hand, allowing users with in-app purchases, notification, promotions, and ads create a great impact on the customers as compared to the roadside banner, email marketing, social media marketing, or any other ads.

You can also cultivate a customer or brand loyalty if you obtain a good interaction with your customers. Starbucks is one of the best examples to justify the definition of customer or brand loyalty.

3) Increases Brand Awareness

Mobile apps are one-stop solutions for all your business needs. It helps you out providing relevant information related to your brands, services and business. By showcasing your products and services, you can reach your customers loudly and make them aware of your new brand collection and exciting offers. Thus, mobile apps can significantly help you increase your brand presence.

To increase your brand awareness, all you have to do is, design and develop an amazing, user-friendly, and feature-rich mobile application.

4) Improves Accessibility

The previous era of technology was very difficult for every business to survive and thrive to expand to a large audience on different platforms at the same time. But due to the birth of mobile devices and usages of applications, your business can have great exposure on multiple platforms at the same time.

Having said earlier, business owners can notify their customers with various promotional offers through a push notification from any location. It prompts customers to access the app to get more information regarding new offers and they make a quick purchase if they find a suitable deal.

5) Better Analytics

If you want to achieve the road of success, you should know the insight. If you are planning to build a home, you should know what are the factors that are affecting while building your home at that time only. Then only by amendments and giving the right direction, you can overcome the affected area and lead to success. This same method applies to the business as well. If you are running a business, without knowing its insights, you simply cannot work harder to grow in the right direction. We should know whether the direction is right or not, then only take the next step.

To understand the business and customers, data analytics plays a vital role in that. This is the reason, analytics is one of the most important factors of getting a mobile app for your business in the modern business environment. With the help of mobile apps, you can collect your business-related data for further analysis like the number of visitors, time spent on each part of the app, customer behavior, most viewed and searched products, and many more. Data analytics can let you know user behavior with your app which helps to enhance your user experience.

6) Marketing Tool

Mobile apps are considered as a great tool of marketing as well. It helps your business to stay competitive. It prevents business owners from using the traditional ways of marketing through leaflets, brochures, and the same option.

You can do effective promotional activities like new launches, offers, discounts, bookings, newsfeeds or other activities with the help of a mobile app. That’s why push notification is the sought-after feature that worked as a great marketing tool to increase the popularity of the mobile app.

7) Better Customer Service

Gone are the days when it was taking time to solve your customers’ queries and salesmen used to resolve their issues.

A prompt and expeditious customer service determines the success of any business. No matter how good your products and services are, you cannot win the customers’ hearts without providing seamless and prompt customer services to your customers anytime. Here, a mobile app can improve your customer service experience. 

An app provides the same seamless functionality throughout the app every time users access it.

8) More Profit

If a user is happy and satisfied with your customer service and experience, they will eventually purchase a product and turn out to be a customer. This means customer satisfaction is directly proportional to sales. Hence, the more you satisfy customers with your services, the more sales will be turned out to be.

Many organizations think that a mobile or desktop website is more compatible and convenient as compared to mobile applications. However, this assumption is completely wrong. Opening your website from the desktop is way more complicated than opening from an app.

These differences can be significantly seen and observed in the food and beverage industry. When a person has an app, he/she will not be comfortable to open a website through desktop or mobile to order food. And through an app, this whole procedure can be done very easily.

That’s an app for you - business.

Wrapping Up!

A mobile application has become the door of every business and these doors are always open to attract new customers and generate more sales. Well, now having a clear knowledge of why mobile apps are important for your business, you are now expected to explore the untouched area of the digital era and develop a mobile app.

Moreover, the benefits and importance of mobile application development for businesses never ends and can be extended up to many. Especially if you are in the middle of the 2020 year, there’s a huge space for online eCommerce business development platforms.

Thus, developing a mobile application for your business is always the right decision and worth of investment. A mobile application development company can assist you to develop a feature-rich mobile app for your business. It’s very important to stay ahead of your competitors and remain innovative by responding to the efficiencies needed to keep it successful.

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