Why is parental control important in mobile apps?

by Applify on Jan 11, 2018 / App Development
Why is parental control important in mobile apps?

The most significant thing about the technical evolution is that it has made our kids exceptionally intelligent. In our busy lives, when we hardly find time to receive a call, they seamlessly operate smartphone, tablets, and other gadgets. Watching movies online and playing online games has become a cup of tea for them.

Not only this, some are clever in making use of it to purchase their favorite toys online. Don’t be surprised if someday you wake up from sleep and realise that your toddler has accidently bought a brand new Ferrari online.

There is a always a possibility. Like it happened 2-3 years back, when a 14-month kid purchased a 1962 Austin Healey Sprite from eBay. Luckily the car was for $225 only.

We can’t help but wonder what future holds for us? However, the increased indulgence of kids in technology is not the only challenge we’re facing right now. The other big concern is their safety.

Cyber crimes are increasing at alarming rates. According to latest stats:

Amidst all this, ensuring that your kids are safe when using a mobile app becomes difficult. Out of innocence and carelessness, you never know when they might end up getting exploited.

That’s why it’s important to have parental control enabled in mobile apps, which will allow parents to monitor the activities of their kids on the apps they use and ensure that they are away from online hazards.

Even some of the leading tech giants have started realising this. According to our mobile app development experts in Oman, there has been a sudden increase in the number of personal safety apps. YouTube is one such example that has a dedicated app for children. And Facebook recently launched a messenger app for kids. Several mobile app development companies have taken this initiative to embed parental control feature in apps.

In simple words, parental control is not just a trend. It’s the need of the hour! With great technological advancements on mobile apps comes great responsibility to safeguard our kids from all the online risks.

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