Why develop a restaurant mobile app like Foodiini for your online food business?

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Published on Mar 08, 2016 in App Development
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As per the surveys, more than 73 million people are using a smartphone in the United States alone. These users are searching for information and especially for their favorite hangouts. This is one of the important reasons why they download mobile applications. And what industry takes most of the number 1 apps? 75% of time spent on mobile for restaurants is in apps.

Space-O Technologies thinks the rise of fame of restaurant apps is mainly because they provide an answer to the most difficult question: "Where are we going for dinner?" Luckily, there are restaurant mobile apps and mobile app development companies to help you with the answer.

Why do you use a restaurant mobile app?

Restaurant mobile applications can easily display their contact details and thus, foodies can easily communicate with them. In this smart world full of smartwatches, smartphones and smarthomes, a mobile application for a restaurant is the best for showing an existing or modified menu with images of delicious food.

Viewers can get updates of the restaurants’ upcoming events by choosing to view by month, week or day. A restaurant mobile app also has a loyalty program with special offers/coupons that attract the diners back into the restaurant again and again. An in-app camera is also popular among the customers where they can take pictures of themselves while enjoying a party at the restaurant.

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Do you have an idea of how mobile apps assist restaurants' businesses?

Have you seen dramatic fluctuations in customer attendance? It’s the most frustrating thing about a restaurant business. One minute you’re standing idle and trying to stay busy and the next minute you are blasted with a lot of customers.

During holidays or peak hours, it becomes unpredictable to know how many people are going to visit your restaurant. This is one of the main points that can be simply solved with mobile technology. From ordering food to the generating a bill, mobile apps can perform numerous tasks that help restaurants and their customers.

You just need a proper app idea and a reputed mobile app development company, one that has already built some restauran apps and has a good portfolio in this industry.

Why restaurant apps are catching on?

Customer engagement

Most of the food-lovers are constantly looking for food in their smartphones, so, restaurants have to be in the social media to deliver everything to their customers and sending notifications of special offers and deals.

Ease and convenience for entrepreneurs

Remember, if your mobile app helps your clients then it helps your business too. Entrepreneurs recognize issues and search for solutions to provide an innovative food service. Make sure to provide a user-friendly application that guides users when they are ordering food, booking tables and or a hall for a celebration. The mobile app development should also help entrepreneurs with publication, distribution and monetization of their products.

Online order

An app makes it easier to order online, the food service industry has changed forever.

Convenient billing

Restaurant billing is extremely complex and problematic. There are various payment platforms and payment options. Mobile applications can take care of everything, from the bill to the tip for the waiter. It becomes easier to have a positive dining experience without the interruption.

Set up reservations

Customers looking for a nice and delicious place to eat can book a table through mobile applications, and businesses trying to manage their establishment, can organize it with an app more effectively.

Let’s see one example: Foodiini. This mobile app provides an entirely innovative channel for restaurants to interact with potential and returning customers. Foodiini is the best application to post beautiful pictures, promoting a restaurant business and thank and retain loyal customers. With Foodiini, one can enable the opportunity to enhance his/her business within stipulated time-frame.


What’s next for 2016?

Restaurants are gradually but surely, starting to catch on. Only 16% of restaurants have mobile apps. However, 50% of limited-service restaurants have planned to invest more resources in a mobile or tablet application.

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