Why Custom Mobile App Development is a Right Thing for You?

Tarun Nagar
Tarun Nagar, Founder & CEO at Dev Technosys
Published on Jan 09, 2019 in App Development
Why Custom Mobile App Development is a Right Thing for You?


What is a robust mobile app strategy? In easy words, it is what makes your mobile app development cater to a higher level of business mobilization and automation with perks of better enterprise marketing. Mobile App Development, no matter how much girth it has dug for itself, will only work when it is able to sublime your unique needs. For years, since the inception of mobile app development, small or medium-sized enterprises have asked this to themselves and only in recent one year, we have been able to answer it correctly.

Mobile applications have come too far from being merely a toy of entertainment to the users, rather it has become an integral part of enterprises and now is handling a complex network of operations in meeting the modern day business challenges. The best mobile app development strategy is thus the one that can help you resolve the critical situations in any business scenario and retains great benefits. Apart from that, it helps you get hold of more and more customers and thus reduces your investment in marketing.

Like said the last year, the investment in the mobile app development services has already passed the estimations of $61 billion by 2018. However, there are still many companies who are still thinking of investing in this great trend and thus do not know where to get started with. But before we move on to that part what remains a major point of discussion before you get into hiring a mobile app development company is: what type of applications is that you want and would fit your needs.

General VS Custom Mobile App Development Services

With the growth of the mobile app development market, there are a lot of companies that look forward to meeting their enterprise-oriented requirements with mobile app development services. In which custom mobile app development stands alone. It provides numerous benefits and helps you meet your exceeding business requirements. It is unbeatable even with the convenience and appeal of the general and off-the-shelf- mobile applications.

So, are the general mobile applications that bad? Well no, in fact, they have their fair share of benefits: they are quick to develop, have lower front-end development requirements thus leading to cost cut, cost-effective maintenance. However, when the app doesn’t meet all your requirements, eventually it just becomes a waste of money.

As a general tip, before you hire an app developer, you must discuss this very thoroughly. In years, there have been many cases where a mobile app development company will try and sell the general mobile app development idea and tend to convenience you that a lot of customization can be done in the app. However, that is not the case in most of the development projects.

To help you understand it fully, here are some characteristics of custom mobile app development services that will help you tell things apart.

1. Customization

Rendering unique needs of an enterprise is something that general off-the-shelf mobile applications fail at. The needed flexibility is difficult to be found in the stiff structure and restrictions of generic applications and thus the app completely fails at establishing the solutions needed for a shift in goal and for growing needs of the enterprise.

Secondly, even if the customization is possible, the degree by which you are able to mold the product is considerably smaller. Thus, comes the custom mobile app development services at your rescue. When you have to put efforts and money, why not bail on something better and more dependable.

2. Ownership of Intellectual Property

The source-code benefits are something to must have in the given competitive scenario. This way it allows you to adapt much quicker to the growing business needs and thus get more competent with the changing business scenarios. And this is not possible without custom mobile apps.

3. Personalized User Experience

User Interface is one of the factors that affect the user experience of an app and thus the high-end usability of the product. To dwell on the higher edge of the domain, thus, you need to adapt to the modern trends and thus a generic user interface is not something that can help you in the cause. Rather a much personalized, matched-to-your-theme, tailor-made user interface is much compliant with your modern day challenges.

With personalization, you are able to annex a more unique, relevant and off the chart user experience to your users and thus it helps you increase a great amount of user-engagement and retention on your mobile application.

For the vitality of user experience in your mobile application and business life, it is necessary that you hire an app developer who can render a more customized and personalized user interface, especially in case you are working on a specific user base.

4. Scalability for Future Development

Enterprises are not built in a year or two, rather they are a long run. Thus while you hire a mobile app development company it is important that you keep in mind the time factor.

A good example of mobile app development services are those that can meet out the changing demands of the end user and adapt to various consumer behaviors. Thus, it is more time consuming to build apps for a product that is already existing in the market with a poor quality API.

Thus, it is advisable by us that get demanding and futuristic. Think things through and wish for more to meet out your present and future needs.

For this, if you are on a growing stage one of the best things to go for is minimum viable product development, you can talk to a mobile app development company about it and know more. However, the gist is that this development allows you to start small with a very minimal feature-base and expanded with your requirements and methods.

Why Custom Mobile App Development is a Better Investment?

There is no denial last few years have seen tremendous growth in enterprises seeking rather customized mobile app development services than the off-the-shelf solutions. In a recent report, about 72% of the companies have adapted to the custom mobile app development trend.

There are various reasons that have lead to the gained traction in the trend. However, the major one is- its ability for personalization. A brand new approach, whether you are a start-up, SME or a corporate, a personalized and tailor-made solution to meet your varying requirements. Plus it’s a growing trend.

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