Why Blockchain and Javascript is the Best Combo to Build an Application?

Shiva Gaur
Published on Dec 31, 2018 in Blockchain Developers Resources
Why Blockchain and Javascript is the Best Combo to Build an Application?

The blockchain is a growing technology and every industry is reaping its benefits in one way or the other. It not only offers greater transparency, enhanced security, and reduced costs but also aids software developers and programmers to develop web applications efficiently and make them work successfully by providing “architects” and “users” of digital platforms.

But do you know, when blockchain is used with Javascript library to build an application, what can happen?

It can do wonders!

Yes, you heard it right!

Lisk is one of the platforms whose software kit allow users to initiate Blockchain application development easily using Javascript code, whether they have little or no knowledge of Blockchain. Hire Blockchain Developers and get fully customized and business-centric apps in any form like online stores, finance, and accounting, social media network, or gaming. Javascript code using Lisk has extended the benefits of blockchain applications even for those who have rudimental programming experience.


It has not only streamlined and automated the traditional app development processes such as paper-heavy process and trading but also contributes to faster transactions and enhancing the efficiency of the application.

Here are some frequently asked questions about creating an app on blockchain technology using JavaScript, whose answers can help you know why these two make a unique combo for developing apps. Let us take a look.

Q. How has Blockchain transformed the approach of creating platforms?

Whether you're planning to create a marketplace like eBay or a messaging platform similar to Twitter, traditional platforms require a central authority to facilitate user interactions. As central authority own essential data, its management and security becomes a crucial responsibility. Building an application on Blockchain or on any decentralized platform, on the other hand, eliminates the need of using the central authority, thereby making yourself responsible for your data instead of relying on any other third party. It not only improves the mechanism for the relevant user interactions but also increases your network size.

Q. How is it different for developers creating an app on Blockchain technology?

Although traditional app development and Blockchain app development have a lot of similarities such as fetching data from API, similar Front-end, the only huge difference is that you get a variety of choices to gather data giving a greater level of trust. Blockchain app development is still in its early stages. Several projects are working on these issues and developers are trying to make the entire blockchain development process smooth by decentralizing it.

Q. Why choose JavaScript code to build an application on Blockchain?

Why Blockchain and Javascript is the Best Combo to Build an Application?

The major motive of developing blockchain application is that making it easily accessible for everyone. It can be done using the most popular programming language JavaScript. This language is best as it is always going through a lot of new developments and improvements such as ES2015. The major reason for its popularity and why it is extremely useful for blockchain developers is that it can be used on operated on any browser for both frontend and backend processes and further, they can be used on any of the nodes such as GUI (Graphical User Interface) clients, auxiliary servers, as well as CLI (Command Line Interface). Therefore, no more coding or critical cryptographic functionality is required.

Q. What makes JavaScript so demanding that people still want to learn it?

Why Blockchain and Javascript is the Best Combo to Build an Application?

JavaScript is a multi-paradigm, extremely flexible and object-oriented programming language. It has several functional patterns and that’s one of the reasons why people are keen to learn this language. There are different extensions available for this language Including Flow which is used for adding functionality.

Q. What skills are required for blockchain app development while coding in Javascript?

Why Blockchain and Javascript is the Best Combo to Build an Application?

The most important things that a developer needs to have is the proper understanding of traditional database and the Blockchain. A developer needs to be familiar with the working and usage of nodes and how they help in resolving discrepancies. Not only this, they should be aware of the security measures and issues involved such as a malicious node and their mitigation.

Q. What type of applications can a developer build using blockchain technology and JavaScript?

Why Blockchain and Javascript is the Best Combo to Build an Application?

The best thing about using the blockchain technology is that they are based on transparency. Everyone in the chain can access all the information, which means there is no single authority to make changes, modify, delete, and improve it. Other unique features in Blockchain app developments include effective communication and interaction and immutability which means once the data is in the block it remains there forever.

Q. What level of experience is required in developing Blockchain app using JavaScript?

Why Blockchain and Javascript is the Best Combo to Build an Application?

JavaScript is a vast programming language and has several resources to start with. Experienced developers can easily pick a solution that they need to build an application on Blockchain and can start working on it. Though JavaScript is simple and easy to understand and is considered best for beginners, in case you are planning to build a decentralized application, then you need to have experience in building typical server-client apps first. Dealing with nodes and other Blockchain aspects adds another level of complexity for the developers. Therefore, it is important to have a bit of experience in coding and handling nodes.

Wrapping Up

Blockchain app development is considered to be a flexible and easily adaptable process. It becomes the first choice of developers when used with JavaScript coding. They both empowers app developers to create and deploy a solution that is unique and can be used in multiple or within the organizations.

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