Why and how to find a certified Magento development company

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Published on Sep 22, 2017 in App Development
Why and how to find a certified Magento development company

The market landscape has been undergoing a massive shift. The consumer behaviour has changed over the years with more people inclined towards buying products online. To offer unique buying experience, most of the businesses now have an e-commerce website. With the increased demands of the online stores, e-commerce development is booming. There is an increasing trend of businesses building online stores to attract more customers, that are now less inclined to visit stores physically.

The popularity of e-commerce websites is also due to various options available for the customers at a single point with reviews and ratings from previous buyers. Now, e-commerce websites come with advanced features like wish lists, order tracking, cart, online payment methods, etc. All this has become a norm in the industry.

To provide the best e-commerce solution, mobile development companies now utilize advanced platforms like Magento. There is a huge demand for Magento developers in numerous development companies. An expert Magento developer is required to create a seamless e-commerce solution for any business. All businesses want to offer the best user experience to their customers and to translate their ideas into reality, they require skilled developers to create a good Magento store. The success of any business with an online store depends on the customer experience and flexibility of the website.

To find a good Magento developer for the online store of your business, you need to check various aspects. At present, there are many companies which claim to be expert in Magento e-commerce development. This makes things harder for businesses to find the real experts in Magento development. To enhance your capabilities and hire the right developers, we present you various points to consider before hiring any company for Magento development.

1. It is important to make sure that any Magento developer you hire should be ready to commit for a longer period of time. This is essential to bring ongoing changes in your e-commerce website at regular interval. Some Magento developers tend not to work on small projects. So, it is important for you to do a quality check of the developers. Ask them to create a small project as per your specification and test it yourself. If the offered solution is a formidable one, then you can hire that developer.

2. Freelance Magento developer is also an exciting option. It gives flexibility to your business to hire a developer without contracting with any Magento development company. Make sure that the developer has the necessary skills to create an e-commerce store for your business. Since Magento agencies can be costly to hire, it is a better choice to hire freelance developers.

3. When you hire a Magento developer, make sure that you are not hiring them because of a cheaper rate. It is quite important to keep quality in mind before deciding the price. A well-qualified Magento developer at a higher price is a better choice rather than settling for an unskilled, low-cost developer. This will directly affect quality and features of your e-commerce website. You should aim to find the right Magento solution instead of saving some money.

4. Magento website development is a tough task to accomplish. You don’t want to end up with an under-performing e-commerce website. This will directly affect your business as well as your customers’ experience. To find the right Magento development partner, you can consider few points.

  • The best place to find a right partner is your contacts. You can ask recommendations from your friends who have previously hired any Magento developer or a company. You can rely on their experience with these developers or companies. This allows you to make the right choice to select the ones which suit your requirements. Suggestions from your friends can help you in hiring the right developers. A good developer can understand the nature of your business and develop the optimal solution for your e-commerce requirement. With personal reference from your friends, you get trustworthy sources to interview potential Magento developers.
  • You can get in touch with Magento Solution partners which have direct access to various aspects of training, support and services from Magento. However, they are costly to consider.
  • Magento also provides online training where you can find Magento e-commerce developers in the community. After the successful training of the developers, the expert ones get the certification. These certifications prove the developer's authenticity as well as expertise over the platform. The relevant certifications are: Magento Solution Specialist, Developer Plus, Magento Certified developer, Moderator Kit, Certified front-end developer. Make sure that you check these badges on the developer’s website.
  • These certifications serve as a distinct feature for an expert Magento developer. In case you are hiring a Magento development company, then you can ask for these certifications of the developers who are going to be in charge of your e-commerce website development.

5. You can also check the customer feedback of the developer. You can go through positive and negative ratings provided by previous and present customers. You can then ask for a personal portfolio of these developers. Customer feedbacks will surely assist you to select the right Magento developer who can accomplish the task.


When it comes to finding a capable Magento ecommerce developer, the task can be tough. However, to create a good Magento store for your business, it is quite an important step. The best developers for your e-commerce website are essential for the success of your business. The customer experience of your website should be phenomenal to allow your business to generate more revenue. Efficient and professional implementation of your business ideas is important.

Here, we have provided a few of the key aspects to consider before hiring Magento developers for your online store. As per our conclusion, the best option is to hire the developers who have achieved excellent results in similar tasks. The developer you hire for your e-commerce website development should understand your requirements. The developer should be available at any time in case any issue comes forward with your e-commerce website. You should look for reliability and efficiency before hiring a Magento developer.

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