Which Methodologies are used by Cryptohackers to Breach StatCounter to Steal Bitcoins?

Richa Sharma
Richa Sharma, Chief Operating Officer at Fluper Limited
Published on Dec 27, 2018 in Blockchain Developers Resources
Which Methodologies are used by Cryptohackers to Breach StatCounter to Steal Bitcoins?

In the present era of technology, crypto-jungle is a real mess for consumers as well as for crypto-buyers. If you have ever landed into the waters of any crypto service then definitely you have to go through a tedious security on-boarding which includes complex, long phrases & codes to remember and store securely somewhere. If you are in control of your own assets but the price you have to pay is the actual charge of your own security. In present times, most of the people are not security experts and this is the reason they do not take even basic precautions. You can think of bitcoin as money that comes wrapped in a safety deposit box. The question then becomes whether you want to operate that box yourself or entrust a mobile app development company to do it for you.

Here we are describing you few tricks that hackers use to steal your private keys:

Copy Paste

If you want to send some bitcoins, then definitely you will see an address into your wallet. There exist various things like CryptoShuffler that will replace the address you have copied with another. One of the best things is that it would work with any type of passwords for your password manager.

Hacked mobile apps

In the present era of technology, hackers can publish real fake trading apps to purchase assets on a crypt-exchange. Android is really prone to hack so you have to be careful on what you install. Don’t forget to regularly clean your device of junk.

Slack hacking bots

Bots on slack are just like the plague. They will not only reach out the warning about a security alert on your wallet. They will link you to a URL where they will ask you about your private key.

Browser Extensions

There are various extensions that are claiming they will improve your user experience on trading sites. If you want to stay in a safe zone then you have to stick with the ugly user experience.

Clone Websites

When you start to type the URL of a website then your URL bar can be hacked by another close URL that is pointing to a very similar website with the same exact look.

Fake Google Ads

If you are searching for your favorite crypto sites on Google then hackers will squat the top paid results with similar URL.

Which Methodologies are used by Cryptohackers to Breach StatCounter to Steal Bitcoins?

Fake Social Accounts

It is also recommended by experts that don’t trust any other source even Twitter or Facebook. You need to follow only verified accounts or simply click on social links that you want to follow.

Mobile SMS 2FA

This is also a widely known issue. The services that will ask your mobile phone number to register or activate 2FA. In the USA, hackers are extremely talented at fooling mobile operators support team. They use different techniques to get your credentials and from there getting access to an account linked to your mobile phone.

Limited Target, Broad Potential

There is no doubt in saying that this assault is critical as a result it exhibits elevated sophistication among hackers that they use to steal cryptocurrency. This type of hijacking is a brand new phenomenon so various users do not have any information about this. The development of the cryptocurrency market and its rising asset class has led hackers to extend their investments in strategies to deal with it.

Telling Financial Impact

Gate.io clients have initiated bitcoin transactions through the time and this is the reason they are most in danger from this breach. The fraud publicity for this breach is quantifiable. In present times, attackers used a number of bitcoin addresses for transfers. It is often seen when a user submits a bitcoin withdrawal, the hackers replace the destination address with an address under their control and then fulfill their intentions. Besides this, you can also hire Bitcoin app developers who not only focus on end-user needs while building applications. If you are using the Bitcoin-powered app then definitely it can give a company competitive edge in terms of technical innovation and excellence.

Protection Strategies Not FoolProof

StatCounter wants to enhance its personal code unit and always verify that approved code is working on the community. Although checking the code at all time is not a workable prevention plan. Network admins will not be actually affected in such a breach as the malicious code is processed on the workstation/laptop computer. One potential technique is to display a screen for scripts that change one bitcoin handle with another.

Beware Third-party Anythings

There exists a large variety of third-party scripts that must be stored to a minimal by site owners. The companies within the cryptocurrency space rely on third-party companies for different duties and tasks. Community admins ought to work towards creating the in-house variation of their instruments and merchandise from starting to end so that you can sure that management of safety measures lies inside their attainments. You can also contact the Bitcoin app development services to get more information about this field.

For Bitcoin theft, you definitely don’t need expertise or big experience in hacking. There exist various ways that people use to take over other people’ Bitcoin. So, it becomes extremely important to keep your private keys safe. The safest way is storing your private information on a hardcore wallet. Various individuals do not care about their privacy and security and this is the reason they are not aware of email address theft. So, it becomes extremely important that you get your facts straight and learn about the Bitcoin network. If anyone has all the information about Bitcoin then he/she can easily keep himself safe from all sorts of manipulations.

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