Which JavaScript Framework to Choose: React.Js or Angular.Js?

Kritika Saxena
Kritika Saxena, Marketing Manager at Resourcifi
Published on Apr 03, 2019 in Cross Platform Developers Resources
Which JavaScript Framework to Choose- React.Js or Angular.Js?

Choosing the right framework for your website is like choosing the right path to reach the final destination. One wrong decision can lead to disastrous results, thus it is very important to be aware of the consequences that can occur due to one's actions.

There has been a continuous clash about the proficiency of the top two JavaScript frameworks, ReactJS and AngularJS. Many developers find it challenging to select one amongst these frameworks.

If you are also seeking to select a suitable framework for your business, then you should consider looking at the following comparison between ReactJS and AngularJS.

This comparison will give you an overview of the pros and cons of choosing a particular framework.

We can primarily focus on the distinctive aspects of both frameworks separately. To start with, ReactJS, it is an open-source JavaScript library, designed by Facebook in 2013. It functions tremendously for building dynamic web applications where data fluctuate on a daily basis.

Let’s put a light on the benefits of adopting ReactJS:

  • The learning curve of ReactJS is comparatively low, unlike AngularJS. It takes no time to learn ReactJS as it has simplified syntax. There is no need to dig deep into Typescript since HTML writing skills are adequate for the developers to write in React.
  • ReactJs is extremely flexible and responsive in its operations due to its reusable components that eventually results in time-effectiveness.
  • Elevates app’s performance by using Virtual DOM. The Virtual DOM will always be faster in updating without affecting the other elements of UI rather than rendering a UI in the regular DOM.
  • ReactJS uses one-way data binding which enables the information to flow in a single direction thus, any error in the child element does not reflect in the parent data.
  • Switching between the versions is relatively easier as Facebook offers code mode to automate the process. It reduces the complexity involved in migrating from the old version to the updated version.

As perfection is a myth, ReactJS is no exception. It does possess some of the drawbacks that are as follows:

  • Considering the evolving nature of ReactJS, it becomes difficult for the developers to deal with the ongoing changes and keep on learning the new ways of doing things.
  • The introduction of new tools and terminology in React library uplifts the entire ecosystem of React. But in the end, React developers struggle with integrating these tools. Some developers wonder that it is impossible to cope up with the accelerating technology as they do not get proper time to note down the instructions. Therefore, they write their own documentation for specific tools that produce a poor impact on the final product.

The most popular companies that use ReactJs include Facebook, Netflix, Instagram, WhatsApp, Yahoo, The New York Times, Codecademy, Airbnb, Dropbox, Asana, Atlassian, Microsoft, and Intercom.

Now that you have acknowledged both sides of ReactJS, it's time for you to apprehend AngularJS.

AngularJS is an efficient JavaScript framework founded in 2009 by Google, it is immensely used by developers to build highly interactive web applications.

So here are the benefits of AngularJS that makes it different from ReactJS:

  • AngularJS uses two-way data binding that simplifies the upgrading process and creates a new method to track changes in the app. The two-way data binding interconnects views to model. Henceforth any change made in the view is reflected in the model and vice-versa.
  • AngularJS brings JavaScript into HTML works with real DOM client-side rendering. It facilitates an easy procedure to translate and update the DOM elements without the wastage of unnecessary time and efforts of the developers.
  • It helps in improving the server’s performance by supporting caching and other processes that eliminates the extra burden from CPUs. It enables the server to handle static files and responds to the API calls in a more competent way.
  • The MVVM architecture pattern of AngularJS renders a platform to build a strong foundation for boosting an application’s performance. With the divisions of this pattern, the data is separated from design which makes it easy for the developers to manage complex web applications.
  • There’s nothing better than creating a remarkable end-user experience and AngularJS makes this possible by designing fast-loading, responsive, and seamlessly-navigating apps and websites.

After understanding the various benefits of AngularJS, it is equally important for you to perceive its drawbacks that are stated below:

  • Working upon AngularJS can be a time-consuming process for the developers who are unfamiliar with the Model-View-Controller architectural pattern. In case you have strict deadlines to meet then AngularJS might not produce favorable results.
  • The learning curve of AngularJS is very high as it has complex syntax. The developers should have extended knowledge about JavaScript and HTML for obtaining a maximum level of productivity.

The most popular brands that utilize the AngularJS framework are YouTube, Google, Freelancer, Upwork, Telegram, Udemy, Paypal, Nike, iStockphoto, AWS, and Weather.

React and Angular offers completely different approaches to web application development for diverse businesses like startups, small outlets, and established organizations. Both technologies are unique and powerful in their own ways, while none of them is worse than the other. AngularJS and ReactJS work distinctively depending on custom app goals and particular business constraints the developers can run from React to Angular accordingly.

Before implementing these advanced technologies, you need to understand the repercussions of your actions. So let’s examine the cause and effect of using ReactJS and AngularJS individually.

In the tech-driven era, developers and Entrepreneurs are always searching for better methods of upholding their businesses with a competitive advantage. One such technology for supporting businesses to excel over their competitors is ReactJS.

ReactJS allows developers to fabricate applications with better User Interface to boost user experiences. ReactJS works magically to increase user engagement, inflates click-through-rates, and also helps to improve the ratio of conversions.

Companies that embrace ReactJS regulate better performance as compared to those that use other frameworks. As ReactJS does not support the traditional way of updating DOM, it directly relates to the upliftment of the app’s speed and delivers better UX.

ReactJS was designed to enhance the total rendered pages from the website server. Besides, it uses nodes to render on the client-side. ReactJS has the capability to modify build tools and also scale back on maintaining the budget. Thus, there is no second thought about ReactJS being the most efficient JavaScript framework to build web applications.

Considering the significance of ReactJS in web development, you need to appraise the value of AngularJS as well, since we are drawing a contrast between the two.

Angular is immensely popular, dynamic, and most advocated framework by the Enterprises. The developers prefer using AngularJS as it is convenient for them to create single page apps by writing minimum codes. AngularJS is an ideal choice for the development of front end operations that mainly focuses on testability and code quality.

Nowadays everyone strives to attain maximum level of productivity in the web world, and AngularJS has emerged as a potent tool because of its rich and intuitive features. Google has keenly inspected all the possible reasons that can decline the value of AngularJS, as a result of which an exceptional framework was carefully designed to ensure optimal working mechanism that delivers quality results.

In a nutshell, we can ascertain one thing that ReactJS and AngluarJS are incomparable and both of them has equally contributed to the arena of web application development.

It simply depends on your business requirements to pick the right framework that strongly fits your innovative scheme. Next time you are in a dilemma to choose a framework between AngularJS and ReactJS, then just evaluate your central idea behind creating a website or an application. Select the one that suits the best for the progress of your company.

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