When is the right time to launch your iOS app?

Tarun Nagar
Tarun Nagar, Founder & CEO at Dev Technosys
Published on Aug 22, 2018 in iOS Developers Resources
What is right time to launch your iOS app?


iPhone has occupied a significant section in the entire smartphone market with its launch. iOS apps have been well-known for their authenticity and enhanced features which have made them stand apart from all the apps in the global app market. Most of the iPhone app developers have always been in a conundrum of what to do next once they have developed an app. The most common one is what the best time to launch their app is? After strenuous development, testing and making final preparation, launching of the app at the right moment is a crucial aspect of the inherent success of any app. It can essentially make or break the chances of the impending success of the app. It holds true especially in case of launching and promoting apps. As far as app launch is concerned, timing is everything. Most of the marketers agree that weekends are certainly the best time to release an iOS app, in general. In case of most categories, that is exactly when the people actually use them often, make purchases and even download the new ones which appear on the App Store. But not all apps, as well as target audiences, are same, and hence the results can certainly vary from one type of iOS app to another. So, we need to dig deeper into a few vital aspects.

When and Why People Download Apps?

Knowing when the people are more likely to download or buy an app and reaching them in those particular critical moments can certainly make a huge difference between mere showcasing and runaway hit of any app. Analytics firms work on providing marketing insights by analysing the exact download figures as well as app revenue estimates for any iOS app for different region and timing of the year. Most of the analytics is broken down into the number of downloads made and the revenue made on a particular day to reveal the percentage of the total weekly happening on each day for any iOS app. Drilling down into this valuable data, the analytics firm can provide a fair comparison including daily breakdowns in order to identify the optimal time to release, launch and promote iOS apps across different categories of App Store. A mobile application development company needs to take consideration of these facts while launching the iOS app.

Best time to launch different apps

In most of the cases, these findings generally line up according to common sense, that is, the weekends are the best days to launch an app and promote it especially when it comes down to lifestyle-oriented apps. But in case your target audience is involved in having fun on the weekends, then you need to work out the different day of the week especially in the case of business apps. Mondays through Fridays are the best days to launch such iOS apps. While people are at their work office, they often tend to download finance apps even though they have used them and also made purchases through them during the weekends. Users also like to keep their products on a consistent basis across the weekdays and weekends, with also ensures usage as well as revenue holding quite fairly steady. When it comes to medical apps, it provides sporadic results. They tend on the peak on downloads on Sundays, but most of the revenues are often obtained between Sunday to Wednesday as well as Thursday.

App Launch Timing

The actual information from the marketing insights can help you in honing the marketing efforts of your iOS apps particularly when it boils down to plugging any previously related app. Timing, as well as the promotion of an iOS app launch or even a new updated, can be quite tricky. iPhone app developers generally don’t always aware of what is the price time when Apple will eventually approve their apps and then funnel them into their App Store. While Apple does provide a tool which shows the actual percentage of the iOS apps which have been approved over the previous 5 days on its own developer website. According to Apple, since every iOS app which is submitted is different, there is no particular set of review time. In general, App Store reviews take nearly 5 days in the case of iOS apps. It is much better than the actual long delays which used to last over a month due to opaque communication that Apple often put the app developers aa few years ago. However, there isn’t a valid comparison to the app approval in case of Google Play Store. And in case Apple has any issues pertaining to the iOS app, the complications can easily stretch the entire timeline even further. It is vital to strictly follow the App Store Review Guidelines to be included in the letter which certainly helps in streamlining all the things as much possible as it can. Along with this, Apple also provides a certain way for the app developers to easily set a particular future release date for their iOS app. Also, it doesn’t hurt the developers and certainly avoids derailment of app approval process. This can actually allow the developers to take the full advantage of the entire launch window in order to hit the weekend rush that we talked about.


Custom iPhone app development is quite a profitable yet expensive task. One simple mistake can certainly cost you millions in the loss. So, it is vital to take the inherent steps quite carefully and wisely. Keep the above-mentioned aspects into your consideration whenever you are choosing the right time to launch your iOS app. Promote your app quite will and also remain updated with different app store policies. Failing to exactly doing it can result in you getting devoid of the expected benefits. The exact timing of successful hitting the app in the market can make or break the app’s success.

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