What you must know before investing in the development of a mobile app

Published on Jul 10, 2017 in App Development
What you must know before investing in the development of a mobile app

Many AppFutura readers search for a magic recipe on how to get a mobile app successfully developed before launching their own project. Well, although one solution does not work in all situations, there are definitely some things you should check from the very beginning in order to make the best out of your mobile app idea and avoid wasting time and money.

What are the main potential traps to watch out for and how can you avoid them? Devodrome points out 7 deadly sins of mobile app development that you must know before investing in their new e-book, including some valuable tips that can save clients from trouble. In this article you will read the first recommendations.

3 steps to follow before investing in the development of your mobile app

1. It all starts with the planning process. As excited as you might be to get your mobile app started ASAP, we strongly advise you don't skip this step, it is critical for the project's success. You should know exactly what you want from your app: define the mobile app's objective, budget and scope, and state clear specifications in your request for proposal, so you can get realistic (hence, truly useful) quotes from mobile app developers.

2. The next step is choosing the developer of your mobile app. Whom to entrust with this undertaking? Here are several options, each holding Pros and Cons:

Have it developed in-house (in case you're a company and already own the implied resources). The project might seem easier to control this way, but chances are your team does not cover all the necessary skills so well as to deliver the results you expect in due time.

Outsource the app project to:

A freelancer (could seem cheaper, but a one-man show is hardly the way to go when it comes to mobile app development, especially if you want it done fast and at the requested quality standards).

  • To a specialized agency (an experienced team of professionals is more likely to meet the requirements and although their rates are usually higher, the overall cost is actually more competitive, considering you reduce failure risks and you'd probably be ready to launch the app faster).
  • Besides, new questions emerge: i.e. Should I choose a local agency or an offshore, cheaper one? Also, it is worth considering the nearshore alternative - a dedicated agency from a closer similar context, such as Eastern Europe, which currently has an amazing talent pool, with strong IT, developers and communication skills.

3. Do you wonder how to find the best mobile app developer and what to ask them so that you don't lose time and money? Download 7 deadly sins of mobile app development that you must know before investing and find out how to nail the perfect quality-cost-time ratio! At the end of the e-book you'll find a free fail-proof checklist, as well as the questions that you should ask yourself and/or your mobile app developer in order to get the best value for money.

Remember that the cost of a mobile app is not the main factor in your decision-making. Quality is what you should focus on. So, don't settle with the lowest fee and hope for the best. It simply doesn't happen, countless cases prove so. Before choosing your mobile app development company, make sure you check the portfolio and ask for references. You might be surprised.

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