What technologies app developers must consider in 2017?

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Published on Mar 07, 2017 in App Development
Mobile app technology trends by Octal Info Solution

Future-ready mobile apps have become an indispensable part of our daily schedules. Businesses are thriving on mobile app development technology. It is gaining a strong foothold in every industrial sector. There is a persistent noise around it. The year gone by was marked by some exceptional breakthroughs made in this domain.

The emergence of 2017 has moved up the anticipations. The organizations are looking forward to advanced apps built with the latest technologies for improved usability and user experiences. Here are given the top mobile app technology trends that will emerge and prosper on this landscape in the year 2017 as per the mobile app development company Octal Info Solution.

The rise of cloud-driven technology

The impact of cloud technology is evidently seen across the industries. It supports cross-platform architecture with enhanced integration of smart features. It saves the time spent on mobile app development by providing an easy access to advanced tools for designing, testing and deployment of mobile apps. It allows a direct access to data stored on cloud servers.

Hence, you have a plenty of free storage space on the devices. It is anticipated that cloud apps will dominate the mobile data traffic in the coming years with CAGR of nearly 60%.

The impact of big data and analytics

The big data avalanche is overwhelmingly huge and accounts for a bevy of unstructured data as well. In this regard, analytics emerge as a potent tool to process this data in the real-time. Hence, enterprise apps will be integrated with smart analytics to enhance their functionality on various devices. Business intelligence gathered from this data stream will bring more efficiency in the operational processes.

Location Based Services (LBS) and Beacons

Integrated applications with location-based services and ibeacon technology will surely evolve in the coming year. The multi-functionality of this technology facilitates enhanced performances and ability to multi-task. Beacons help in tracking the location of users and provide location-centric information. These small devices transmit the data collected from a location to a mobile app where it is synchronized and assessed.

Finally, this helps in sending personalized offers to the user. With its capability to provide personalized UX and UI designs, this technology will thrive in 2017 as well.

The Internet of Things will grow stronger

This technology has made life easier in 2016 and is continuing to do the same. It has a massive potential that will be completely unleashed over the next few years. As a matter of fact, it presents a promising future for mobile app development trends because the IoT-powered devices are controlled by the mobile phones. So, watch out for the development of this technology in 2017.

The growth of micro apps and enterprise mobile apps

They are two ends of the spectrum. While enterprise-level apps help in streamlining and managing the critical business processes, micro apps facilitate targeted operations. The former is a native app with multiple features and app store install.

On the other hand, micro-apps are designed for a targeted purpose and they require ad hoc install. Both of them are gaining momentum and expected to rise in the next few years as well.

The application of AR and VR

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are the most exciting technological trends converging on the landscape of mobile apps. With advanced features integrated into the latest mobile devices, these technologies will raise the bar for mobile app development companies in 2017. Apart from gaming, they will find newer avenues of applications in the field of education, healthcare, military, and cross-industrial platforms.

The dominance of wearable devices

The past years witnessed development and rise of many impressive wearable devices including Google Glasses, Apple Watch, Fitbit Band, Pebble 2 and lots more. These devices correspond to smartphones for their usability. With increase in the number of wearables, this technology will get a surge of energy in 2017 and keep mobile app development companies on their toes.

The development of foldable screens

The devices laden with advanced features are undergoing an evolution of sorts with bendable OLED display mode. This technology will directly affect the appearance of smartphone screens and content displayed on them. With more devices integrated with foldable displays, you may find mobile app developers tweaking their designs to fit these spaces flawlessly.

Accelerated speed due To AMP

Google’s AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages algorithm will largely change the perception of mobile apps in the future. With its separate search engine for mobile apps, this technology will bring major changes for SEO outlook. The apps supported by this technology run faster and are optimized with enhanced performances every time.

Swift-based app development

The iPhone app developers are embracing this language for its simplicity and efficiency. It is easy to use and facilitates integration of multiple features in a mobile app. It will pose stiff competition for Objective-C and gain more traction in 2017.


As a rule of thumb, mobile app development companies need to innovate consistently by using emerging tools and technologies. The year 2016 witnessed a surge in these technologies.

Hopefully, mobile app developers will clinch them closely and implement them more effectively in 2017 and beyond.

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