What makes an app design great?

Abhinav Gupta
Abhinav Gupta, Director Mobility at Techugo
Published on Nov 29, 2017 in App Development
What makes an app design great?

The most excruciating pain experienced by business owners is when they know that the mobile app platform chosen for their business has lost the battle and is no more a willing segment in the heart of users, and the credit ball falls into the lap of the app design.

The mobile app design is considered to be a secondary option by some of the app owners, mobile app developers eventually hold the maximum footage after the quality of the mobile app and you cannot deny it through any means. Apart from the functionalities of the apps, the users are also concerned about your app’s look and feel, thus the great app design comes in existence and expectations of the users.

Undeniably, the mobile app design creativity has been taken to the next level, and you cannot expect an ordinary and mediocre app design to do justice to your mobile app. The most important factor is that except being aesthetically pleasant, the app design must be able to connect with the users on the emotional term.

The new mobile app design concept is something far from the conventional style of design that mobile app designers had been picking up for many years now, rather the new design speaks of the feelings and emotions that create an interactive bridge between the user and the services to enjoy it further.


Think of when using a mobile app to simplify your work, either your daily grocery shopping or evening cab bookings. The apps translate one purpose that needs to be simple. In this run of simplicity, when a user visits your mobile app and finds that the usability is defined in the most gruesome app design, which makes it a piece of a riddle, then trust me, no one wants to access this sort of mobile apps.

Just like the unique concept of your app, ensure your app design is simple, elegant yet complementing the app functionality. Users are more inclined towards the apps that have an enticing app design.


A personal touch is when the app designers develop a connection with the app users and take the app to a level of functionalities and designs that users feel connected with the company.

Every app represents your brand, but the design of the app needs to represent your users’ demand and needs, it should not be a complete sketch of an app designer’s imagination, but the visualization of your app design must depict what users want. It is a mobile app designer’s duty to consider what and how to canvas it down on the app design scale.


App design has a lot more to do with colors because colors work on our psychology. It is a proven fact that a healthy color contrast always wins the battle of app design. The app design colors need to be soothing enough on your users’ eyes and give them a comfort while reading the content of your app, they must not overpower it.

As an app designer, you need to consider very carefully how you keep a balance on the color contrast so it turns out to be a smooth transition from one screen to another, rather turning a vision break. Ensure to keep your priorities set in the app functionalities, so the focus of users gets centered on the main element only.


When a user accesses an app with a unique concept and the most-picked functionalities, but notices that the text of the app is beyond the readability scale, the user is left in puzzle of what to do next. The next step will be to uninstall the app and share a bad review.

You cannot deny the fact that the essence of any functionality or feature is readability after the technology, which lets the users read the text and understand what to do next. A large text breaks in and a small text makes it almost impossible to be read. Thus while selecting the font style, think and pick something simple, standard weight and has equal stroke width.


An app gets a high interactive rate when there is an integration of animations within the app, allowing the animations to be a part of your app design is not a bad choice, but you need to avoid to overdose the app with animations and make sure the transition from one screen to another is smooth enough.

Too many animations lead to user distraction and results into a poor and broken transition. It is further recommended to not integrate animation overtly.


Users are happy and have been using the app navigation for a long time in the conventional mode, so trying something out-of-the-box confuses them further. Use simple, clear and concise symbols and labels for every action performed by your app user. Navigation needs to be simple, uncluttered and relaxing for your users, and skip indulging in some not-so-willing navigation elements within your app.

This approach of app design has been practiced by Techugo, which designs grab the attention of the app users. The mobile app development company knows how to create an app that creates a memorable experience for the users, which will make them come back again and use your app often.

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