What kills your mobile app development startup?

Abhinav Gupta
Abhinav Gupta, Director Mobility at Techugo
Published on Sep 25, 2017 in App Development
What kills your mobile app development startup?

A startup is a very common word these days, and people focus their hardship, passion, creativity and energy to make it successful and get acknowledged by the world. Technology has not just made our life convenient but has opened the doors for startups to experience the success enormously. A startup is merely an idea, which combined with technology, helps to grab the million dollars in a jiffy, but there are certain roadblocks that can make the startup to lose its charm and flunk on the road to success, in no time.

Although the reasons behind the mobile app startup failure are dependent on many factors ranging from non-understanding of the business to failing to understand the client’s needs, there are some significant points, which we have collected while interviewing the CEO of Techugo- a top mobile app development company. Below mentioned are the excerpts from the interview.


It might sound a little jittery and abnormal to you, but keeping an eye on your competitors, will only help you to achieve further and your competitors are your guide to help you sail through the success door. Many mobile app startups believe in their skills, which is a good aspect, but you cannot afford to miss your competitors’ move completely, you need to remain attentive and keep a close watch on your competitors’ strategies, their campaigns, app designs, business offerings and their social and web presence. These strategies would help you to improve your business model and the quality of the work.


Premature marketing channels

Marketing changes the revenue game fully and can help the businesses to touch the heights of success, but a loose and pothole filled marketing strategy can bring harm to your startup largely. Your marketing strategy needs to be well-built and must be able to deliver what your business aims to project if you fail to follow any of the required marketing strategies then no matter how good your business concept is, but you will never gain recognition without the proper marketing strategies.

It is good to see that many mobile app developers only invest their energies in offering the quality to their end users, which is needed, but neglecting the app marketing is also not a good choice since it helps you get acknowledged in the market by your targeted clients.


Your clients are your partner in growth, if they are not happy with your work, then no one can make your business hit the success chart. Many startups start with great enthusiasm, but fail to keep this energy level to the rest of the process, which derails the gusto of the team and their productivity, and as a consequence, the users face the trouble, and it results in turbulence for them.

You need to understand what your users want, the problems they go through when accessing your product. Is your customer support efficient enough to handle and solve your clients’ queries? Remember without having a clear idea about what your users want, you can never have a successful track for your business needs.


Zeal to earn the instant money

Getting the monetary benefits from your startup is the basic need, and expecting it to bring money to your pocket is quite valid even, but concentrating only on money is indeed a bad idea. At first you need to understand the term Instant Money is venomous for your startup, because the instant money only brings the destruction and the temporary satisfaction. In the race of gaining success, you need to play slow and steady. To come first, many startups flunk after a few months of initiating their venture, since they blindly fall for the blind race game, and they focus for the first few months on quality. But slowly, the focus moves to money making, and instead of offering the quality to their clients, they end up getting only the projects, which fail to mark the quality standards and lose a loyal customer in return.


What makes your project go successfully? It is not just the knowledge, which makes your project successful, but your passion towards your domain. It makes you excel further in your venture and this is not just applicable on a startup, but every business or any work in your life, be it at professional or personal level. It requires passion, which if lacking, brings no result.

This is another reason that makes the startups fail very often, it means clearly that you need to start a venture, only once you have that sizzling passion within you to bring the healthy change, which your users can also experience.


A very famous adage suggests: ‘Jack of all trades, and master of none’, this closely represents my intention here. It is good that you are an active participant in every activity taking place, but you should not get involved with every action happening in your organization. You need to understand the difference between being aware and get involved, you should have separate people for separate divisions and must not run multiple divisions all alone, rather focus only on one and let your expertise get invested with one division only.

Although these are only some of the reasons which lead to app startup failure, there are many other reasons which cause this depressing collapse, but as a mobile app development company you need to focus on many factors too, since there is a big noise of competition and getting yourself acknowledged is only possible when you work simply on your quality standards and unique work ethics.

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